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Syria sends OPCW chemical weapons inventory
Associated Press
Published: 20.09.13, 19:17
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1. So When Does The Buthcher Of Syria
Board the plane to geneva and turn himself in For Crimes Against Humanity? He's Not Getting Away With Mass Murder Of His Own Citizens??? Or Is He?
2. Russian Satellites...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (09.20.13)
When was the last time Russia was able to launch a satellite... successfully. Bwahahahahahahahaha
3. The World is a Bad Place
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (09.21.13)
Syria killed 110000 of its own, w/o Sarin. It has hundreds of jet fighter bombers, artillery pieces, Scuds, thousands of tanks etc. and an army of 600,000 regular (Israel has 170,000 plus reserv es. 1400/110,000, it doesnt need WMD. In a fight with Israel it claims it needs the weapons...but Israel has more effective arsenals...bottom line: W.O Iran, Syria wont fight Israel, but use surrogates (Hamas/Hez). Sarin is easily manufactured as are other chemical/biological weapons by a modern state like Syira, which can also get it from surrounding countries if need be, or from Russia, with its millions of tons. Nothing has changed in the M.E. Israel is still blamed for all its flaws and faults and arms caches. But Israel cannot be blamed for murdering 110,000 people, with thousands of children. If anything, the inaction at the UNSC shows our future in years ahead. WW2 has not ended, only the players and names of movements. This is a lesson we (Obama) must learn and his defeatist/naive minions). The world is a bad place and will reamain so for a long time to come. Once Iran gets the bomb..its an open field. Then watch the mullahs strut. The Caliphate is spreading slowly and insidiously._
4. to Number 1.. Butcher
Jared ,   Oklahoma, USA   (09.21.13)
Remember in the middle east you have to be a butcher to reach leadership level; that includes Israel....they all do it in the name of God and self defence!
5. #2-The US depends on Russian capabilities
know the facts   (09.21.13)
The US doesn't have functioning space shuttles anymore. And therefore, American astronauts take off and get back to earth from the space station with Russian missiles. Without the Russians, your astronauts will starve to death on the space station.
6. Suddenly everybody's an expert on "Butchery by Governments"?
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.21.13)
Gee, with some good will & word-twisting you can make almost every govt. fit into the picture frame! Every war IS butchery, humans have known it for thousands of years and somehow decided to go on with it, even in the "Space-Age". Arab/Muslim way of doing it is in a class of it's own. Please keep the Jews out of this Club, all you pathological antisemites (#4) You will yet kiss our feet with gratitude.
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