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Deal reached on UN resolution on Syria weapons
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 27.09.13, 07:38
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1. Assad the mass murderer remains unpunished
CJK   (09.27.13)
one major weakness of the proposed unscr is that it does not foresee punishment for this man who has committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. this flaw will encourage other despots to carry out mass murder without the fear of punishment by the international community. the fact that assad is allowed to remain in power is a serious blight on his patron, russia. one can only hope that russia will rein in assad. it is crucial that this sectarian war end very soon, and not only for the sake of the martyred civilian population, but also to keep out murderous islamists that have flooded the country.
2. What about getting rid of the S@B Butcher?!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.27.13)
3. This UNSCR is a step forward, BUT
CJK   (09.27.13)
in theory the resolution is an important step in depriving syria of its chemical weapons stockpile. what remains to be seen is whether assad will comply with the provisions of the resolution. since russia refused to pass the resolution under unscr chapter vii requirements, assad would not be punished if he were not to comply. however, in such a situation, russia would be under immense pressure to pass a new chapter vii resolution. the us must make it clear to russia that non-compliance by assad would lead to enforcement even without a chapter vii resolution.
4. they reached a resolution they cant eforce GENIUS
zionist forever   (09.27.13)
They all got together for a little chat and to draft a resolution over Assads chemical weapons but if he chooses not to abide by it then they politicians have to go back to their talking shop and dream up another resolution. Obama and the rest of the big powers must have been getting their eyes checked by Assad because they really are blind to the fact that Assad has been playing games.
5. Um Shmum
Jumbix   (09.27.13)
That's all you need to know: Um Shmum....
6. Uh huh...
john   (09.27.13)
"US, Russian officials believe Syria WMDs can be neutralized within nine months".... Yeah, just like Iraq and Libya. Good luck with that.
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