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Israeli nursing guide big hit in Arab world
Yaron Kelner
Published: 26.09.13, 08:17
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1. Probably Arab men...
Eliana ,   Beersheva   (09.26.13)
watching the videos to perv on women
2. Lets take a positive from a positive.
Lee Lipman ,   England   (09.26.13)
There is an opening here for Israel to be seen my the Arab masses for what it is and not for what they have been told. Israel should produce many more and health and public well being videos and publications in Arabic . The number of views are incredible and what better way for Israel to show it is a light unto nations. Let's win the Hasbara battle on the ground with the real people.
3. Desmond Tutu will have them banned
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (09.26.13)
Don't worry, Desmond Tutu and his merry band of idiots will try and have the videos banned.
4. seriously? they watch it only to see breasts
marek ,   westbank   (09.26.13)
Believe me, i see huge amount of arabic videos on youtube with creepy titles showing the messed up mentality. For arabs, seeing such video is just like "porn" for you hehe.. SERIOUSLY :D
5. Not great stats
Eden ,   Tel Aviv, IL   (09.26.13)
Not every single person hates Jews and Israel in Arabic countiries, just like not every Israeli Jew hates Arabs. With that said- 500,000 and some viewers from Saudi Arabia, a country of almost 29 MILLION people is hardly impressive. Less than 1%.
6. Arabs take full afvantage of Israeli medicine
an Israeli   (09.26.13)
Not surprising at all. I live in Jerusalem and when I happen to visit a hospital or any other Israeli medical facility I see more Arabs there than Jews. The Arabs never had a problem using Israeli developed services, unfortunately most of them still want to destroy us. The Jews donors to Hadassah hospital contribute a lot to the Jerusalemite Jews, but maybe even more to the Arabs of east Jerusalem - most of whom are not Israeli cituizens and don't recognize Israel's right to exist.
7. 1 spot on
anton ,   istanbul   (09.26.13)
8. ..
nik ,   us   (09.26.13)
haha! ew.
9. You know what a few muslim guys told me?
Adi ,   Netanya   (09.27.13)
They told me they see it as a prize to have sex with Jewish women. They see us like a trophy. And they would do anything to get it, even if it means rape. That is not only insulting to us Jewish women but also having no respect. Kinda makes you wonder if the video is viewed by creepy guys.
10. how to tell who is right
myname ,   Tahiti, Tahiti   (09.27.13)
To check who is right, those who believe that watches were creepy dudes or those who believe watchers are caring mothers, please post a video but with an arab and not pretty female instead, wearing a burka and compare the hit rates among the two. Those watching a burka lady would be caring mothers, and those who be watching Israeli model - creepy dudes.
11. #6-Arab-Israeli medical staff
Y ,   Jerusalem   (09.27.13)
Perhaps the Arabs that you saw in the hospitals were staff. Many aides, nurses and doctors in the Jerusalem hospitals are Arab
12. #5 Eden, Your math needs improvement. Great stats!
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.28.13)
Half a million from 29 million is 1.72 percent. Assuming that women population is doing the watching mostly, that's more like 3.4 percent of Saudi women, a high percentage ratio. Further, assuming it is watched mostly by women who are breast feeding or near to having a baby, their percentage number could be over 15%, a huge number.
13. vedeo
ahmed ,   jordan   (09.28.13)
i want to draw your attention that whome waching are men not for learning
14. Perverts!
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (10.03.13)
The Arab men probably sit around doing "31" while watching nursing women!
15. True Enough...#11....
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (10.03.13)
My son was treated in Kaplan by a wonderful Arab Doctor, who, by the way held an Israeli Passport, served in the army, and is a loyal to Israel. I would guess that most of the medical staff who are not Israeli Jews fit the above description; or they would not be working in Israeli Hospitals!
16. To # 5
Yossi ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.13)
No, it's not less than 1%. Actually it's close to 2% (1.7%). It's always good to check your math before weighing in with conclusions.
17. Yeesh, all the negativity in the comments!
Larisa ,   New Zealand   (10.04.13)
This is a lovely story, and it helps Israeli public image in those countries. Is there really any need for all the racist talkbacks? :P Keep in mind, countries like Saudi Arabia are almost certainly not publishing videos like this, and it makes sense that women would want to get the best possible information when it comes to their kids. Since their own media is so relentlessly and unfairly negative about us, it's great for them to see Israel in a positive light through this sort of thing.
18. These are beautiful Jewish women and children. Not Arabs.
naro ,   nyc   (10.23.13)
Just to let the Arab viewers understand that although the video is in Arabic, all the people are Jewish. Salaam Aleichum.
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