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US Jews losing their religion, survey finds
Published: 01.10.13, 15:07
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1. Religious belief does not matter, Humanity more important.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England.   (10.01.13)
It does not matter whether American Jews are religious or not, just as long as, religious or secular, they are good, decent and moderate human beings who eschew the racist hatred and the religious extremism of the fundamentalist settlers and the Bible thumping hillbilly evangelicals in the trailer parks of America who daily spew their messianic prophecies of doom and damnation to anybody who is willing to disagree with them.
2. translation:
avi ,   nyc   (10.01.13)
non-orthodox Jews are assimilating. this is news?
3. When you analyse through only myopic bias survey!!!!
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.01.13)
There is Jewish center which excell by spraeding Judaism, a lot of young people from all spectrum are attended Torah / Talmud study , strength of Jewish people is not quantity, is quality and again and again every Jews has the spark, in this generation children return parents to the Judaism and thsi is the strength of this generation.
4. No one has religion because God does not exist.
JMK ,   NYC   (10.01.13)
5. Goyishe Yidden.
Kolboynik ,   Baltimore   (10.01.13)
The reform jews are considered "Goyishe Yidden". They are half-hearted when it comes to judaism. Yes, thats how i see it!
6. It's 21st century...
Religion is loosing grip in our society and that's good ! Religion might have been good as a collective cohersive media during middle ages, but humanity has evolved and religion belongs to history.
7. Be a good hart first then god will love u
Me   (10.01.13)
8. Roses are reddish, Violets are bluish, If it weren't for Jes
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (10.01.13)
Roses are reddish, Violets are bluish, If it weren't for Jesus, Wed all be Jewish.
daniel ,   the world   (10.01.13)
the religion invention to separate man from other men,but when you read the scriptures,you realize that it is only about being a good human being with each other
10. #1 What is your comment ..
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.01.13)
..for the islamic cult? Peace and justice?? And please do not differ between islamist and radical islam, but give your opinion of islam??
11. To number 5
David ,   Netanya   (10.01.13)
You may think reform Jews are goyim. But 70 years ago no one in Europe saw the difference between Reform Jews or Orthodox Jews. They all went on the same train. And till this day no one sees the difference. To the outside world we are all still the same. So stop trying to be better than everyone else!.
12. It's the liberal Jews this article must he talking about...
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.01.13)
These are the Jews who descended from those who worshiped the golden calf in the wilderness of Sinai. They will ultimately bring about the destruction of Israel and even the US.
13. ALL the rabbis fault!
hillel ,   tlv   (10.01.13)
This is not a era where you tell people to not ask questions! Within 5 years id guess a million more jews will stop keep anything whatsoever, you can thank the blind faith preaching rabbis. People want explanations, rabbis of today yell just follow and dont ask questions unless it involves the address of where to mail your check to. Plenty of great explanations for many commandments, but rabbis are too busy with nonsense.
14. G-d did not made religion
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (10.01.13)
Man did, and used G-ds name in vain to manipulate humans.. G-d made us free from the Egyptians, and as King Solomon said, gain knowledge, become better every day and what not... sitting on a desk reading torah the whole day while receiving welfare checks ain't going to make you smarter. We are sons and daughters of the garden of Zion...use the brain to learn and create ideas, use the hand to build reality...use em! G-d is not our baby sitter...
15. What? Michael from California hasn't commented yet?
Tahl   (10.01.13)
Would have thought he'd be the first one to comment here, he feasts on articles like this one, for venting out his thoughts on Jewish affiliation. He must be sick today, or away from the Internet. All's well with you Mike?
16. To 10, Beary White, Norway.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England.   (10.01.13)
If you must know I believe that Islam, like the Judaism and Christianity from which it evolved, as well as any other religion for that matter, is rooted in a sincere preeching for the love of god and fellow Human beings and seeks to increase mankinds understanding of God and the Universe as well as mans place in it. That being said like any religion Islam has its minority of extreme religious fanatics who use extreme interperatations of the Koran and extreme concepts of Jihad to justify murderous and barbaric acts of violence contrary to the central tenants of the faith, I don't dispute this fact, all I am saying is that the Jewish settler fanatics and their allies the bible thumping evangelical messianics who are constantly streaming bible verses and alleged prophecies about Israel and the end of the world on Ynet and other Israeli newspapers and damning to hell any one who disagrees with them are just as dangerous and fanatical as any Islamic extremeist, if you want proof of this just look at your own country were the extreme Christian Fundamentalist Anders Breivik targeted Muslims in his stated desire to start a new crusade.
17. @ 8 - Moschico - No we would be all pagans.
anonymous ,   TX, USA.   (10.01.13)
Before Jesus people in Roman empire were mostly pagans. And the fews in the world were never interested in spreading God's word to non-jews. So there you have it - without Jesus the world would probably still be pagan.
18. The only future for the Jew is Israel. The golus is done
Al   (10.01.13)
You and I know it, those who don't want to know it are only fooling themselves. I just rewrote my will. I was going to give a bunch to Jewish schools in the golus, then I reconsidered. Its all going to Israel. Israel is the only future for the Jew. Jewish life in the golus is done, dead and worth as much as teats on a bulls ass.
19. Humans evolve, becoming better, atheists triumph.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.01.13)
20. One in 5 are so stupid that they approve of other religions
Moshe ,   Usa   (10.01.13)
that butchered Jews over the last 1800 years. Its interested to note that christianity said "Jews are wrong" not to believer in their messiah. Over the years this grew & was interpreted as "Jews are bad" . . . so we were either expelled from our homes,raped & murdered. One in 5 are so stupid that they would marry "out", or hope to. So their offspring can decry their Jewish relative. How sick they are.
21. Tahi, love you too. Keep on chugging, sweetheart.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.01.13)
22. Actually what it said ...
Aaron Kupermanb ,   Baltimore, MD, USA   (10.01.13)
was that the American Jewish community, just like the Israeli Jewish community, is splitting into two distinct communities with different values and lifestyles - with the suggestion that the non-Orthodox will assimilate out of existence in the foreseeable future
23. Cause: Ignorance...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.01.13)
They don't know that G-D gave the Tora to Jews for their own good. That life with Tora is so much intenser and more meaningful and happier . Anyway,despite all ,Jewish religion survived more than 3000 years and is there to stay for the day lost Jews will look for a save haven . In the meantime i send my respect and my love to ALL and every Jewish "Mensch" [not angry atheists included].
24. How to interpret this Poll
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (10.01.13)
1. Those who don't believe are the drop outs from the non Orthodox community, sadly this was bound to happen 2.The Observant community is growing and strengthning. 3. A lot more Kiruv work needs to be as we don't want to lose any of our people.
25. Core values Human Flaws
Zechariah   (10.01.13)
Judaism has core values and human flaws .The CoreValues are the Ten Commandments With a Metaphysial Broader Definition of G-D Learning Self restraint and respect for fellow humans and after the Shoah immense Security Arrangements.The Flaws are pursuit of money at cost of other people Hedonism and social Darwinism.From Judaism emerged its own adjustments as Pikuach Nefesh and Tikkun Olam Atheist and Religious Humanitarianism and a strive for wholesomeness the Ish Tam .
26. its propaganda, not a poll
david ,   new york   (10.01.13)
funny that "Release of the findings coincided with a visit to the United States by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." makes you wonder what the agenda of the people behind this poll is. what in God's name does "proud to be jewish" mean? sounds like a leading question to me. my advice: dont listen to polls that some organization conjures up in order to forward their agenda. they bear no relationship to what is really happening in the world
27. A Jew who does not have Abraham's faith
sean green ,   Pasadena, usa   (10.02.13)
is no Jew at all
28. Religion
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.02.13)
When anyone loses their religion, it's progress. When someone tells me that they can't fly on a Saturday for religious reasons, I can only laugh. I've read the Old Testament several times and there's no mention of Delta, Air France, United or even El Al. Of course, I don't believe either that some guy, who got crucified by the Romans flew off to who knows where, leave alone that he'll come back. What a waste of the brains with which we were born!!!
29. Not just the Rabbis fault...
JeanH ,   USA   (10.02.13)
Although the the Medieval mind set Rabbis have chased away 95+% of the flock... it is also the flocks responsibility to seek the true ways of TORAH despite the Rabbis' errors.
30. asking assimilated jews about israel is rediculous
david ,   new york   (10.02.13)
an assimilated jew has some jewish chromosomes perhaps, but couldnt care less about judaism or israel. the large majority of assimilated jews never set foot in israel and have no interest in doing so. they are completely ignorant about judaism and jewish history. what precisely makes them jewish? why do you care to ask them about things they know nothing about and dont care about??
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