Iran: Netanyahu speech 'inflammatory'
Published: 01.10.13, 21:26
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1. "Haaretz" editorials&articles in total agreement with Iran
ab   (10.01.13)
Lefties think they're radiation immune
2. Iran is terrified
CJK   (10.01.13)
the shia terror entity is realizing that netanyahu is dead serious and he will not let them have nuclear weapons. they are trying to hide behind obama's skirts, but this time it will not help.
3. Iranian UN Ambassador
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.02.13)
The Iranian UN Ambassador was "telling it just like it is," to use a Southern expression. The presence of Netanyahu or any Zionist diplomat should cause disgust and cause honest people to walk out.
4. #2 Israel Is Terrified That Crying Wolf Doesn't ...
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.02.13)
Have Same Effect That It Used To. Israel has been claiming that every Muslim country in the Middle East has WMDs. The lie that Iran is going to have nuclear weapons in 6 months has been coming out of the mouths of Israeli PMs for over 20 years. Finally people out in the real world are saying "The Israelis lie a lot. You can't trust anything they say." Don't feel surprised. That's what happens when you become untrustworthy. That's why diplomats at the UN laugh at Bibi.
5. Rouani is telling the UN all that they want to hear
jj ,   orlando USA   (10.02.13)
and he will say anything to get sanctions to be dropped and to distract from the real intent of their nuclear program.
6. Mohammad Khazaee shouldn't worry
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.02.13)
Nobody was listening. Netanyahu's speech merely confirmed to everyone that he is yesterday's man. Only a matter of time until Obama replaces him with someone the United States can do business with
7. This is the real Netanyahu
BH ,   Iowa   (10.02.13)
This is the Benyamin Netanyahu Americans revere. He may yet assume his rightful place as the next Churchill/Reagan.
8. #4-we'll talk again after Israel's air strike
Iran's paper tiger   (10.02.13)
9. Iran is a true partner for peace
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.02.13)
I really just wish that Iran and Israel could meet on the sidelines of one of these UNGA's and work out their differences. Remember it was Iran that helped Jews in ancient times. If only they would shake hands and bring peace to the middle east! Win/Win
10. #4 world
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.02.13)
At it again, eh? It’s like the story of the boy who cried “wolf”...but the wolf finally did come, and ate up the entire flock of sheep. You aren't in the real world.
11. Netanyahu 's speech
Golani ,   Vineland, NJ/Israel   (10.02.13)
Netanyahu was and is absolutely brilliant. So glad that we have such an eloquent Prime Minister.
12. Bibi is right
Anat ,   Israel   (10.02.13)
How on earth can u trust somebody that for years has been threatening to wipe out israel and all the jews from the face of the earth. Bibi is 100% right about the wolf in sheepscloths. Lets just hope that Obama and the rest of the world will not be fooled by rohani's sweet talk and lies. They are just out to gain time and to distract the world from the real issue.
13. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.02.13)
What's the matter? Rouhani may have pulled the wool over your eyes, but pulling the wool over Israel's eyes is considerably more difficult. We know exactly whom we're dealing with and you -- along with most of the chattering chipmunks at the United Nations -- do not. Hence the vitriolic response from Iran. They've been outed, and put on notice. They know it, too. Now, so do you. What you choose to do with that knowledge is your own business. What Israel chooses to do with that knowledge is OUR own business. That's the real world, babycakes. Don't like it? Leave.
14. #6 I asked you yesterday and I ask again today
Tahl   (10.02.13)
Please enlighten us Sarah - if Netanyahu is such a failure in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat, then what is your suggestion? What steps would Israel do in order to remove this threat, to make sure Iran would never get a nuclear bomb? How would you as Prime Minster, do things better? Or maybe as far as you are concerned - there is no threat? Or maybe we should learn to live with the threat (while you're in London)? Or maybe the only thing you know is to complain about and ridicule Bibi and the Israeli government all the time, but offer no practical solution of your own. And by the way. Obama does not have a voting right in Israel. I do. Therefore only I and my fellow Israelis will decide on who would be our next Prime Minister. Also, Obama is gone in three years time, if the American people would not show him out the door sooner, for being so incompetent. Netanyahu will outlast him.
15. Iran is all about weaponry
Barney ,   USA   (10.02.13)
And distributing them to enemies of Israel, Jews, and the west everywhere they can. Israel may have the weaponry but they must have because surrounded by hostile states. I guess Syria didn't have wmds as they gassed their own people. You would never ever ever see Israel treat their own people like this and wouldn't use against enemies unless dire dire circumstance. They are smart enough to handle security conventionally
16. #9 Iran helped out the jews? How about a
trip donn memory ,   lane???   (10.02.13)
Iran took all of Israel captive and because of this have been a cursed nation ever since. They couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Yeah with all the plutonium Russia gave them and in less than a year removed it and started cooling it so they could machine it , into 29 Nukes warheads. Israel will not ever come under Iranian subjugation again nor will the allow the start of the warhead production. Iran will be no more. There will be no peace no matter how much mr graczek the Iranian propagandist preaches peace. We in the real world don't fall for stupid lies spurred on by demons and cursed nations. Our God reigns and yours is a creation of the one true God the God of Israel, who says I will repay. I will destroy those who harm his chosen. No Peace for you!
17. #2 Iran is right
Iran knows that Israel will never be able to survive the diplomatic fallout if she attacks Iran's nuclear program thanks to Obama's skirt as you call it. Netanyahu should have understood that Iranian nukes were inevitable when Obama fully supported Ahmadinejad's destruction of the Green Revolution. In light of Obama's decision to make sure Iran gets nukes, there is only one thing Israel can do to ensure survival: move as much of the population and industrial capabilities from the killing zone in Gush Dan to the safety of Judea and Samaria,
18. #17 - Huh?
spyguy ,   seattle USA   (10.03.13)
Why do you think that the West bank is any "safer" than Gush Dan? When the 50000+ missiles rain on Israel, there will be no "safe" place, except for being long gone from Israel. Your comment is a foolish delusion. if Israel starts a war with its neighbors, the only "survivors" will be the people outside Israel.
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