'Price tag' in Old City; cars vandalized
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 01.10.13, 10:11
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1. How about CCTV cameras
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.01.13)
in the areas known to be prone to 'price tag' attacks?
2. Many times Arabs have been behind "price tag" attacks
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (10.01.13)
There are arabs that commit price tag attacks to frame Jews, such as the one in Tuba. Also there is arab on arab violence all the time, especially between Muslims & Christians.
3. European press will not dare Israel bashing
Raphael ,   Netanya   (10.01.13)
Based upon such futile news: In France alone, arab youngsters torch a yearly average of 50,000 cars. Such &an article would stir a roar of laughter.
4. To no. 2
So why can't police arrest them then?! Or is it because its Arab on Arab violence that it is of no interest to us?! This will spill over to our neighborhoods you know.. Naive thinking..
5. Car vandalized
Yossi ,   Jerusalem, Old City   (10.01.13)
The third picture is of my car. I'm a simple Jew who is living in the Rovah. It's not in off spaces paking inside the walls. I park outside in the place where the cars were vandalized. I'm hangry so much because the Tag Mechir boys did it without difference between Jews and Arabs. We live together in peace and this group came to disturb our convivence
6. Arabs Creating a Provocation
Mad Dad ,   JHB   (10.01.13)
To quote Putin
7. 'not all of them were indicted'
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.01.13)
Perhaps some weren't indicted because some were totally innocent! Where there is proper evidence the culprits must be seen to be dealt with by the courts severely, sending a clear message to vandals on both sides that there is a 'price tag' for committing crimes.
8. # 4
italian ,   italy   (10.01.13)
Are you sure this is jewish action? Or is the umpteenth trap created by arabs? I don't believe in them. They are liars.
9. this is retaliate after arabs sprayed memorial
ghostq   (10.01.13)
IdF dead soldiers sites in Jerusalem, at least 3 of them were sprayed, at least the people who owned the cars r not dead.
10. No 5 No difference
Tag Mechir boys did it without difference between Jews and Arabs Why? If it was only to Arabs, it would be ok?
11. It is admazing! How
USA   (10.01.13)
Jews stick together. Rationalizing & justifying any act committed by a member of tribe no mater how outrageous.
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