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Iran unveils new drone: 'World will be awestruck'
Published: 27.09.13, 21:04
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1. Why only hit Israel? What have they against us so much?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.27.13)
It's like Iranian government and officials ONLY thinking about Israel. Wow, that's an ego booster, isn't it?
2. Iran laugh at us and we don' t do nothing. shame !
3. Salami
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (09.27.13)
The perfect description to what Israel will do to Iran if one drone ever came over Israeli territory.
4. This is good news for Israeli libertarians
BM ,   Israel   (09.27.13)
Now Netanyahu will have to answer for his leftist economical policies and the negotiations with the so called "Palestinian Authority".
5. Usual threats by insignificant people.
Alex ,   New York, US   (09.27.13)
6. This is the result of Soteros gift to islamic states..
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.27.13)
... the first drone was "accidently" sent from USA into Iran, and landed without problems, not self-destructed or plunged into the ground... It is just a part of an overall picture revealing the sunni-president-plan we not yet still have seen the result of !! Someone has to start summerizing what damage can be done by this person. Might be el Baradai would be the best person to "summerize and find nothing!!"....
7. blah, blah, blah!
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.27.13)
Iranian specialty. Yet to see it in action.
8. Ballistic missiles
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (09.27.13)
How on Earth can you use ballistic missiles with a range of 2000 kms as a means of defense?
9. 8 deterrence
anton ,   istanbul   (09.27.13)
10. Hitting Israel
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (09.27.13)
Im sure that these boisterous imglicks know that its the same distance from TA to Tehren as it is from tehran to TA. Im sure that our Mazlats can cause them even more tzuris that theirs can cause Israel. Our engineers can probably make theirs bomb Tehran....
11. Warmonger Are Exactly What The Mad mullahs
of tehran are! Even their "new/old" slimy faux president rohani!!!
12. #1 "only thinking about Israel"
The problem is, that you're reading Israeli news, and they generally only report about Iran when its somehow related to Israel, that's why you have this false (or at least exaggerated) impression that Iran (or e.g. the EU) is obsessed with Israel.
13. u$a war propaganda to attack
daniel ,   the world   (09.28.13)
propaganda war against in acts of terrorism after the united states attacks,gas attack story has whiff of u.s war propaganda because the propaganda war is an important front in the war but we have a real chance to prevent a u.s attack.The usa is about to launch a ferocious propaganda blitz that will engulf a wide,usa appeals for making war on yet another country will be ferocious but we have a real chance to prevent a u.s attack.All sides can have propaganda,international crime or act of war? for example in the aftermath of the usa terrorist attacks as the u.s congress convenes to vote on war to hold these lies to be self evident that the usa emperor has no clothes fact is that the new face of unlawful global imperialism,indeed in predictable fashion the united states is now claiming
14. There's No Quote Marks Around...
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (09.28.13)
the reference to Israel. I think the reporter added that comment.
15. There's No Quote Marks Around The Isl
16. And the word from the White House
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (09.28.13)
And have we heard from the President of the United States yet regarding this news? I'm sorry Israel. I didn't vote for him. Even Chamberlain knew he was in over his head and resigned so Churchill could take over. In this instance, the line of succession isn't promising either.
17. 14 i agree with u Ron
Joy'is   (09.28.13)
Probably, the drone is a gift from the americans or europeans. Iranians dont know a shit about drones.
18. re#1 and #10
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.28.13)
re#1: That is a headline written by Ynet Staff, nowhere does it state that it is a quote from an Iranian official. The way your leaders talk it seems that they are more obsessed with Iran than vice versa. re#10 Since when is my home state New Jersey part of Israel????
19. As fearsome as the stealth fighter recently unveiled
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.28.13)
That iranian Quaher stealth fighter was a plastic mockup. I had a good laugh looking at the photo and video of a little model plane flying around. Reminded me of those movies using scale models of ships and monsters to scare us out of our wits. Now a plastic model airplane drone to entertain us. Wow...I can get my laughs without paying for a movie ticket!
20. Iranian technology
RocqueDerKasba   (09.28.13) USSR propaganda looks good, but that's only skin deep. There is nothing technologically superior millimeters beneath the nice looking sensors and outward appearance. Those sensors don't even work.
21. #12 @ #1
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (09.28.13)
#12 is correct, but having lived in Iran for about 19 years has showed me how mullahs use Israel as a reason for all of their agendas. They tie up all their efforts thereto keep people scared and ready to die for their own cause. I might also add that Israel paranoia of the bomb is correct. It is not just simple paranoia and it is a fact that Israel is facing.
22. #1. How many times has Israel threatened...
Persian CAT   (09.28.13)
military attacks on Iran. Remember?!
23. #11
In Iran they are called Ayatollahs methinks
24. even congenital liars sometimes slip up...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.28.13)
even congenital liars sometimes slip up and tell the truth: in light of iran's many (photoshopped) achievements in military technology, this can indeed be called "a work of art". the problem for prime minister netanyahu is not iran's military prowess, but the diplomatic cover that america's dhimmi-in-chief is providing for the iranian mullahs.
25. @ 12
USA   (09.28.13)
That's funny, all the major news publications say the same thing ynet says concerning what Iran stated about the Drone reaching Israel. Just because we are reading an Israel newspaper doesn't mean your not getting the right news. And Yes Iran is obsessed with Israel. Especially with "Eliminating it" as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would put it.
26. Always want to Hit Israel
Zechariah   (09.28.13)
There are many WarMongers in Iran who want to hit Israel eve n I f they kill six million Arabs in the Process.
27. iran
larry ,   Israel   (09.28.13)
'i guess all the money they have goes to weapons. and nothing to the people, the sanctions arent working'!!1
28. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.28.13)
How many times has Iran threatened to destroy the State of Israel (which they call the "Zionist entity")? Remember?
29. To: Larry at No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.28.13)
Oh, the sanctions are working, just not quickly enough. Rice -- a commodity which used to cost mere pennies in Iran -- now goes for $12,000 for a ten-kilo bag. Fresh chickens -- not government-processed, poorly refrigerated chickens -- go around $5,000 per chicken. Tack that on to 45% unemployment in Iran, and you can see that something's really, really wrong. Of course, the ayatollahs and the mullahs are all fat and overfed, while the ordinary people starve. They are so cowed by their government, that they fail to do anything. One does wonder why. Iran is spending billions of dollars on bolstering Assad in Syria and Hezbollah and Hamas, while the ordinary Iranians still have no indoor plumbing or easy access to fresh water or electricity in their homes. Me, personally? I'd rebel. But the sheer death toll of innocent individuals who have perished in Iran since 1979 -- the numbers approach 2.5 million -- have cowed the people. What a shame. And the international community appears not to care. It is, after all, so much more fun to criticize Israel. I think we need a new international community. We certainly need a new Iran. When you have the time, check out the infant mortality rates in Iran. Check out the number of women who die in childbirth because in the Islamic Republic, male physicians may not treat a female patient. A primitive society, Iran. Still -- you get the government you deserve.
30. Awestruck?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.28.13)
While I do admire fancy LEGO constructions, but I doubt I'd be awestruck.
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