Umm al-Fahm: 30,000 people at Islamic movement annual rally
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 20.09.13, 23:27
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1. Tough Times Ahead
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (09.21.13)
When you add these people to other Arab Israelis plus the ultra religious, who will not fight to defend their country, and finally far left Israelis who see their own country as the problem in the mideast you have the seeds of the undoing of Isreal as a Jewiss state or even the end of israel as a country.
2. Have EU and NATO demolish that eye sore to protect Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.21.13)
3. I love to see pictures of brainwashed idiots..
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.21.13)
They do not know, that the first rocket sent from Iran/Syria will remove the aqsa-mosk. :-)
4. Would not have been tolerated in Arab countries
Deepak ,   India   (09.21.13)
Living in Israel and waiving Pali flags ! Imagine people in Arab/Muslim countries protesting and waiving Israeli flags. You would never hear about them again. Sorry to preach but the only way is to transfer this population to Egypt, Syria or Saudi Arabia. They can NEVER live in peace with anyone and NEVER be integrated into any society. No peace deals will work long term. Wake up Israeli friends. Everyone in Israel (especially the left) needs to call a spade a spade. The bottom line is we all are heading for trouble. As an Indian, such situations tends to make me believe more and more in the biblical prophecy of Armageddon. Scary, isn't it.
5. Where will they go??
Josh ,   USA   (09.21.13)
If they love Palestine so much, why don't they move to the West Bank. If there ever is a Palestinian state, and Israel keeps the settlements around Jerusalem, they should compensate by giving land to the new Palestinian country that has large Israeli Arab population! Voila - problem solved, now these nut jobs can become residents of their beloved Palestine.
6. Nr.3. Whom is Brainwashed - ? -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.21.13)
- no Missiles will be sent against Jerusalem !. Arn.Sweden.
7. #2 Obviously not posted by the REAL Benazzi,
A ,   Belgium   (09.21.13)
but I agree with it all the same. They can tear down the inverted gold toilet bowl too, while they're at it.
8. Just bomb the whole #$%^%# thing and be done with it
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.21.13)
9. Deepak #4, you got it right
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.21.13)
10. Umm al Fahm: 30.000 people at Islami movement annual rally.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (09.21.13)
If we read the four posts none live in Israel, so its easier to yell from a armchair, but I try to look at this another way,can the Arab-Israeli pray at the western wall?, no they cannot, can an Arab-Israeli pray inside a synagogue?, no they cannot,so why on earth we can't let them have their place of pray,?? its no good saying that 3.000 years we had a temple there, we live in this day and age, not 3.000 years ago so lets try and repect each place of worship.
11. Nr 4. You are Right !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.21.13)
India will after Chinese Occupation, When Harmageddon will take place, also come to the LORD. Indias Prophesies about the Kalkin and Maitreya Avatars, will be Fullfilled in the Biblical Mikael and the Prophet Eliah. Perhaps you know that God/Sri Bhagavan in the Bhagavad Gita, calles Himself - The Unborn - and therefore The Abortions taken Place in India will be Punished. Arn.Sweden.
12. #10 look at your facts, and use some common sense
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (09.21.13)
Can an Arab Israeli pray at the western wall? I'm not sure why they would to begin with. Why is the wall sacred to them like it is to us? How about in a synagouge? Why would they if they aren't Jewish? And when we allow mosques all over the country too? If you're saying it's no good to say there was a temple there 3,000 years ago, what is the cut off time that we can replace something? Now that the state of Israel exists, can we destroy the temple mount mosuqes and rebuild and then 1,000 years later you have no more claim to it? Or how long till our reclaiming is valid? Just because there is a change in ownership, it doesn't take away from the inherant holy value of the place. The fact that we have inhabited the area for the past 5000+ years, built walls around the area almost 4000+ years ago and a had a temple there 3000 years ago gives us even more claim to the spot that muslims have had control of for less than 1400 years which they got from conquering the area.
13. Holy Temple
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (09.21.13)
Al Aqsa mosque was buit millenium later than Israeli temple. So the place is a oplace of temple not mosque. Remove the mosque for instance to Saudi Arabia and build the temple on the place it has been. P.S. I recommend the arabs to make suicide.
14. Nowhere in the Coran al quasa is a holy site
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.21.13)
It is nowhere written in the coran,the book reference for islam,that al quasa is a holy site for islam.It is Mecca that mohamud declared holy to Islam..Islam was born in Arabia,in Mecca This gathering is full of ignorant muslims that do not read the coran
15. #12 Umm al-Fahm: 30.000 people at Islamic movement annual ra
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (09.21.13)
#12, Mr Jacob, you answered my questions, nobody can take away the Holy value from the Synagogue because that's where you go to pray, nobody can take away the Holy value from a church because that's where they go to pray, its sacred, right? so do we have the right to take away something they believe to have a Holy value??
16. "We will sacrifice our lives for Al-Aqsa."
Madeleine ,   Israel   (09.21.13)
I agree with them - they should definitely sacrifice their lives for Al Aqsa - or anything else they feel is a worthy cause. 30,000 useless idiots.
17. Elsie @ # 10 and 15
Madeleine ,   Israel   (09.21.13)
Whee exactly did you read that Israel is trying to take the Al Aqsa Mosque away from the Palis? This is just another one of their million or so lies that they perpetuate. As it is, the Temple Mount was holy to Jews thousands of years before the first Moslem came into being yet Jews are not allowed up there today. Your posts are usually extremely leftist, verging on the anti-Israel.
18. #17 Umm al-Fahm: 30.000 people at Islamic movement annual ra
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (09.21.13)
#17 Who was from England, extreme harassment that has been going on for some time now about the rebuilding of the third temple and yes the Jewish do go there and want the AL Aqsa to go or if possible just disappear into thin air. Usually extremely leftist and verging on the anti-Israel for asking questions, is that what you think??? because a person dares to asks questions or give an opinion on any said subject!!!! go and have a cuppa and rethink your reply, oh and by the way try not to be too racist like your comment of 30.000 useless idiots. words can come back and bite you.
19. 30,000 at rally
Deepak ,   India   (09.22.13)
#10 Elsie its not easy to sit in an armchair and not yell when you know your friend is in danger. You commented about the 1st four not living in Israel. 1st of all I made my comments because I care for the Jewish people and I owe a lot of my success in life to Israel. 2ndly I am not a prophet but commenting purely on common sense. Anybody can predict whats coming and last but not the least, look at the track record of the Islamic people anywhere in the world. Elsie we have learn and understand from history. It doesn't matter where we live. No matter how naively you think, trouble is on its way. At least have options ready before its too late and again I comment because I care. Genuine friends will stand with Israel in good times and ALSO in bad times.
20. #19 Umm al-Fahm: 30.000 people at Islamic movement annual ra
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (09.22.13)
#19 Deepak, with all due repect ,I live here and love Israel, so as a good friend I cannot stand by silently when my good friend is doing wrong, or going into danger, I try in my small way to point this out, if my opinions are accepted al well and good, if not, so be it.At least I tried, a good friend will try for good or the bad to help and not stand by watching my friend hurling his/her into danger, its called friendship.
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