Report: IDF seizes EU diplomats' West Bank aid supply
Published: 20.09.13, 17:26
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1. EU, Get Out of West Bank!
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (09.20.13)
Europeans who use their diplomatic status to subvert the lawful authority of the Israeli Government and the IDF should be expelled from the country and permanently banned from re entering. Using diplomatic status to further the cause of the cause of Arab squatters is unacceptable conduct. There should be severe personal sanctions against them! Let them open the doors of the EU to their Arab brethren.
2. If true
Ben ,   Israel   (09.20.13)
This is wrong on so many levels and shameless. WTF is wrong with High Court? They give Israel away to hundreds of illegal criminal Africans but terrorize Bedouin communities made of 200 people? And they HAVE been herding their sheep on those lands for decades.
3. This is a revange for the Pogroms and Holocaust.
Albrecht ,   EU   (09.20.13)
4. NATO must replace IDF in West Bank, protect Arabs from Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.20.13)
5. Hey! EU
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.20.13)
Never heard of laws and protocols when entering an independent country? For the sake of a peace negociation, stay out!
6. If this is completely and accurately reported
Avraham ,   ottawa canada   (09.20.13)
then it is moronic, non-judaic and ultimately self-defeating. Any decent human being should be ashamed to support this.
7. When you held law breakers, you are part of the law....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.20.13)
...breaking process, and this can't be tolerated. All that Israel does is enforcing the laws governing the relationships between Arabs and Jews, between the Arab community of Samaria and Judea and the sovereign state of Israel. One would expect diplomats to respect this law enforcement. But, when they don't, they ought to be stopped as well.
8. Ben @2, I'd waid before passing the judgement.
leo ,   usa   (09.20.13)
Devil is always in details. Besides diplomatic immunity is not an absolution and it can only take you so far. Let people in the know handle this as I am sure they already have before the whole thing had started.
9. #2 Beduins?
Bill Stein ,   USA   (09.20.13)
They were not Bedouins,
10. About Time
Bill Stein ,   USA   (09.20.13)
About Time Israel showed some backbone.
11. Total war on Israel
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (09.20.13)
Israel and the IDF are the scum I the earth! Total and complete war on Israel NOW!
12. NATO must replace US in MN, protect Natives from BenAsses
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.20.13)
like me
13. #4 Steve
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (09.20.13)
Well said Steve. It is about time the IDF thugs were relieved of their perceived duty, to a fairer more equitable neutral force. Some people just don't know how to handle power.
14. #4, not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.20.13)
15. Arabs here for generations? So why do they have
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (09.20.13)
only temporary structures? Why has it been shown in court that they are resent arrivals? As usual, Benassi and others have to support the lies of the arabs. And the chutzpa of the antisemetic Europeans trying every way possible, to destroy Israel. When will we have the guts to tell them, enough!
16. Viva IDF
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (09.20.13)
We are all very proud of you !!!! Send these leftist home to the EU packing, and right away.... they would have done nothing to help jews, but they will help their enemies anytime.
17. The Geneva Convention ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.20.13)
.... does not apply to nonsovereign territories. Shameful that a "diplomat" does not know this.
18. #4 Steve you're an idiot
Billy   (09.20.13)
Go there and check out the situation before you spout off some dumb, happy-go-lucky, great lakes crap.
19. Bedouin camp on the lands of Moshav Ro'i
Please read   (09.20.13)
The Bedouin camp was destroyed after the Israeli court ordered it destruction. This was a temporary camp with only few shacks and tents and it was established on the agricultural lands on Moshav Ro'i, about 900 m from the Moshav itself. Of course, when the Moshav was established 30 years ago, there were no Bedouins on that land. They are newcomers who put their tent on the Moshav lands with the support of the Palestinian Authority.
20. #14, is A, Belgium, again, and not mine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.20.13)
A, Belgium ...can't win debate, so he cheats, again. Coward.
21. #4 You Mean To Protect the IDF
From Fire Bombs, Rocks, Bottles and other deadly projectiles? Besides What west bank are you speaking of? West bank of mississippi river? Judea and Samaria Id Yahudi Land Has Been for millinia and Will Be Until There Is No More Humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. eu is wrong on legal, historical and moral grounds, they
ralph   (09.20.13)
are the enemy. treat them as such. the only historical claim is that of jews not invading murdering arabs. kick these eu idiots out. place on no return list.
23. Stop interfering!
Sam SM ,   UK   (09.20.13)
"It's shocking and outrageous. We will report these actions to our governments," said one EU diplomat''. Eu cry babies! Get lost and don't come back!
24. Only accept a court rule, you like
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (09.20.13)
Is this the European understanding of the rule of law? Is this the tenor of the Copenhagen criteria? Don't get me wrong, I do not suggest Israel joining the EU, but the EU is breaking their own criteria on the rule of law and they are abusing their diplomatic immunity, thus breaking intl. law.
25. These EU diplomats are Israel enemies.
Pedro ,   Brazil   (09.20.13)
26. #4 Open your eyes and see what Arabs
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (09.20.13)
Do to Arabs, did you go to demonstrate against Assad killings? Diplomat broke the law should be kiked out from Israel !
27. "Area C", Sirs/Madams, is an area that is under total
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.20.13)
Israel control, military and civil alike, and it is NOT for you to act there without the approval of the Israeli authorities!!
28. The Europeans have some nerve!
Isac   (09.20.13)
Just 60 years ago they either murdered or facilitated the murder of their own citizens who happened to be Jews. What the f#$k do they care now what happens to part of Israeli policy? Start looking for the REAL problems of this world scum Europeans!!
29. Reuters again!
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (09.20.13)
This is Reuters Revenge for their humiliation over the fabricated explosion at Kana in the Second Lebanon War when the "dead bodies" filmed by Reuters got up, got the money and went home! 120,000 (UN Number today) killed in Syria, Muslims butchering people in Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, the Maghreb, East and West Africa and the EU and Britain are "concerned" that their "Representative" was manhandled. She should have been kicked out! Hague and Ashton seem to have forgotten that the the EU is boycotting Israel and all their EU representatives should be declared "persona non grata" and given 24 hours to leave! As for the "shacks" being demolished (in terms of a Court Order), why is this so terrible when the British Government threw the "Travelers" (the Romany People" out of their camp where that had been living for years? Double standards again from Britainistan, Mr, Cameron?
30. not much to see here
european   (09.20.13)
On the one hand, this is savage and mindless behavior by the military, but that's what we expect to see from Israelis. On the other, very rich of the French to complain about international law. Weren't they eager just a few weeks ago to illegally and unprovoked attack a country. Bottom line, this will backfire on Israel like always. I bet those diplomats are not really all that unhappy about how it turned out...
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