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'Rabbi of the stars' laid to rest in Safed
Maor Buchnik
Published: 19.09.13, 08:34
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1. Smarter than the Tanah it must be. I will read Zohar.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.19.13)
After that I'll put out my music on a CD and get myself a leading role in a movie. Don't cry for me Argentina ...
2. this cult is not Judaism
Dov ,   London   (09.20.13)
I was given a book from this cult by a cult member her in London. It looked like a Jewish prayer book and was written in Hebrew so I began to read it. It was full of nonsense about Jesus and Mohammed and astrology and even contained anti-semitic slurs about how the Jews deserved to die in the holocaust because they never studied 'the Kabbalah' according to 'Rabbi Berg'. This is not Judaism in any way it is an evil cult which has about as much to do with Judaism as Scientology has to do with Christianity. I rang my rabbi and he told me I must destroy this book since it's Avoda Zara which I suppose it is. In short as Jews we are embarrassed to admit we have a cult that is loosely associated to our religion so we ridicule and ignore them but this is a nasty organization which is brain-washing people and causing a great deal of damage to young minds
3. Free Hatred is not religion.
Dave ,   South Amerfica   (09.20.13)
Ridicule clothing no matter the weather, underwear showing, filthy hair curls, cocky to everyone not wearing middle ages Costumes. It is that a CULT or an old embarrassing behavior? I rather wear Donna Karam, enjoy or dislike Madonna, and keep faith that the origin of Judaism as religion can be common ground for the human race to evolve.
4. Will the grave of this cult leader,compete
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.22.13)
with the grave of NA NA NA in Uman ?.Yeshayahu Lebovits,described kabala,as the dust been of Judaism,by the way,the Zohar was not written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai,but by Rabbi Moshe de Leon in Spain in the13th century.
5. So Dov, with its ability to manipulate and deceive,,,
Anthony Fallon ,   Manchester UK   (09.29.13)
it's obviously a microcosm of Religion itself which is the original ''opium of the masses''.
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