Abbas condemns attack on Israeli girl
Published: 07.10.13, 21:50
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1. "Condemns"
Avi Ze'ev ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.07.13)
Days later and not in Arabic. The guy is a pure scumbag.
2. "Condemns"? Oh, really?
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya   (10.07.13)
"We oppose, on principle, aggression against anyone, and the spilling of blood," That is not a condemnation of the specific thing that happened, the attack on the girl! And of course he only eked it out when some idiots supplicated him.
3. Dozens of palestinians children are killed And no ONE cares
Y   (10.08.13)
Abbas is a zionist.
4. It certainly took him long enough
Charles ,   Paris_France   (10.08.13)
5. "Incitement" or Jewish invasion of Palestine is the cause.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.08.13)
World knows truth.
6. That is NOT a condemnation
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (10.08.13)
That is an ambiguous mother statement. Was he talking about a nine year old girl that was shot or a wanted PA terrorist that might be short in a fight with the Army. Well please tell me. Anyone who calls this a condemnation needs to really think about what was said & not what they wanted to hear.
7. Abbas obviously took notes from Arafat.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.08.13)
8. Abbas "Israel should allow PA forces to apprehend culprits"
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (10.08.13)
Thee are no words to describe the disgust, the utter disbelief at the PA's statement. The same PA that names streets in honor of murderers, pays pensions to returning terrorists, and gives free money to the family of suicide bombers. The same PA that for too long has been playing the double game of pleasing the western world with empty promises while pushing its people to always blame Israel no matter what thus justifying their psychopathic murderous behavior. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.
9. #3 Liar
What you said was a bald face lie. The guy who almost killed the little girl is probably a hero to you terrorist lover.
10. Sooner or later we must take responsibility
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.08.13)
For containing these acts of violence It serves no purpose It undermines the negotiators It undermines the efforts of people like me to persuade Investors to come to the West Bank Even Palestinian Investors want a return and want to be stability and progress in the negotiations These random acts of violence are a mindless criminal betrayal of the Palestinian cause
11. As long as he does not say it in Arab
Mira ,   Vienna   (10.08.13)
and to his people, we will NOT believe it. How can Israel rely on somebody's promises who does not even dare to tell his people about intended peace. The violence would go on no matter if any "peace" accord would be established and no matter what Israel would give. We have the proof in Gaza.
12. #5 and #allpro"palestinians"
Takan ,   Eilat   (10.08.13)
Palestine was the name of the territory that included Israel, Jordan and parts of Syria before the British split it at the end of the colonies. The fact you obsess only about the 20% of Palestine where Jews live is sad. This refusal to let the Jews live in a small strip of land where they obviously have ancestry is the root of the problem. So I ask you, Steve or whatever your name is, how many times better than you do the Jews have to be for you to accept them?
13. #4 lie
Andy ,   Israel   (10.08.13)
Please tell us how many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops in the whole of 2013, and you'll find it is barely 1 dozen and most of those were combatants. Stop the lieing antizionist rhetoric.
14. Comment 13 meant for #3, Stop your lies
Andy ,   Israel   (10.08.13)
According to Reuters, 14 Palestinians killed in all of 2013 by Israel forces, mostly combatants. In the whole of 2012 only 3 Palestinians were killed by Israel. Dozens is number of Palestinians killed by other Palestinians.
15. Lies!!!!
Mother of a soldier ,   Israel   (10.08.13)
On Sunday, an official Facebook page run by Abbas’s Fatah movement praised the terrorist who shot Noam Glick, and predicted he would strike again.
16. Security Cooperation
David Segal ,   Philadelphia PA USA   (10.08.13)
Remind me when Palestinian Security "cooperation" included turning over a suspect to the IDF.
17. when Abbas reads in the news
ecr   (10.08.13)
that he hasn't condemned one of his people's atrocities, then all of a sudden "Oh, I condemn that".
18. Terrorist leader Abbas will say (almost) anything
A ,   Belgium   (10.08.13)
in order to guarantee continuing to recieve his $500 MIL annual allowance from his US sugar daddies.
19. #12 The world is not against jews
Rau   (10.09.13)
The whole world don't hate you because of your faith and the small strip of land called Israel is legally accepted by the UN as your home. Unfortunately West Bank is not part of Israeli proper. There're other people who also have ancestry to this land.Please END THE OCCUPATION.
20. #12, Mediterranean coast, and climate, is the most valuable
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.09.13) in the world, like southern California. Jews have been coveting it for centuries.
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