Law of Return – or long arm of law?
Telem Yahav
Published: 24.09.13, 11:29
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1. Send the mamzer back to the UK
These bastards are sectarians; I doubt they are Jews at all. They use Torah not live it
2. Let's stick to the facts
Ron ,   Israel   (09.24.13)
It's beyond me why ynet finds it necessary to refer to his particular stream of Judaism. He's Jewish. That's relevant. Whether he's Traditional, Secular, or Haredi has no bearing on the case.
3. If he gets the citizenship, this is MAJOR Chilul Hashem
Jonas ,   USA   (09.24.13)
It would show that the race and blood is over the justice. A VERY dangerous message we would send. And give plenty of food for antisemitism and bigotry.
4. Send him back or string him up by the goolies
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.24.13)
Fleeing the UK is tantamount to admitting guilt. Hopefully, he'll receive some more 'bird' (no offence, Birdi) for doing just that.
5. The article states he was..
Runner1983 ,   USA   (09.24.13)
convicted of sexual abuse of children. The Law of Return has nothing to do with this. He should be sent back to England to serve his sentence. The attitude of some segments of the iltra-orthodox is unbelievable! Time and time again, they believe protecting their cultural norms are more important than protecting their children. An aberrant philosophy.
6. They didn't allow Meir Lansky to
benjy   (09.24.13)
stay, and he was old and past his mafia why let this person in, all we need is other countries criminals, jewish or not.
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (09.24.13)
8. re
Moishe ,   Paris   (09.24.13)
Deport the freak NOW!
9. Haredi pedophile
Edna ,   Israel   (09.24.13)
Why is it of interest to mention that this man is a haredi? It is quite interesting as the haredim consider themselves quite superior to other Jews. They believe their way of living is the right one. They form a very closed community, protecting themselves from the outside world. I think that just like the catholic church prefers to keep their sinning priests etc. under their cloak, so also the haredi community does not want the outside world to know about everything bad happening in their community. In that respect it is certainly of importance and interest that we should know that this haredi man of whom we can expect higher standards, is from that background. Apart from the pedophile suspicions, this man used a false passport according the article. For this he also should be punished, and should be sent back in my mind.
10. Chaya no 7 how dare you treat a jewish brother this way?
The man is Jewish! He's intitled to live in Israel as much as you do !
11. #2 Ron
ky   (09.24.13)
Excuse me but this is a serious matter of public interest. Ynet simply reported his affiliation. It would also be in the public interest to publish his identity as he is a hazard to children wherever he lives. Hiding behind any religious belief and committing criminal acts increases the despicable nature of the act itself.
12. The shell starts to crack...
This Law of Return is a scheme ! This situation is the exact proof of it! If any jew has the right to settle in Israel and get citizenship, then why this guy wouldn't be allowed to get it? After all he's jewish isn't he? And if he's a convict in another country and under prosecution then Israel, as a democratic country, has the right to refuse the man to reside within its borders, but then it's against the Law of Return since the guy he's jewish ! The conflict is a major one, because it underlines the question mentioned in the article with accuracy. This is the beggining of the failure of zionism...
13. Edna, Haredi think they are superior to other Jews
But Jews think they are superior (and chosen) to other human beings...
14. Being Jewish is not enough
Bekah ,   Israel   (09.24.13)
I made Aliyah and I had to submit an apostilled federal background check from US. I back this requirement 100%. Just like any other country, Israel should not allow criminals to immigrate here when its convenient for them. Israel would become a compound for convicts otherwise.
15. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.24.13)
The State of Israel denied entry to Meyer Lansky. He would have brought considerably more to Israel than a child molester. Send the child molester back to face the music.
16. Bemused
Cameron ,   USA   (09.24.13)
17. Sick man- cant count on High Court, but please deport him!
18. Why it's relevant that he's haredi
Lisa ,   Israel   (09.24.13)
The reason is because there is a tradition among many haredi groups to cover up child abuse when it happens in their communities. They shun anyone who contacts the authorities, calling them a "moiser". It happened several times in the town where I grew up that known child abusers were just sent off to Israel, where they continued to abuse innocent children. This cover up is as bad as the crimes themselves, and enables these crimes to continue.
19. Don't we have enough monsters in Israel ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.24.13)
May be the High Court should take into account if they could trust him enough with their own kids.
20. Changed, no convicted
poiuy ,   israel   (09.24.13)
The article states he was CHARGED with a crime, not CONVICTED. He could be completely innocent and falsly accused by some crazy ex-wife or something. Or he could be guilty We won't know until the outcome of the trial. But I guess we can still judge him in talkbacks without knowing any details.
21. Welcome him to Israel, then...
Dan   (09.24.13)
....extradite the bastard.
22. The right of return, should NOT come over safety of CHILDREN
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (09.24.13)
Leave the MONSTER in UK. tnx.
23. Read UN-Orthodox by Deborah
ASTRONAUT ,   SC,USA   (09.24.13)
Feldman. An inside account of her miserable, constricted hardei life in Brooklyn. A lesson to all of us: beware of going to extremes at all levels of Life. And these haredi are as extreme "Jewish" as a sect can be.
24. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.24.13)
Bemuse yourself to your heart's content. I, personally, find it extraordinarily amusing that an Irish bishop of the Roman Catholic Church happens to be the father of six children, all conceived after he had taken vows. Bemuse that, Cameron. Do you find it funny? Me, personally? I find it decadent. Then again, I find the entire Roman Catholic church decadent. Just another arrow in my quiver. Why don't you clean up your own house before you start worrying about mine?
25. Yes and No
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (09.24.13)
A large part of me ( probably the majority) says this person belongs in jail and Israel should not be used as a safe place for individuals to escape prosecution or jail time then.... you have all those illegal immigrants who ARE being allowed to stay and do what they want. The Supreme Court overturned the law which allowed Israel to protect itself so the question is, should this man be penalized because he is Jewish. (which happens all the time in Israel ie how many JEWISH prisoners are released with the regularity that Arab murders are released?
26. If he abused chidren in the UK,
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.24.13)
he will abuse children in Israel. It would be insanity to give a convicted criminal, who shows no remorse for his actions, citizenship in Israel.
27. let him 'return' but keep him off the streets
freda   (09.24.13)
If he is indeed guilty, let him rot in an Israeli prison...I think the inmates would find him an intersting specimen. If he's really not guilty and only suspected of...then charge him for the fraudulent passport and make him pay dues for that. The man is obviously not as 'kosher' as his haredi garb would have us believe.
28. Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (09.24.13)
You made aliyah. He made aliyah. Everyone gathering together to keep it real in the Holy Land.
29. Simple Decision
Jake ,   Haifa   (09.24.13)
The Lansky decision already established you do not have the right to use the Law of Return to escape the ordinary justice process in other countries. Secondly, as to those who worry that he has only been charged, not found guilty, if the whole thing is a gigantic mistake and he is found not guilty in the UK, he is free to make aliyah.
30. He is British and under British law he is a criminal
Jo   (09.24.13)
You do not get instant citizenship, the whole process takes time and this guy knew he would not pass ......he came on a forged British passport with a forged name........ The Courts will send him back to face his crimes. his appeal to the law will a delaying tactic for him will only backfire on him.
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