Palestinian women visit Tel Aviv to promote peace
Leigh Cuen
Published: 03.10.13, 09:06
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1. More of the same please!
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.03.13)
OPEN HONEST Exchanges, Communication, Projects to our mutual benefit CELEBRATE more ties in more areas A vital prelude to successful and prosperous Statehood Because once with a Settlement and the Lines are clearly drawn that we can all respect - we can then forge forward and devote all our energies and resourcefulness NOT on just surviving - stateless but prospering as a proud nation Proud to be Palestinian
2. check point exist for reason, you can't let
ghostq   (10.03.13)
anyone in without checking for weapones and drugs and forged iteams. palis will regret Israel leave, much like the pull out from Gaza, they will kill each other the moment Israel will leave.
3. #1 good luck convince your suicide brothers to ever accept
naftuli ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.13)
Good luck getting the Islamist to every accept Israel as a Jewish State. For people willing to use kids and women as human shields I can hardly see how we can find a setllement and lines that all can aggree on.
4. its nice palestinians can come here, do their ...
oferdesade ,   israel   (10.03.13)
... shopping, work - albeit with difficulties. wouldnt it be nice if israelis could do the same on the other side of the checkpoints without getting lynched.
5. to #1 ask roger waters... maybe he can help. lol
ghostq   (10.03.13)
6. the European Palestian supporters do not like this
k ,   US   (10.03.13)
They like to see violence in the area and are hoping the Palestians raise their kids to be martyrs for Palestine, nothing they hate more then to see "peace" between the Israelis and the Palestinians
7. And still the gullible Israelis fall for this charade!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.03.13)
8. There Are No Plestinians
emanon ,   USA   (10.03.13)
If there is no country of that name and never was an arab country of that name, the whole thing is a lie. The arab world still refuses to acknoedge Israel's right to exist, so this is nothing more than large scale theater.
9. here we go again
zionist forever   (10.03.13)
More peacenicks coming along carry out more political stunts and suddenly they become VIPS. Could one of that lot also explain to me why its going to be the women who are going to decide the future of the future, what happened to men, sounds to me this is more about promoting feminism. As for this 21 year old woman wanting to visit the beach for the first time, Hamas only took control of Gaza in 2007 and thats seafront property in 7 years the woman has never had the opportunity to visit Gaza beach. In future I suggest she moan to Hamas rather than Israel.
10. 1.
Birdi ,   Israel is ours.   (10.03.13)
Once you & your people give up your fight against us, once all the world-wide killing, of Jews & people affiliated with Jews, has stopped, once all the Muslims recognize Israel as the true State of the Jewish People, then & only then will we begin to walk the long road to peace.
11. Why is #1 Sammy in Newcastle???
benjy   (10.03.13)
why Sammy, you dont like living with the palestinians? Is Newcastle safe? DO you sell on the "bustot? Do you enjoy the freedom of speech etc? Until Hamas goes Gaza will never be a peace fact I wouldn't trust any of you, sorry.
12. just read the posts to know the
Moche   (10.03.13)
nature of israeli-jews. Peace-loving? NOT!
13. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.04.13)
So how do you account for the fact that it was the Arabs who started all six of Israel's wars. How do you explain away the fact that all suicide bombers have been ersatz "Palestinian?" Kind of flies in the face of your comment at No. 12, doesn't it? You're just miffed because Jews will defend themselves against wars of aggression and wanton terror attacks. You see, it is the Jews who love peace. Unfortunately, the ersatz "Palestinians" glorify violence and terror. History is replete with examples, and you need look no further than what is going on in the Arab world today. You are incredibly myopic. Stupid, too.
14. To: Tom at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.04.13)
Exactly! Any excuse to go to the beach and take advantage of Israel's shopping malls and markets. Peace is the furthest thing from their minds.
15. "We both have the right to live and not to leave."
William ,   Israel   (10.04.13)
Do us all a favor, Aqtam, tell this loud and clear to your leaders and demand they end support for terror and ethnic cleansing.
16. PCFF
Janice Axon ,   Laguna Niguel, USA   (10.14.13)
It is heartening to see organizations like the PCFF functioning amidst the bureaucratic hatred surrounding it. More power to it and to women. Let's have more articles by reporters like Leigh Cuen to open our eyes to what is actually happening in the area.
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