Suspicion: Father violates restraining order, kills children, self
Ynet reporters
Published: 18.09.13, 17:48
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1. Crazy ass SOB
Al   (09.18.13)
This bastard couldn't have just offed himself, but he had to take two kids with him. How do you spell selfish piece of shit?
2. it's kinda becoming open season on kids, isn't it.
oferdesade ,   israel   (09.18.13)
is there really NOTHING the "rashuyot" can do besides covering their own collectively fecal behinds?
3. Why are the kids always victimes of parents' feud???
Helene ,   Merkaz   (09.18.13)
4. Apparently restraining order is not helping, is it?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.18.13)
5. how to prevent
Mical ,   usa   (09.18.13)
Women should not get married and raise kids without men. Men , most men, are controling and evil husbands, who contribute very little except financialy.
6. #5 Not true
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (09.18.13)
Women should just select more carefully. Some unhappily pick the small percentage of men who are worthless and evil.
7. #5 dont lump us all in the same boat
Al   (09.18.13)
Most men are good caring people.
8. Vayz Mir! Not enough enemies? Now we kill our own?!
diamond ,   Chicago   (09.18.13)
THose poor dear children, may HaShem have mercy on their innocent souls. What an evil bastard!
9. Those poor kid!. This is so sad.
Reuven   (09.18.13)
10. #6 I agree
Yanky Pipchick ,   Baltimore   (09.18.13)
My mother picked an evil man. He ended up being my step dad. He is dead now for 11 years. I am happy for that. He was the devil in person.
11. My deepest sympathy to all
ramallah   (09.18.13)
I hope we all can learn form this . killing will resolve nothing .
12. Other than an Arab terrorist attack,
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.18.13)
don‘t expect the Israeli police to show up on time, especially when there is a conflict between Jews. They are only coming to pick up the dead bodies. For the average Israeli, there is no real police protection.
13. #6 ;#7
Mical ,   usa   (09.18.13)
If we are lucky then 10% of men are not controling. Just ask their wives after a few years of marrige. The women who disagree are the ones who are the controling in their relationship. The men who disagree,most should look in the mirror and ask yourself how will you react if / when your wife treats you the way you treat her!
14. #5 ,that's because shallow women like you...
Paula ,   Montreal,Canada   (09.19.13)
pick the self centered pricks with the biceps and washboard abs because they provide you with some sense of security. It is people like YOU that marry for money and fool yourselves into calling it love, only to realize your husband loves you more than you love him back, and all of a sudden that's considered being obsessed and controlling! only to realize later in life that the type of guy you should have married, was the guy you woudn't have been caught dead with when you were younger! Women can be eviler than men any day of the week! we hide it better, men don't! your bad choice,so it's all your fault!
16. Mical, take a pill already
mea   (09.19.13)
What sort of nitwit makes the claim that 90% of men are controlling (whatever that means)? Are you drunk? Demographically, people with bad behaviors tend to clump together so I would have to say you need a new circle of friends girlfriend. Most men are great, loving, caring, and wonderfully giving and protective and awesome. NOW, can the same be said of women? Yes, Mical, the same can be said. Change your attitude and you change your experience.
17. No comments from Sarah B. Israel/USA???
Joanne   (09.19.13)
18. #17, "sarah b" is still taking her daily PILLS. #5 mical
Big Mouth ,   On the face.   (09.19.13)
your "vision" is good ,but NARROW. Or you've mixed up your PILLS once more.
19. Father kills himself and his two kds
Yoel ,   Israel   (09.19.13)
There is a lot to be said about this incident- Social services should have more clout, any early signs of violence on the part of the parents was enough indication to warrent action, they should have moved the children to safety first, restraining order did nothing to save lives, revenge on the children?.. the man should have been kept in jail, till all the facts were known.
20. #14 paula thank you
dafer ,   haifa   (09.19.13)
i have been married to my wife for 15 years ,and have been supporting ou familly (financaly ) from the beggining , until i decided we neede more help ,and opened up a shop for my wife to support us , and so now she decides that i still spend every shekel i have on the family ,and she will only use shops money if needed , woman can be so evil , and controling ,and they are backed by the system for good and bad , and the men according to them and the system should only be scapegoats !!!!
21. End of Days
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.19.13)
These stories do not surprise me. These horror stories are not unexpected and they will continue. People who forget, neglect, or do not care at all for their history are destined to repeat it. All of this is in the Torah. Everything today is about money. Families are no longer important to people. This guy did not want to pay child support. This sick jerk wanted to get back at his wife for wanting to divorce him. I say people really should just have children outside of marriage and raise them as unmarried free individuals. This goes against Judaism and Torah, but this sick society is not suited for marriage any longer. According to the law, men should pay child support for the children they bring into the world. Women should be the main caregivers. I have become TOTALLY against marriage. It is a farce. It is miserable. It is not necessary. Have children outside of marriage and raise them without hatred and without anger.
22. Something wrong with Israeli men
LK ,   Israel   (09.19.13)
My husband and I went through a rough patch to say the least when our baby was just 3 months old. I was considering moving to US with her and at one point his father told me: you can go, leave the child here you're just a surrogate anyway'. My attorney has told me that this is a common occurrence and he often deals with similar cases where wife and children are disregarded and the tug of war is all about control and possession. Sick society.
23. Disregard for Human Life
Noami ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.13)
What astounds me time and time again is all the warnings that were ignored. None of these murders happened out of the blue. There need to be rules in place for protecting these women and children as soon as a complaint is made, and for dealing with the threat directly. Yes, it costs money, but human life is worth more.
24. Sick society truly
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.19.13)
What kind of selfish people kill their kids? The only thing that you bring into this world that should make you feel unselfish and completely giving is your children. There are very many abnormal people in Israeli society. I don't mix with Israeli society. I have my family, my son, and my work. Israeli society IS very sick, but I would rather die than to go back to the galut. Israel now and forever is my home, no matter how sick the Israelis have become. It is still worse in the galut.
25. 24.
Shame ,   Israel   (09.19.13)
Do you have a wife?
26. israel, the truth
rina   (09.19.13)
What attracted me to Israel was the way the parents treated their children (dads very involved with their childrens' care). They are loving and kind to their children. It is so sad that there are sick people in our midst; these are few and far between. I know! I live here. Come to see for yourselves.
27. #25
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.20.13)
Happily divorced. not looking...
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