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In latest overture, Rohani urges world leaders to engage with Iran
Published: 20.09.13, 07:16
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1. Peace in our time ! WW2 was the result....
writing on the wall   (09.20.13)
And now : peace in our time with WW3 as result ? Looks very much like.....The west ? Stupid, blind, broke, coward, motivated by love for money . The east ( muslims ) ? Smart, decisive, determined, rich, motivated by Islam. The God of Israel will protect Israel, no doubt ! But the west ? God have mercy !
2. Rohani is NOT a world leader
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (09.20.13)
nor is Putin. Rohani is the typical warmonger, he hates Israel and will not give up nuclear bombs. He is a liar and cannot be trusted.
3. Any Negotiations MUST resolve the Hezbollah Issue in Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.20.13)
Hezbollah de facto IS a part of Iran Syria Axis. They take their orders ONLY from Iran ANY Peace Negotiations must include the transfer of Hezbollahs Military to the Lebanese Army so Lebanon can return to normaility Otherwise you have a situation where the Axis feels they can have it BOTH ways - secure the benefits of peace but free to wage war at any time by Proxy..
4. Khatami, Phase II
Larry ,   Margaliot, Israel   (09.20.13)
This is the reincarnation of former President Khatami, also 'christened' (pun intended) as a moderate, a man invited to speak at Harvard despite also on record as saying that the destruction of Tel Aviv was worth the loss of millions of Iranian lives in a hypothetical Israeli counterattack following Tel Aviv's loss. These are the slick-tongued spokesmen, chosen by the Ayatollah Khamenei and his clique, believing in exactly the things that Khamenei believes in. Read what the moderate Rouhani says about Israel, and you know right away that the nuclear program is not peaceful, and that its real purpose remains the fulfillment of Quranic injunctions to eliminate the Jewish people as a precursor to establishing the Islamic Shi'a version of heaven on earth, after the Day of Judgment enabled by Muslim devotion to the immutable anti-Jewish instructions.
5. Rouhani's sly wily deceitful apolagia
CJK   (09.20.13)
this man rouhani does not take a single responsibility for the current state of affairs of the world. after blaming unilateralism for acts of terror, rouhani demands a multidimensional arena with "a constructive approach to diplomacy which does not mean relinquishing one's rights." yet who is asking another nation to relinquish its rights, but the terror state of iran. who is harshly identifying the jewish state of israel as an "usurper," "promting warmongering policies." who, if not rouhani and his regime, refuses to acknowledge the historic fact of the holocaust, an essential part of the jewish nation's identity and its rights as a jewish nation. who if not rouhani blames all the others for islamist terror. according to rouhani, it is "unilateral approach which glorifies brute force" which has led to terrorism and extremism. yet, rouhani leaves out the unilateral export of shia terror worldwide, all the way to argentina, bulgaria, iraq, lebanon, syria and elsewhere. no, there is not a single word about the many facets of shia terror by this purveyor of terror. no, the causes of terror and extremism, according to rouhani are unhealthy rivalries and interferancies. so who exactly interfered in lebanon, in iraq, in syria, in gaza. who has been fighting a proxy war against the jewish state: you guessed it, iran. does rouhani acknowledge the many sins of iran? of course he does not. now we come to the central thesis of this deceitful sly man. he claims that identity is a key driver of terror. how does rouhani define identity, but as his nuclear weapons program: "the centrality of identity extends to the case of our peaceful nuclear energy program; diversification of our energy resources, who iranians are as a nation, our demand for dignity and our consequent place in the world." so this man rouhani lies about his peaceful nuclear energy program while claiming that iran's entire identity is wrapped up in this nuclear weapons program because it is the essence of iranian dignity and iran's place in the world. so what rouhani is saying in essence is that if the world does not swallow his lies about a peaceful nuclear program to which iran is entitled by natural right as its dignity, then the world can look forward to acts of terror and growing islamic extremism. if iran's identity is denied, it is the key to terror. yet he, rouhani, is the moderate. he is the one that obama has hung his hat on, together with the entire european continent. it is high time to destroy iran's entire nuclear weapons program since our essential identity is wrapped up in our security. and we cannot trust this deceitful man and his apologia with our security. nor indeed, can we trust the dear leaders of the world not to sell us out to the shia terror entity.
6. This is what the Ayatollahs have assigned him with
Simon   (09.20.13)
In what seems to be a pre-planned election, the Ayatollahs wanted to rid Iran of the image of Ahmadinejad and give it a new face in the form of Rohani knowing he would say things like "Gone is the age of blood feuds" and buy Iran more time. With him at the helm the Iranian leadership is more dangerous than ever, talking the talk of the West and walking the walk of fulfilling militant and extreme Islamist prophesies.
7. No blood fueds EXCEPT against Israel
Alan ,   SA   (09.20.13)
8. Ruhani is happy: the "Leaders" have sized this opportunity!
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.20.13)
9. Rohani is a Shia TERRORIST !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.20.13)
He must be dealt with accordingly !
10. Putin's friends are: Hassan Nasralla
Jozek ,   Canada   (09.20.13)
Basshar Assad, Hameni and many leaders of radical terror sponsor countries. Tell me who are your friends and I'll tell you who you are. Putin is a dictator that either kills or jails all his opponents, wake up Russians and kik this guy out.
11. Mr Rohani
Lebanese 2 ,   USA   (09.20.13)
Mr. Rohani before you urges world leaders to engage with Iran , you have a list to do. Give the Iranian peoples their freedom .Stop financing and training terrorist . Stop pushing you religion on others . Give up your nuke program .
12. #11. Regarding your first point he's on the right track.
Persian CAT   (09.20.13)
The Iranian people have started getting some of their freedom back gradually. I'm sure that trend will continue. Your second point is nonsense. Show a proof of Iran "financing and training" terrorist anywhere. Stop spreading gossips. Show me one case where Iran "pushed" its "religion" on anyone! Why would Iran give up its legal and open nuclear program?! Where do you get such crazy ideas?!
13. #9. I'm glad you can still "produce" stupid one liners.
Persian CAT   (09.20.13)
I just wanted to let you know that I feel you pain, Rottenloser. Keep barking, if that makes you happy.
14. #12 Regarding Post #11 Lebanese 2
tehran Has Proxy militia's in lebanon (hizbullah), iraq (mahdi army), yemen (houthti's- sp?), hamas in gaza RIGHT? tehran finances ALL these Terrorist Entities and republican guard trains cede Terrorist groups! bahrain is a monarchy who rules sh'ia moslems, and tehran Has Fomented riots and spies RIGHT! So little shitty kitty, go and lick your behind because thats all that mouth piece is Good For!!! So Who's Spreading Lies? Oh My Gosh the iranian Is Talking Smack And Is So Full Of HUDDA that her eyes are BROWN!!! Yella Gochba
15. Rouhani
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (09.22.13)
Only one remark: Rouhani was accepted to be president and allowed to stand as a candidate for the presidency only - I repeat only - by the "blessing" of Khamenei. Khamenei was accepting also Ahmadinejad. Don't dream too much, their goals stay the same: destroying Israel and annihilating Jewry. The peace-loving Khatami was the the man that started the current nuclear program. ze hou.
16. 11 Lebanese 2....And get out of Lebanon
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.22.13)
and take with you, your high commissioner of Lebanon,the quisling,nasaralla.
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