Shin Bet: Revolutionary Guards spy arrested in Tel Aviv
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.09.13, 10:53
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2. What a scum !!
HENRY ,   ISRAEL   (09.29.13)
keep this rabid dog for a long time behind the bars and do not let him see even white light
3. Bless be the watchers
Ruby ,   Jerusalem   (09.29.13)
Without them, our world would quickly slip into the hands of tyrants.
JAMES (YOSSI) BOND ,   007 SAFED STREET   (09.29.13)
I spy....
5. So glad to have our Israeli Shin Bet / Mossad (whatever !)
miri ,   israel   (09.29.13)
lookiing out for us. Thanks and keep up your most important work.
6. Only a complete idiot of a "spy" would travel on Sept 11th
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (09.29.13)
The most heightened day of security now everywhere and this moron of a spy decides to leave the country with incriminating evidence in his luggage. Even people who aren't intelligence operatives and just tourists probably avoid traveling on that day because of long lines due to additional security checks. Not the sharpest tool in the shed... but still a tool.
7. How many succeed for one arested?
That would be interresting to know
8. silly
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (09.29.13)
Honestly i can't believe that he is a dangerous spy. a picture from a balcony to the US embassy, come on my kid can take it if he is leaving near by. A pic to the airport, WTF i can find it in the net. his pic in Tel Aviv just shows he is a gay (no offense). Israel is trying to cut any possible bridges between Iran and USA. I am not saying there there is no Iranian spies in Israel, actually they should have and Israel must be having in Iran since the two countries are enemies.
9. I trust the shin beth
dani ,   tlv   (09.29.13)
but the picture of the embassy is available on google maps and i'm sure it's not that hard to find a picture of Ben Gurion from a tourist on the internet either. Also, to be fair the guy looks more like a 50 year old single gay tourist than James Bond, but maybe that's the brilliance of it. Anyway I trust the Shin Beth will take care of it.
10. a simpler method of detection
ky   (09.29.13)
Investigate all idiot businessmen and ask where did they get their money from?
11. israeli new stunt
yali ,   uk   (09.29.13)
as pm of israel is going to meet obama and after the warming of political relationships between usa and iran all of that is seen in mauvais oeil (bad eye)by israel hence this latest stunt to show how bad are the iranians hahahaha
12. Knock-kneed melon head inbred
Dave ,   Toronto   (09.29.13)
This is the drek they come up with?
13. He was visiting gay bars
suq madiq ,   LA   (09.29.13)
Seems they are laughing down at Langley Upon arrival in New York ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations General Assembly, the prime minister's entourage commented on the arrest. "At the same time as it condemns terrorism on American soil, Iran sends an agent to collect intelligence for a possible attack on a U.S. embassy," Israeli media reported the officials as saying. The officials reportedly added that the arrest serves as further evidence that statements coming out of Iran do not match the criminal actions they take, and that the Islamic Republic continues to generate terrorism throughout the world.
14. And Obama...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.29.13)
...wants to become buddies with worst terrorist country in the world!
15. #8 and #9
Eric ,   Toronto   (09.29.13)
Just because he is wearing shorts and he is not fat, you think he is gay. You guys should wash your prejudice filled brains! Amazing how some people can be so stupid!
16. release pollard now!!
anton ,   istanbul   (09.29.13)
you people are the beacon of double standarts arent you :) keep building...
17. To those who scorn + disbelieve he is a spy :
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.29.13)
This man admitted everything and gave evidence to this act of spying. Shin Bet probably also has telephone records, etc. of meetings with his contacts. My problem lies with the question is how many more spies are there in our country ?
18. release Ocalan now!!
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.29.13)
LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT KURDISTAN carved out of 50% of Turkey, 50% of Iran, 50% of Iraq and 50% of Syria Dismantle the Turkish Ottoman province and slice it into parts given to Armenia, Greece , Cyprus and Bulgaria!!
19. #16 - Anton
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.29.13)
Anton, there is a big difference here. The intention of spies sent by Iran is to provide information to lay the grounds for terrorist attacks (like in Delhi, Bangkok, Tblisi, etc.). Pollard's spying activities had a completely different purpose that has nothing to do with terrorism. Have a great day in beautiful Istanbul.
20. His damaging picture was printed here
beach bum ,   Miami   (09.29.13)
I hope there were other pics that would have been more useful for Iran that he had. If I were his defense counsel I'd say that the pictures he took were so damaging that the Israeli government released them to the press to be published.
21. Iranian spy
Jim Pinter ,   Milltown, USA   (09.29.13)
The Shin Bet has arrested a man it claims is an Iranian-born Belgian intelligence agent who is a member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, on suspicion he attempted to spy on Israeli and American facilities in Israel. Don't we have one of those working for Hillary?
22. The confession is worthless, so are the pics....
Cali Lib ,   los angeles, usa   (09.29.13)
any solid evidence like documents or phone call intercepts??????
23. Maurice
anton ,   istanbul   (09.29.13)
its not that easy is it? do we know the exent of pollards spying or what damages it has brought upon american interets? it doesnt matter really spying is spying thre is no good spy and bad spy itsa risky job and whoever is caught should bear the consequences, no double standarts... you too have sunny days but montreal u dont get much :)
24. 18
anton ,   istanbul   (09.29.13)
i have found your comment so desperate and miserable to reply but being avarage joe your sweet ignorance gave me a moment of laugh :) that why i wanted to express my gratitue ;)
25. Spies get shot or hung
BEN JABO MACHAL ,   ISRAEL   (09.30.13)
Why wait?
26. Seriously?
Dan the Jew ,   Chicago, il   (09.30.13)
This guy is no spy! He is some mental case that needs some good meds!
27. Anton #23
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.30.13)
All countries have spies. If you think Turkey or any other country does not have spies around the world, you are being a little naive. But terrorism is a big differentiator! Only a few countries (Iran being the worst) uses espionage for terrorism purposes. Just look at their record around the world. Regarding sunny days, most people do not know, but the summers here are as hot as in the middle east (temperature can reach easily 35 degrees). Our summer are very hot and our winters very cold. Autumn is the nicest season here: not too hot, not too cold and plenty of sunny days. And amazing colors everywhere If you ever come to Quebec, you should come either in September or October. My favorite two months!.
28. Maurice
anton ,   istanbul   (09.30.13)
autumm is nices season everywhere i agree with that, usually i do my travels between sempt - december and its mostly to exotic countries i ll visit peacefull terrains of canada when i am older görüşmek üzere :)
29. Insallah!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.30.13)
It would be my pleasure to show you around here! And I am sure you would love it...
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