Better late than never
Nechama Duek
Published: 08.10.13, 20:00
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1. a warped mindset
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.08.13)
On the political spectrum to the left of the Meretz swampland. On the moral spectrum this supremely foolish lady appears to champion universal Jewish guilt.
2. "Hurting" in politics?! In psychological sense?! Nehama, is
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.08.13)
you mad or plain naive?
3. Pathetic. Lightweight.
NudNik69   (10.08.13)
You must be pretty stupid to think everything is OK now. Erdogan dislikes Jews and Israel. Nothing has changed.
4. An apology for the loss of life was necessary
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (10.08.13)
An apology stating that we are sorry for the lives taken by the IDF during the incursion on the Marmara incident. In the apology, we would also say: We do not apologize for taking action taking against them. In the future we will not board their ships but instead disable their engines and provide them the option to be towed to port by us. Additioanly, that is the extent of any apology we should make. No money should be given. If they want personal apologies to the families, then the same apology as above can be given directly to the families. As regard to not apologizing was hurting our relations, sending the ships was what hurt relations, supporting them even afterwards is what hurt relations. So if they want anything more I suggest we send a nice leather briefcase with one of those 1 trillon zimbabwe dollar bills that's worth like $50 and tell them to shove off.
5. delusional?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.08.13)
national foreign policy should be based on her girlfriend's advice about relationship management? how many ideologically-driven psychopaths does she know? (erdogan is on a mission from god to restore the caliphate with himself as the new sultan.) and predicated on getting a warmer welcome for her "all-inclusive" vacation? how many israeli commandos have to be crippled for life, before people like her have the self-respect to not vacation in turkey? is there no such thing as a world beyond "i/me/mine"? apart from highlighting the amazing shallowness of this person's insight, is there really nothing better that yediot could have published?
6. Nechama- What planet do you live on?
Shep ,   Memphis   (10.08.13)
Turkey under Erodgan is one of Israel's worst enemies. Erogan only behaves when he wants something from Israel, the USA or NATO. His government is composed of closet Islamists and he has managed to fool Obama (not a hard feat, huh?), but he doesn't fool Israel or Europe either. The funny thing is that for all the bluster foaming from Erdogan's lips, he actually is as afraid of military confrontation as Obama is. Erodgan has threatened all his neighbors, but has done absolutely nothing to back up this lip service.
7. Catch a knife in your back with that philosophy
Cameron ,   USA   (10.08.13)
8. stupidity
albert snow ,   sweden   (10.08.13)
There ought to be a law against such stupid fools like N Duek.
9. A stupid article
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome   (10.08.13)
This is one of the most stupid articles i have been reading; you say sorry to a friend not to the enemy.Apart from that,you dream of a enemy to be your friend,and it might work with civilized people,not with muslims,and what a muslim.Islam is different in Turkey,and turkish are the most barbaric ignorant,uncivilized muslims...for full pck for holiday the Mediterrane sea is full( south Italy,Greece,Croatia). To sell your heritage for a plate of veg is disgusting,you have no rispect of yourself and sell yourself for cheap to a dog...
10. On our side? Off your meds?
Liam ,   Toronto Canada   (10.08.13)
No matter what Israel does they will never have Turkey on their side with the current government of Merdogan.
11. Delusional
steve0 ,   toronto   (10.08.13)
Ya, you go to the all inclusive in Turkey and convince yourself that you're wanted. Worst. Article. Ever.
12. Courtesy from commenters
Andrew ,   USA   (10.08.13)
Those are some nasty comments. Off her meds? Pathetic? There's no need for such nastiness. Life is too short for trolls. Even before the incident it was clear Erdogan viewed Israel as an enemy. I think he still does. And the whole Mavi Marmara affair was intended to cause problems. Still, Erdogan isn't the only person in Turkey. An apology for loss of life (properly worded) couldn't hurt. And in fact it DIDN'T hurt, and maybe did some good.
13. Very very strange
James McNamara ,   Somewhere Outthere   (10.08.13)
This is a very strange article,This way of thinking is what got the Jews in trouble...Don't turn the other cheek.... BTW Turkey IS NOT on Israels side...... Turks get offended for the slightest reasons.....We don't need to bow down to them..Get real.......".And the meek shall inherit the earth"..... In your dreams...........
14. apologies
benateed ,   Galil   (10.08.13)
If ever there was a case where results (an apology ) proved counterproductive and a tactical mistake, this is it. I dislike rude and extremist talkbacks but ... Nechama ... you appear unable to learn even when the lesson is shoved in your face.
15. Are you out of your mind?!
MLA ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.08.13)
Apologizing for the Marmara invasion of our waterways is like asking a rape victim to apologize to the rapist. Did you see how those "peace activist" attacked our solders. They beat them with metal rods and threw them off the boat onto lower levels only to be beaten by more "peace activists" - then they took out their guns and knives and metal chains..... I personally will not go back to Turkey until Erdogan is out. The sooner the better!
16. Apologies
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (10.08.13)
If politic was so simple and infantile Lol
17. stupid, strupid, stupid
George Brown ,   New York   (10.08.13)
What qualifications deos this person have to write an op-ed piece and waste our time?
18. Who is Nechama Duek?
Sidney ,   USA   (10.08.13)
And how does a nutty comment like this get posted?
19. Idiotic leftist drivel
Rachel ,   US   (10.08.13)
20. Israel should apologize to all Islamic nations
Ehud ,   Tampa   (10.08.13)
For 60+ years of opressing muslims in Israel, treating them as second class citizens and driving them out of their homes. Also, for restricting their access to holy muslim sites. By the way, it would be a good idea also to apologize to christians for the recent acts of shameless vandalism and arson against their holy sites in Israel.
21. Who allowed Nechama Duek to make this story??
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.08.13)
She must be protected from herself!! Actually it looks like she has been in a basement for many years, and lost all the hypocracy the jip-jip erdogan has put on the table..!! How on earth do she dare to say Turkey is in the Israel side??? Jip-jip erdogan loves the MB in Egypt, how can he then be on the Israel side? Is she running the 5''', for juit divide the Israeli population?? She is way off.!!
22. erdogan the sweetheart
maurice ,   france   (10.08.13)
I give credit to Ahmadinejad for saying it loud enough to be heard, but the other buffoon who is just as mean and dangerous is the real wolf in a clown suit, Turks used the Jewish power in the US to ward off the Armenian Genocide now that they learned the ropes they do not need the Jews and if you still think they may come around, than you are naive and an imbecile
23. dear israeli friends..
caglar ,   antalya TURKEY   (10.08.13)
Turkish people not enemy Israeli people and jews..in 1492 ottomans saved 450 000 jews from spain..in ww2 Turkish diplomats give Turkish passaport saved thousands jews from germany..in 1999 istanbul earthquake israel saved hundreds Turkish people lifes ..etc etc...all about politicians..shalom..
24. maybe
elke ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Shooting unarmed activists in the back and in the head at close range in international waters in a pre-dawn raid? Yeah, I guess an apology just might be in order. PS - Is there anyone, any people, any country that Israel actually likes? That it doesn't heap vitriol upon? One? Tell me, please.
25. Turkey's Words and Deeds
Jacob Blues ,   New York City   (10.09.13)
Since Israel offered its regret for the loss of lives on the Mavi Marmara, has shown that the apology was worthless. Turkey's egomaniacal Prime Minister Erdogan has proven repeatedly, that he is no friend of Israel (or based on the recent Turkish dustup) a friend of non-Muslim minorities even within Turkey. And the Kurds are having second thoughts over his slippery-sweet words too. But the idea that the protection of Israeli citizens rests with Ms. Duek's desire to go to Turkey for vacation, moves past foreign policy to pure self-absorbed idiocy. It is shameful that the protection of other Israelis, both during the Marmara incident and after, should be subsumed beneath Ms. Duek's vacation plans.
26. Actually, Andrew (#12), apology did NO good and *did* hurt
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.09.13)
OK, maybe one would count demonstrating that Israel was disabused of Turkey's honorable intentions and that Obama could not be relied on to back up his diplomatic initiatives could be counted as a "good". But in a region where honor and shame are political currency, Israel was dishonored, and made to look weak before those who respond to weakness with aggression. And it was a slap at the good men of Sayeret 13 who put their lives on the line for Israel. I agree with most posters. This article is beneath mediocre, joining others of similar quality in recent weeks. The author is seriously naive and seems ignorant of regional history and its dynamics. I sense someone young and from a sheltered existence, who thinks relations with friends provide a map of how nations behave.
27. They're not at our side...
Dan   (10.09.13)
They're at our back, ready and waiting....
28. Oplogizing to Turkey was the DUMBEST thing that Israel ever
James McNamara ,   Somewhere Outthere   (10.09.13)
You don't apologize to tyrants who kill oppress and persecute their own citizens..Erdogan is an idiotic megalomaniac... He has caused enormous problems for the Turkish people,who deserve better...... BTW,this article beggars belief in it's stupidity......
29. Response to #24 Elke
Ron from NJ ,   Newark USA   (10.09.13)
I thought Duek was loony -- until I read your post. Since when are knives, chains and iron bars not considered arms -- particularly when used with clear attempt to maim or even kill? Who are these unarmed civilians you speak of? Israelis love to visit India, Greece, South & North America, China, in fact just about anywhere. With the possible exception of her avowed enemies, name one country, just one, that Israel "heaps vitriol on".
30. Better late than never
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (10.09.13)
What a load of b.ll.cks. Even if one were to accept this rather childish reason given by Duek for accepting the rightness of the apology, the subsequent rubbing of Israel's nose in the dirt after making such an act, negates that apology and if I were Netanyahu give his mouth a good rinse with carbolic soap to remove the taste of such affront. I sincerely hope that this will be the last occasion that Israel's PM will brown nose Obama as we all know that tremendous pressure must have been exerted by Obama to once again boost his flagging image as a peace maker. I also suggest that Duek should note the recent meeting with hugs and kisses for the Hamas leader by Erdogan which should finally put to bed any idea of a liaison with Turkey until Erdogan is kicked out and a secular Democracy in turkey restored.
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