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Kerry assures Israel: Nothing we do on Iran will be based on trust
Associated Press
Published: 03.10.13, 11:20
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1. Obama administration proved untrustworthy
2. But Dear Mr Kerry: You are behaving as suckers
3. I'm not representing anyone, but I'd be embarrassed to utter
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.03.13)
such sentence as Mr.Kerry, representing a former World Power did!
4. Secreatry Kerry, you've got it wrong!
David ,   Israel   (10.03.13)
We Israelis won't be played for suckers. As for the USA and President Obama, well, you have shown you worth by your failures in Syria where you have betrayed YOUR Arab allies in the Gulf in spite of the USA's pro Arab policy. Further, you have let Putin and China prove they they are the "Masters of the World" and the United States is has descended into "wimpdom" and isolationism. As far as "trust" is concerned, well, after Obama's actions in Syria, his phone calls to Rohani and his statement that "the USA is not the policeman of the world", any Israeli who trusts the USA with our safety and the future of the Jewish people, is just naive of just stupid. Believing President Obama can be compared to "Peace in our time" by Neville Chamberlain! That cost the lives of millions and the murder of 6 million Jews while the world, including the USA, stood by and watched.
5. Sucker is as Sucker does
ASTRONAUT ,   SC,USA   (10.03.13)
Once again, Viet Nam Vet Kerry SUCKS up to rogue regimes - just like the good old days in 'Nam, eh Swift Boat Boy?
6. Mr Kerry. The terrorists dont believe u anymore.
Adi ,   Zurich   (10.03.13)
Mr Kerry. The terrorists dont believe u anymore.
7. I Quote -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.03.13)
"Kerry assures Israel: Nothing we do on Iran will be based on trust" !. Comment - Nothing you do on Israel seems the same Further - US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday it would be "diplomatic malpractice of the worst order" not to test Iran's willingness to comply with international demands over its nuclear program. Comment - There is no need for testing since Iran know its obligations and can fullfill them On Yheir Own. The US will pay a big Price for its footdragging sucking. By Sucker !. Arn.Sweden.
8. The WEAK wait for the SUCKER PUNCH
NudNik69   (10.03.13)
How many years of this abysmal government left??? We will have world war because of this quisling.
9. the truth
The Obama regime planned to overthrow Assad as part of their plan to solve the Iran issue under the correct belief that the road to Tehran goes through Damascus. Although Iran and Russia thwarted Obama's plan to destroy Syria, they did it in a way that let Obama save face. In exchange, he is their boy on the nuclear issue. That's what happened when a checkers plays chess against the people who invented the game.
10. The Obama Administration...
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (10.03.13)
is playing the world for suckers. The U.S. has become like Europe, quick to talk and talk and talk while their enemies grow stronger by the minute. I will not be surprised to wake up to a shocking breaking news event on CNN to hear that between North Korea & Iran they managed to Nuke a city in the U.S. The same NK & Iran that the U.S. 'talked' to. Hopefully Israel has the courage to do the business that needs to be done. I am not calling for the destruction of the Iranian people. I am advocating the destruction of Iran's ability to destroy their neighbours. The Americans think they can disengage from the world. They cannot! The vacuum will always be filled with their enemies.
11. big talker
beryl   (10.03.13)
kerry is a big talker, sounding like john kennedy with his rhetorical flourish, yet he has no finish. he was way out in front of obama on syria with his moral outrage when obama wanted no more wars regardless of what and that applies to iran as well with the nuclear file. So he conned israel into peace talks when USA cannot guarantee jordan valley or anything else. Now his talk about iran is total bullcrap as the aUS is burned out. So israel should not be listening to kerry as he is leading them in the wrong direction period.
12. So giving them a nuke is your PLAN?
steve from raleigh   (10.03.13)
You just admitted it won't be an accident. Thanks for clearing that up.
13. #12
Obama helping Iran get nukes. What could possibly go wrong?
14. Iran just doesn't 'get it.'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (10.03.13)
This is the same stall tactics that Arafat used to use. If I remember correctly, so did N. Korea. Don't fall for it. Israel knows exactly how close to completion the Iranian's are to their goal of having full nuclear capability and deliverance systems. Netanyahu gave full and fair warning by stating publicly that Israel will not allow Iran to have the bomb. Period, end of story. Kerry knows full well that iran is up to her beard in bad news, the boycott's working and, more pressure and more scrutiny will bring Iran to her knees. Iran will still not allow the inspectors full access to all of her nuclear sites. As you know, there's more than nuclear. ran can't have her 'yellow cake' and eat it too. If I were the Iranian Mafia, I'd listen to the warning. Unlike obama, Israel doesn't bluff or bluff and run.
15. # 10 With any luck
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (10.03.13)
The Iranian people themselves will try again to revolt to bring these maniacs down. ( much as the rest of the "Arab Spring' total civil war and revolution due to a mixture of state and religion that is deadly to it's citizens.) Their economy is kaput, unemployment sky high, prices also high, in short, a mess. I agree under obama, America is losing any respect or even the ability to have our leader be believed. But then, so are the rest of the bozos that represent their people with perfunctory precision.
16. # 11 beryl yes indeed.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (10.03.13)
Sound and fury signifying nothing. Or, much ado about puffing. Please, KEEP BUILDING!!!!! Talk is cheap, Jewish lives are irreplaceable. We've lost so many lives , we've waited over 2,000 to BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!!
17. # 12 Steve a better plan is that of Israel's
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (10.03.13)
public vow at the UN, ( usually hostile territory for Israel) that Israel will not allow Iran to have the bomb. Amongst the talking political heads, in this case, obama, Rouhani, and Netanyahu, the only one I believe is Netanyahu. With Israel's record of having already taken out two other nuclear facilities, those of Iraq and Syria, If I were an Iranian, I believe I'd believe Israel also and be afraid, very afraid. In this case, obama would be forgotten in a flash, trust me. And as for Kerry, well, talk is cheap, a war is expensive.
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