Terror attack: 9-year-old injured in Psagot
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 06.10.13, 00:12
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1. Get well young lady
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (10.06.13)
Brave little girl. Hope you get well soon and go home to your family. Thanks to all -MDA and IDF for taking care of the situation.
2. Next step...
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.05.13)
Now our defence minister & Ramat Kal will announce that it is a one time incident and most probably will not be repeated. Livni will continue peace talks and BB will not comment on the issue as the palestinian authority was not involved in it. Abbas will condemn the issue in English but will not do so in arabic and our country leaders will continue their routine feeding us the same bullshit.
3. Prayers and speedy recovery for the little girl.
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.05.13)
4. #2 -
JewToo   (10.06.13)
It's sad and pathetic that we have become accustomed to this routine.
5. But, this is not "terror", it is part of the "popular...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.06.13)
...resistance" called for by the "moderate", Mr. Mahmoud Abbas to whom some want to hand over a state. One doubt, incidentally, that Mr. Abbas will condemn this case, of course!!
6. until when?
daniel ,   the world   (10.06.13)
most high G-d protects and cares for your people,you cannot forget your eternal promises written in the torah,amen
7. ToJew1: Israel is the Laughing Stock
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (10.06.13)
To Jew1: outrageous, brutalo, anti Semitism ( and anti Israel) at ts worst. Reminds me of the SS raping, shooting, and slapping young Jewish girls during WW2 saying {dirty Jew-documented) and what will happen? More deals t9to free thugs to murder again from Israeli jails...contginued talks" as long as the US is present ( Arabs wont tlk to Jews w/o), Bibi will talk to an unattentive audience about Jeiwsh history as if they care about us, Israeli going it aloone if need be ( US asst taking a secondary position in the conflict the result, Unless Israel wals and talks its words, the rhetoric is a waste. What happened to Israel's red lines at Bar Ilan? The Arabs will not accept a Jewish state, will not demilitairze its state, make treaties with Israels enemies, and forbid Jews to live in Palestine (or work) while demanding the right of return ( violates UN242 which Abba has make moot. Israel as one comedian says "has no respect". Instead of hanging murderers quickly, it gives them country club rights, family visitations, a prayer rug, a Koran to read, and special diets, plus the chance of a future release. No country on the planet, not even the lowest economic/educated acts so foolishly. We hear Tikkun Olam at JSt...while the planet wants us to disappear.unless Jews wak up, we just might. Searh the village...look for the thug..drag him back to Israel, prosecute him ( good witness) and give h8m the apropriate sentence, an eye for an eye. This is an aggravated felony, minimum, life sentence, no parole and no release per a "deal" with Abbas. I would add hard labor and solitary. Wh is running the country, is it Livni or Bibi? this is a schonda..
8. The Truth Won't Hurt...The Lie Will!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (10.06.13)
When you stop calling Judea and Samaria the Muslim name of 'West Bank', maybe you'll believe that you are not occupiers of the G-d-given land of Israel!
9. Always REactive, never PROactive.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.06.13)
Where the hell are the security forces? On donut runs? Reading these stories is like watching the Keystone Kops on TV- always too late, always scratching their butts, duh! If the 'security forces' can't do their jobs, then arm civilians and they will protect their loved ones and property. Get your act together, 'Security Services.'
10. "Lightly wounded"??
Chana Sarah ,   Toronto Canada   (10.06.13)
The 9 year old girl was shot in the neck. The bullet penetrated and came out the other side. If not for a miracle she would be dead. "Lightly wounded" when you live in Tel Aviv, right?
11. Animals void of any humanity
SG ,   Teaneck   (10.06.13)
12. #2 -
JewToo   (10.06.13)
It's sad and pathetic that we have become accumulated to this routine.
13. She was obviously living in the wrong area
14. Our Palestinian partners
Ezer   (10.06.13)
Shooting a 9 year old child at point blank range. Must make Palestinians proud.
15. Find out which village the attacker came from.
Yanky Pipchick ,   Baltimore   (10.06.13)
Once you have found out, then burn down the whole village.
16. imagine
michel ,   Ashkelon   (10.06.13)
Imagine it was a Palestinian hurt by an Israeli. The PA would have suspended the "peace process". How to suspend something to them?
17. Attacking children. This is what Islam stands for!
David ,   Israel   (10.06.13)
We see it in Israel, but we are only Jews, so who cares. However. just look at what these Islamist have done just two weeks ago in Nairobi and what they are doing all over the world. In Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries Muslims kill Muslims and don't care a damn if they are kids or adults and murders and brutality continue every day by "Islamic Militants" who have called for a world wide Jihad against non-Muslims and the USA, the UK, the EU and other countries are only interested in Israel making peace with these aberrations of human race. They want a Jihad, well, maybe it's time for an Anti-Jihad but the self-righteous "West" is to concerned about the rights of these terrorists than the rights of their own people to LIVE! I suppose that the barbarism of Islam is also Israel's fault!
18. Will this ever stop??
Immigrant ,   Israel   (10.06.13)
What is wrong with these people? How can they justify hurting children? Will we ever live in peace without constant fear of terror attacks?? There are almost as many Christians in the world who believe in the bible as there are Muslims, why can't they unite and help the people of Israel??? Anyone who can justify hurting a child does not deserve even 1 sq meter of land. Not even a grave.
19. Terrorism?? Israeli style
It is obviously not an organized and planned attack ! How can you call it "terrorist attack"? Israeli definition of terroris attack: "When a Palestinian hurts a Jew, it's a terrorist attack - whatever the circumstances"
20. To nameless and shameless #19
Sabina Lloyd ,   Toronto, CA   (10.06.13)
'Whatever the circumstance'????? Ummm yes attacking children is an act of terrorism and why do you assume it would have stopped with this little girl? Spend a week in Israel and see for yourself who the perpetrators are. It is very easy to buy into bias media in US and other countries and I also questioned my feelings toward Israel but then I visited and saw for myself what REALLY occurs. Ignorance is not bliss in your case.
21. @20 - I live in Israel !!!
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