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Iranian cyber warfare commander shot dead in suspected assassination
Published: 02.10.13, 23:12
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1. Strictly An Internal Dispute
emanon ,   USA   (10.02.13)
Johas ,   USA   (10.03.13)
He was trollin' and hatin' on the comments on YNET so somebody took that too seriously. Beware what you write.
3. he did not want to have sex with the mullahs?
richard ,   the hague holland   (10.03.13)
4. Didn't ruin my day....
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.02.13)
5. whoever did it, well done
C   (10.02.13)
6. He loked so,,... life like,......
Gideon Reader   (10.02.13)
...before the two pellets introduced him to the seventy two ladies who will be keeping him entertained and warm. Next time do not order the soup.
7. Wanted him killed
Monkatollah   (10.03.13)
Two ayatollahs wanted him dead.
k ,   US   (10.03.13)
Iran needs to pay for funding Hezbollah and all attacks against Israel over the last 20 years, and the bombings of the Jewish Centers in Argentina, if it is true that Israel is behind this then they have a good reason!
9. Iranian FM : "Israel can't kill all the scientists"
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.03.13)
Apparently they can....
10. They cyberized him not using any computers...
asher ,   ny usa   (10.03.13)
11. Probably a hunting accident, he thought his gun was unloaded
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (10.03.13)
Really, the Mossad should be more careful when practicing target shooting in the presence of Iranian rogue scientists who happen to be walking in the woods. I mean, someone could accidently get hurt or something.
12. Azeris are a large minority
Stephen in New York   (10.03.13)
in Iran, a large and disaffected minority.
13. Clearly It Was George W Bush's Fault!
David H ,   Marietta USA   (10.03.13)
Rest in peace, enjoy your virgins, may the blessings of the eternal dirt nap be upon you. Good work, whoever did it!
14. Teach him to hack Khamenei's bank account :-)
15. Islamic ways......
calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (10.03.13)
If you are an Iranian and you do believe in allah and change your faith the Iranian govt will jailed and threaten to kill you.By the way many were killed in the past and many more in jail now! How sick is that obsession!!!!! Now, who knows the victim may have change his faith and they kill him. GOD bless Israel.
16. Hacking into US Navy
Steve ,   Dallas   (10.03.13)
The Iranians were found to be hacking into US Navy computers. I hope this was the response.
17. Oooooops
Haim ,   TA   (10.03.13)
18. Switching computers
Bob ,   Canada   (10.03.13)
I bet you Microsoft was behind this. He wanted to switch the entire departments computers to iMacs and follow the Apple regime.
19. News to bring on a smile
Cameron ,   USA   (10.03.13)
Congrats to the CIA and/or Mossad.
20. Who Cares Who Killed ANOTHER Terrorist
From tehran!!! However the article stated he was short in heart? Impossible Those Terrorists from tehran are HEARTLESS!!! Good Ridence
21. Hol Hakavod
Tomi ,   Serbia   (10.03.13)
Great job.
22. Dead General
Naftali   (10.03.13)
Someone clearly issued the Linux Kill command. Good use as far as I can tell
23. Thanks for the info.
Ypip ,   Canada   (10.03.13)
24. Funny comment in the article
R ,   Israel   (10.03.13)
" "The United States which is supposed to be against terrorism is allowing terrorists to kill innocent Iranian scientists," Zarif said. " Does Zarif actually expect the US to protect Iran? How crazy is that????
25. Ken Yirbu...
Jenny ,   NY USA   (10.03.13)
Wipes that smirk off the raghead's face....
26. Hmmm - I Quote -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.03.13)
Subsequently, a statement from the Imam Hassan Mojtaba division of the Revolutionary Guard Corps said that Ahmadi’s death was being investigated. It warned against speculating “prematurely about the identity of those responsible for the killing Comment - Professional use to put their Bullets in the Head of Ther Targets, to be sertain of its demise, not as in this case in the chest. Arn.sweden.
27. Homeland has the answers!
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.13)
The order was from Saul in the CIA.
28. Others Have Better Motive
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.03.13)
I can think of other groups in that area that would have a better motive. Could have even been an internal (to Iran) matter. It's not a given it was Israel. Too many suspects and not enough proof. Given what's happened to the scientists - I would NOT want this job!
HENRY ,   ISRAEL   (10.03.13)
They will pay a heavy price for this small Holy Land,where Moses have got these 10 Commandments from God and gave it to the Humanity. No one can raise hand on the Jewish people and who will do, will remain with out arm. Now is Ruhani and his partners on the line.. One by one.. slowly but surely.
30. He tried to change OS
He tried to change OS From Microsoft to Apple, but on the wrong hardware. That's why Persian Operating Systems always crash!
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