Kenya terrorists used new tactic to spare some Muslims
Associated Press
Published: 29.09.13, 15:06
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1. Not until the scourge of Islam begins hanging people from
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.29.13)
Eiffel Tower and London Bridge, will the lobotomised Europeans and the politically illiterate Americans (that's most of them!) wake up.
2. #1 and when they wake up
They will condemn the Jews.
3. these are Euro-Trash like Loubani and Greyson who are
jericho ,   causa   (09.29.13)
supporting...apartheid religion. They use to give you a chance to convert to Islam or die now you just die after the ripe of your fingers or nose or gouge out your eyes, then a bullet to the back of the head a close range. That is what this Euro garbage is defending. Shame
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