Sheikh Jarrah: Punctured tires, ‘price tag’ grafitti
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 22.09.13, 13:07
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1. Collective punishment is illegal
the international laws are very clear about this. Punishing a whole population for the miserable acts of one person is as much as disgusting than the act for which a punishment is demanded.
2. If this is not a false flag incident
Tracy   (09.22.13)
then it's a wrong method of dealing with frustration with Arab violence. Israelis need to demand that the government change their tolerant policies regarding Arab terror and Arab crime. It is a known fact that when Jews complain about Arab violence, police too often arrest the complainants - based on whatever the Arab culprits tell them. It is a way to discourage Jewish complaints to police. Thus rock and firebomb attacks on motorists and pedestrians go on as a daily occurrence. They are so routine that they don't even make it to the media headlines. Police don't even bother to make arrests.
3. No moral equivelance
Mike ,   Shomron   (09.22.13)
And yet the left and people like #1 somehow try and draw an equivalence between this and the terrorist murder of Sgt. Hazan. So much so that the two articles appear one after the other. Shame on you all who try and excuse Islamic terrorism by contrasting it to alleged Jewish graffiti.
4. Mr smart Former Shin Bet chief Carmi Gillon
David ,   On this planet   (09.22.13)
The answer is quit giving our land away, and quit throwing our people out of their homes. this is how you will have peace.
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