Obama, Netanyahu agree Iran mustn't possess nuclear weapon
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.09.13, 18:53
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1. Obama does not care about Israel. Bibi. Pls stop helping US
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.30.13)
Obama does not care about Israel. Bibi. Pls stop helping the US
2. Gesture of Friendship
yoni ,   Shomron   (09.30.13)
How nice! They let him in through the front door this time.
3. No. 1 Stop helping us? Its Israel that is asking for our
Milk D ,   USA?East Coast   (09.30.13)
help with the Iranian issue. And before all the talkbackers say their BS that they don't need the US gfo ahead and attack Iran then and see who needs who. I know for a fact the US needs NO nation on EARTH to help with our security. We could level every country in the Mideast without a US soldier ever stepping foot on the ground...can Israel?? NO WAY
4. US-Iran normalization, tied to Obama UNSC '67 borders, peace
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.30.13) Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country.
5. it is a useless meeting
CJK   (09.30.13)
obama has his own agenda and stopping iran's nuclear weapons program is not part of it.
6. No 3. Tell that to Mr Einstein who saved u in WW2.
Adi ,   Zurich   (09.30.13)
No 3. Tell that to Mr Einstein who saved u in WW2.
7. Important message, terrible timing
Avi Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (09.30.13)
Go to CNN, Fox, NYT or WaPo. The meeting between Obama and Netanyahu is nowhere to be found. So what is headline news at the moment? The US is on the brink of a GOP forced government shutdown. This is big. Iran, Syria and even Israel are the last thing on the minds of Obama and Americans at the moment.
8. #7
Suq Madiq ,   LA   (09.30.13)
There is coverage over on the Playboy channel
9. #7, you are a LIAR!
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.30.13)
The Democrats will today at 2 pm reject the Republican House resolution to pass a continuing resolution to defund obamacare, opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans. THEY - the Democrats - are shutting down the government. Get off your demagogic Liberal talking points and tell the truth!!
10. #3 you may have the power but not the guts to use it.
israel certainly does have the capability of wreaking big time havoc on iran's nuke program.
11. "Obama says..."
CJK   (09.30.13)
obama is not trustworthy so it makes no difference what he says. obama has betrayed numerous allies during his presidency without a single thought to consequences.
12. Words are cheap, Mr. Obama
Steve Klein   (09.30.13)
Obama said, "Our unshakable bond with the Israeli people, our commitment with the Israeli people is stronger than ever..." President Obama said that the US is entering negotiations with Iran with a clear eye... Obama and his surrogates call loyal conservative Americans who what what is best for their country, "hostage takers, bomb throwers, terrorists, suicide bombers. Barack Obama will NOT negotiate with his American political enemies, yet he WILL negotiate with Iran, the world's preeminent state sponsor of international terrorism according to Obama's own State Department; Obama will negotiate with Iran even as Iran threatens to obliterate Israel and is developing the means to do it. Barack Obama must NOT be trusted.
13. #6
Uri ,   Siberia   (09.30.13)
Einstein was a german wwho happened to be a follower of the jewish religion (although there is plenty of evidence that he was in fact an atheist). Basically he had nothing to do with Israel especially not at that time ... the germans were very very good at rocketry at the time. So, #3 arguments stands .... and you are still a beggar ....
14. re#6 Einstein saved us from what???
Cali Lib ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.30.13)
The US was never occupied, heck the Nazi's never even occupied Great Britain for that matter. No A-bomb was ever used in the liberation of Western Europe, just plain ole might by the US and Russia and others. We only used the bomb on Japan because they were on the verge of national suicide and needed an extra jolt of reality.
15. NATO, UNSC, EU, ICC, OIC: I am a pathetic broken record
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.30.13)
16. #4, not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.30.13)
17. #6
Simon King ,   Sacremento, USA   (09.30.13)
Shut up you idiot be grateful that most Americans like and support Israel, such as myself. Otherwise lets see how well Israel would be doing without us. Einstein didn't just save America alone, it was multiple scientists not all of them Jewish.
18. Obama is going to go play golf
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.30.13)
most likely on an Iranian Golf Course. He's just that committed to Israel's safety. Knock on the White House door all you want...Obama is no where to be found. We can't even find the guy.
19. #14
Simon King ,   Sacremento, USA   (09.30.13)
You tell him straight.
20. united states is exhausted with war in the middle east
arieh   (10.01.13)
Bibi keeps pleading for increased sanctions on iran saying iran wishes to destroy israel. The world is tired of hearing from hims;he ought to listen to his own words and realize it is falling on deaf ears. the world doesn't care much if israel is destroyed. So israel should say that it will destroy iran if it launches against israel;not just respond, but destroy the entire bloody ayatollah entity. Secondly, israel should do what it has to do and shut up about it.
21. # 6 Your facts are wrong
Stan ,   Israel   (10.01.13)
Before and during WW2 Einstein was an American citizen living in America. What was it he did to save America? Remember that without Werner van Braun and the others who built the bomb, USA would not have had nuclear weapons in 1945 PS I expect that all Americans want to help their country.
22. 21 When did facts ever stop Hasbara peddlingBS?
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.01.13)
23. Where did you come up with that, #6?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.01.13)
Einstein saved only the Japanese islands from being completely reduced to a smoking ash heap.
24. Aye, so it is, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (10.01.13)
The Israelis have hit the limits of their abilities in this Persian nuke program. Only the Yanks have the honest ability to lift them off this hook they hang on. Net, of all Israelis, is the most acutely aware of this reality, hence the beg & beseech mission to Obama. Obama and the US are the final, decisive player in this drama.
25. too many errors
paul malykont ,   los osos, usa   (10.01.13)
I am disappointed by the clear lack of knowledge demonstrated by so many. 1. Germany was defeated without nukes, 2. Japan was as good as defeated without them and there is evidence that Truman used the bomb to scare Stalin, 3. Einstein wrote of the possibility of making a bomb but many other scientists knew that as well and 4. Von Braun worked on missiles and did nothing with nuclear bombs. paul
26. Change in Language
Zev ,   Israel   (10.01.13)
Bibi used to say Iran can not have the ability to develop nuclear weapons. Now he has agreed with Obama and they dropped the word ability. This is very dangerous.
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