We'll end up all alone here
Eitan Haber
Published: 22.09.13, 19:35
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31. More people love Israel than you can imagine
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (09.22.13)
National Geographic Entertainment spent three years and invested millions of dollars to make a film called "Jerusalem - The Movie" which will begin showing at iMax theaters across America in October. Jerusalem really is the heartbeat of the world and is cherished by billions of people. In the coming year, we can expect record numbers to visit Israel and discover the beauty of the land and it's people.
32. Abdel Karim Salim
David Segal ,   Philadelphia, USA   (09.23.13)
Ain't that predictable: as soon as someone speaks of Israeli vulnerability, someone Abdel starts sharpening his knives. Making peace with the Jews is always third on his list of two.
33. #24. Israel will never be at anyone's mercy.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.23.13)
#24. It is not clear whether you are trying to scare Israel or whether you have given in to fear mongering yourself. However, Israel will never be at anyone's mercy. Israel will never have to rely on "voluntary Arab acceptance". It is not true now and it never will be true. Regardless of what path America takes. Israel grows mightier and richer each year.
34. For Once Haber you wont be afraid anymore
Yardena   (09.23.13)
Hard to believe superpower like the USA shows weariness hahaha as a matter of fact, This will be a life saving of Israel that so far has been living with American life-support system. Finally Israel will not be stopped by US sanctions - once they will be in place Israel will destroy its enemies, a total and final destruction of them all then haber can sleep peacefully at night and write better columns:))
35. Told you so!
Dan   (09.23.13)
This was completely predictable. During the 1988 elections when the big question was whether to talk to the PLO and perhaps grant a Palestinian state, I argued with many people in the streets of Jerusalem that we needed to make peace soon. A common response was that we didn't have to do anything because we had America on our side, and my response was that that would change one day. That day is here: if Obama ran again on a platform of letting Israel sink, he would win. Americans are tired of us, partly thanks to Bibi's in-your-face, pro-settler, Greater-Israel stance. What have we achieved since 1988? Oslo was a glimmer of hope but it's gone. Is it too late? Probably, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
36. # 16 Daniel The Muslim nightmare
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.23.13)
LOL despite all your BS propaganda, American's and Israeli's don't have to worry about being gassed to death by Serin Nerve gas, or having government troops rape your 4 year old or, slaughter your entire family, as is the norm in every Muslim nation of the illiterate and inbred idiots, like yourself.
37. We can't be more Israeli than Israelis are.
Miron ,   USA   (09.23.13)
If Mr. Haber's loyalty is with dollar than may be he should not be in Israel pretending to write of the name of Israelis.
38. We will never "end up all alone"...
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (09.23.13)
We will always have our imaginary "antisemites" inside our brains. That is the result of our Jewish upbringing-never filling alone.
39. # 31 Don't tell the Africans
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.23.13)
or Muslims, they love to come and squat illegally in Israel. ( they can't abide their own violent Muslim nations, no one can. )
40. Help.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (09.23.13)
Haber is a serious manic depressive. He needs psychiatric help. He should buy a funeral parlor and move to the states.
41. Terrible article; Humanzies in the TB's...Oy
My Planet Israel ,   LA/Jerusalem   (09.23.13)
It reads like a fearful venting from an unhappy socialist. Not surprising- the leftists are the most unhappy and least optimistic (and the most full of crap). As for the issues discussed: please note the blossoming relationship between Israel and China (ahead of schedule, hint hint). Israel will head east as the west and it's aggression peters out. Every region has it's hay day but the Jews have watched them all come and go like so much spring rain. Yet here we are- thriving, growing, inventing and making the desert bloom in ways no human thought possible. If the US abandons Israel- well, their loss. Leave them to the savage American pharmaceutical companies when Teva heads east- along with the tens of billions Israel saves the common American in goods and services. But Of course, to many Americans (most of whom cowardly hide their prejudice), they'll be happy to say goodbye to Israel regardless. That is, until their fellow American Wolves ravage their pockets, bank accounts and grind them into the earth that much further. Fools are fools and will remain so beyond their own graves. Am Yisrael Chai- no worries here, we shall be here when America and the west is remembered like ancient Egypt is today but no American will be able to trace their roots back to a people...just an idea.
42. USA also Surrounded
Zechariah   (09.23.13)
Usa is also surrounded and needs Technologial Supremacy to Ward of Potential Enemies some Psychotic .Its a very Tradgic Reality the Mass Murder Gene easily Deregulated .The Ullam -Teller Monstrosity Causes by horrific Fear Peace by MAD.The USA needs to keep ahead Israel helps for the Jews have Desperation and Horrific Memories .
43. umm, last i checked Israel has not used Nukes, Syria used ch
Naftulee ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.13)
To answer this ridiculous question .... why Syria Chemical weapons matter and Israel nukes are not as much of a concern. Syria is using their chemical weapons and on their own people. Israel has yet to use nukes and it appears we use the same MADD concept as USA and RUSSIA... THAT is the answer to your question. Oh and BTW the prophets of ourj tenach teach that yes the nations will all abondon us .... but dont be so scared Eitan, turn to the creator the Holy One of Israel and you will find your protection and hope.
44. Are leadersl really that dumb
Bryan   (09.23.13)
The Chinese Iranians or Russians would take over in America's demise. If those tard bots wanna see palis blowing up world shipping in the Mediterranean go right a head! If they want yet another Syria and Egypt unable to harness al Queada as thy run amok un contested and creating world terror bases in Palystine go right ahead. Those special Ed kids need to thank Gd Israel is one less country in the ME threatening world civilization at every second of every day, not to mention the value added to humanity by it Technology and start ups. They'll find very fast they won't like the fun house mirrors in paliland.
45. This is stupid BS
mea   (09.23.13)
"So let's get down to business, and we'll start from the end: America, if one can generalize, is abandoning us..." This idiot writer sure does not understand America, that is certain. You see, bonehead, this president is unpopular, weak, and unsupported. Americans are strongly, strongly supportive of Israel and will never allow that support to lessen --in spite of the absolute train wreck of the Obama administration. Here's the proof: Obama would sell out Israel in a second but he cannot. This is because Congress AND the rest of the world demands it. By the rest of the world I mean those reliant on the US to give face time to what benefit them in maintaining Israel, such as the Saudis, China and even Russia. We laundry their relationships that are so, so profitable, and yet they secure peace--because as we all know, this peace is manufactured. What makes Israel/America relationships TRULY strong is the personal heartfelt love by Americans for all that Israel stands for.
46. I doubt the US Ambassador will read this
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis, Tn-Tn   (09.23.13)
Must be nice to be able to read the future,,....
47. # 6 Thanks Israeli paratrooper
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.23.13)
A bit of reality is always refreshing. Shalom.
48. America Leaving the Middle East
mr ,   nj, USA   (09.23.13)
I am both so sad and appalled for the writer of the op-ed. He has forgotten history. Israel won its first three wars with no support by the United States. he also shows the spinelessness and weakness of someone who believes in nothing. all of human history is full of stories of the power of an idea. The continued existence of the Jewish people and Israel are already an historical anomaly. the ideas which underpin the Jewish people and their state have already stood the test of time. these ideas include the strength of the God of Israel, and the unity of the people of Israel, and the viability of the Zionist enterprise which is the return of an ancient people to their historic homeland. The writer of the op ed obviously believes in none of these. it seems he used to believe in America but has lost that faith. with faith in nothing he has nothing but fear. no spine at all. so sad.
49. Israel you are ...
J Galt ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (09.23.13)
the chosen people of the LORD God Almighty. You were scattered and now are returned to the land promised by covent to Abraham and Issac. In 1967 you were returned to your capital Jerusalem. You will not be removed from this city or nation again. These promises are made to you in your Holy Scriptures by the LORD God Almighty. The USA has elected a king that will lead this once great nation to its demise. The king promised to 'fundamentally change America.' This promise is, unfortunately, one of the few promises the king made that he has kept. The king has broken the USA's relationship with Israel and as a result the USA will be cursed. My prayers are that Israel will continue to be blessed and peace returns to Jerusalem.
50. The US is going thru a difficult patch at the moment...
Rafi ,   US   (09.23.13)
but this isolationism has occurred before in its history... The pendulum is likely to swing back after a few years... And as Eitan correctly points out: can Israel and other Amer allies (So. Korea, Japan, etc) afford to wait in the jungle alone until Amer regains its senses ??
51. Mr. Haber = Mr. Depression
!!!!!!   (09.23.13)
Please fire this idiot!
52. #18
Simon King ,   Sacremento, USA   (09.23.13)
Thank you for your strong faith us Ozraeli.
53. #33
Simon King ,   Sacremento, USA   (09.23.13)
We shall stand by Israel's side no matter what happens.
54. #34
Simon King ,   Sacremento, USA   (09.23.13)
I really hate people that think the fall of my country is an opportunity. Disgusting.
55. To: No. 38
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.23.13)
Au contraire. The Jewish people have always ended up alone. Which is fine with me. We have the State of Israel now, and woe betide the nation or nations that tries to take it away. We know better than to count on the loyalty or support of other nations. They've let us down often enough. Which is why Israel -- and the Jewish people -- chuckle at the pronouncements of the EU. We can wipe out all of Europe with very little effort. The reverse is not the case. The world had better come to its senses and not push Israel one click too far. Actually .... not a half bad idea. Europe has outlived its usefulness. It won't be missed.
56. Obama-me began to withdraw 5 yrs ago
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.23.13)
We are on our own. Arabs respect only power ; They do not do peace. Separate the two nations, then we will have a solid hudna Call the shots : Formalise the exchange of Jews and Arabs in 1948. Create new State for Pals across the Jordan in 1920 Palestine. compensate Jordan
57. america still wants to be world policeman
zionist forever   (09.23.13)
Iraq & Afghanistan have been long & expensive wars and as a result the American people are tired of the role of word policeman. America is going to take a less active role for a while whilst it licks its wounds from those wars finds the will again to do the job it has been for the past 100 years. They may well abandon Israel if they feel its not in Americas interest to continue supporting Israel. Its unlikely but possible so we must be ready to deal with all threats and not go crying to America. If Assad was to fire on Israel we must not say Obama please do this for us and if Obama said hold back lets see if we can find diplomatic solution to avoid striking back we must be willing to say screw you Obama and attack anyway. Economically we need to look for new markets. Europe are becoming more hostile toward Israel by the day and the US has economic problems so they are not buying as much as they did so we need to look east to countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Should also look to Africa for new trade opportunities. We can help them with agriculture and also good new markets for Israels arms trade because these non arab, non Muslim countries are mostly equipped with Soviet era hardware and at the right price would welcome some western standard stuff and Israel has a reputation for affordability when it comes to weaponry.
58. Self-defeating mentality
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.23.13)
Israel is an independent nation, meaning it looks after itself. It has good relations with many nations around the world. The idea that we are dependant on America is antiquated and without foothold in todays world. As long as Israel makes wise decisions she will survive and prosper. America will continue to look after itself.
59. So. Why does Israel comply to John Kerry pushing.
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.23.13)
So. Why does Israel comply to John Kerry pushing. Kerry will look for a nobel prize over a cup of tea and he will say. Israel, where is that.
60. #36
daniel ,   u$a   (09.23.13)
I am not muslim but I am not fool either
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