Palestinian murders IDF soldier in West Bank
Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.09.13, 17:09
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31. Prisoners release & negotiation
Ted   (09.21.13)
Our willingness to release prisoners for negotiation has resulted in this.
32. Never trust people who are too friendly
33. To Sarah B., U.S., at no. 4.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Our big universe   (09.21.13)
Well/correct thought, said and written down, for criminal "sharia,jihad,islam" terrorism/terror. Or all those back to Jordan/Saudi-Arabia/Arabian peninsula, at their own cost, with a one-way ticket, everywhere and always. Salute, Sjoerd Ruurd.
34. I see the anger in these talkbacks BUT
Benjy   (09.21.13)
let us take a moment to think about the soldiers family who's loved one has had his life cut off at such a young age. Prayers and sympathy for their terrible loss.
35. u.s. the mediator between israel and palestine
daniel ,   u.s. evil business   (09.21.13)
usa giving the israelis weapons and sells weapons to the palestinians,while they are killed in a senseless war,north american are counting their money in usa
36. The Sargeant trusted his friend, the criminal.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.21.13)
I can envision this poor fellow, trusting and liking his coworker. Arab coworkers in Israel can be lovely, can make a very good impression. This criminal from the West Bank was especially mean and treacherous. Could have been any criminal, but this act was worse because it shed a very mean light on many of criminal's people.
37. That's for mistreating our diplomats
European   (09.21.13)
38. #37 difference being : diplomats deserved it
39. Re #11 steve benassi -Of course that's not you !!
miri ,   israel   (09.21.13)
40. My heart is with the boy's parents.
nibor ,   israel   (09.21.13)
41. They need to return to the old policy
Refi ,   Israel/Venezuela   (09.21.13)
and destroy the houses of him and all his relatives. I hope is brother is raped by a pork salami in prison.
42. #29
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (09.21.13)
Read the UN charter,the only occupiers are the dirty arabs on Jewish land, GET THEM ALL OUT AND INTO MUSLIM COUNTRIES.
43. Immoral Behavior
Mohammad Asasa ,   Jenin- Al-shuhada   (09.21.13)
As a pal, I strongly condemn this act of killing the soldier so whatever the reason are. the trick played is completely deceptive. at least Nidal should have perceived the trust the soldier had in him and twisted his design. it is really unfortunate to kill a friend who had believe in you. Our greatest condolence to the family and friends. I hope such behavior never repeated
44. unfortunate
alsky ,   toronto   (09.21.13)
we see it time and time again. Arabs cannot be trusted
45. Cold blooded murder
Dov ,   USa   (09.21.13)
This poor excuse for a human being should be punished to the maximum sentence by both sides of the fence.
46. Death sentence is the only answer !
writing on the wall   (09.21.13)
Everything else is foolish ! If you do something, do it right ! If you wanna fight terror, kill the terrorists ! But maybe you dont know what you want....
47. It is better to distrust than to trust. There was a
Rivkah   (09.22.13)
program on CNN last night about Israel and a Jewish family who live on the West Bank know Palestinians there but do not eat with them since that family is kosher and the Palestinians who are friendly to the Jews know not to ask them to eat with them since the Jews must refuse because they eat kosher if they are following Torah. They co-exist but not to the extent of eating together although they might have Turkish coffee together. There is going to be a slaughter on the West Bank. Daniel in Scriptures saw it long ago and it sickened him so much he could not get up for his duties for three weeks, 21 days, until an angel came and strengthened him. The Palestinians must be relocated to Muslim Arabic speaking nations to diffuse the tensions in Israel or Armageddon will be the result after the Psalm 83 war.
48. Two Brothers in Jail
Gershon ,   Canada   (09.22.13)
I guess Hazan will now get what he wanted, to see his brother. May both of these terrorist rot in jail until they are dead.
49. This is the results from showing the world
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (09.22.13)
that Israel began to deal with terrorist, thank you Bibi, and all the Shalit family.
50. Can you say "Taqiyya"?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.22.13)
Know this word "Taqiyya" and study how the "religion of peace" apply it.
51. #18, not mine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.22.13)
52. Strange question
Frans Groenendijk ,   Utrecht, Netherlands   (09.22.13)
Maybe he did not (yet) know this guy was planning to murder him? Of course the report is incomplete.
53. A little correction
Baruch   (09.23.13)
*Arab murders a Jew in Israel
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