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Tom Jones adds 2nd Israel gig
Raz Shechnik
Published: 30.09.13, 13:08
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1. How about adding an evening of blues at a small venue?I know
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.30.13)
-there are limits to what one can ask for:-) but thanks anyway, Sir.
2. A music legend !
benjy   (09.30.13)
3. Well done Sir Tom
If this is true its great news. And a fitting response to the BDS bigots with their lies of Israeli 'apartheid and ethnic cleansing'. Sir Tom should be elavated to the peerage for defying the BDS bullies!
4. oh what balls
k ,   US   (10.01.13)
all the anti Israel people are usually successful in bullying artists to cancel, but Tom Jones says screw you I am going to add another one, so much respect for him!
5. Tom, you are a good man
JJJ   (10.01.13)
6. this jew luvs tom jones. he is a mench.
debra ,   usa   (10.01.13)
7. #4
mark ,   ca   (10.01.13)
"..anti Israel people are usually successful in bullying artists to cancel..." They are not. Look very closely who is cancelled their performances. Only B-rated crowd.
8. tom jones tel aviv
rhonj ,   chattanooga usa   (10.04.13)
tom jones u are amazing and i love ur music...dont be concerned abt your safety,remember god is with you.
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