Knesset report: Taser can lead to death
Omri Efraim
Published: 02.10.13, 12:12
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1. NEWS FLASH: Resisting arrest can lead to injury or death
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (10.02.13)
Police are given tasers to reduce the chance of injury when arresting someone who responds with violence while keeping them out of harms way. A gun or taser is only effective when used and a gun probably will lead to death. But the reason either is used is because of a violent response to an authority figure. If it is used on a person not resisting, then it is the fault of the arresting officer. If it is used on a person resisting, it is their own fault they got tasered.
2. there is a risk of death with all non lethal weapons
zionist forever   (10.02.13)
Tazers and electric shock weapons have been used worldwide by civilians and law enforcement alike for decades now and whilst the percentage of people who have died from it is very tiny compared to the number of people who have been hit by a tazer and for how long they have been used around the world. Better the police shoot first with a tazer than a real gun, at least the chances of death are then low. The police need to be taught not to be less trigger happy but they should still be issued and permission given to use the things when needed because they will save the life of the police officer and the criminal who they don't have to fire a bullet at.
3. Then the citizens should have the option of wearing armor
Logic ,   Israel   (10.02.13)
Do we not have a right to protect our hearts from trigger happy cops and not just from artery-clogging fried foods? At the very least, I'd like to see anti-shock Faraday Cage jackets hitting the market and remaining legal.
4. #1 News flash
Your response is totally irrelevant and not related to the issue. A Taser is a weapon that when used according to manufacturer an police safety instructions will hurt no one. The Knesset did not discuss the legal use of the Taser. The Knesset discussed the illegal use of Taser by ignorant, stupid or sadistic police to torture immobilized citizens. No one, not even the torturing policeman, claimed that Mr. Albert resisted arrest. On the contrary, everyone agrees that Albert agreed to be taken by the police peacefully. It was the policeman who initiated violence for no reason and it was the policeman who illegally discharged the Taser multiple times even when Albert was incapacitated. It is funny how the same Leftists who applaud the abuse of a weapon to illegal torture Mr. Albert are the same ones who supported the Danish anarchist who attacked Lt. Col. Eisner.
daniel ,   the world   (10.02.13)
rich millonaries are just searching for a status quo to maintain their wealth
6. Tazer gun can cause death
John Smith ,   UK   (10.02.13)
Tazers are regularly used by British Police and there have been incidents where even when used appropriately actually caused heart attacks leading to deaths.It is a weapon to be taken seriously.
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