UK paper: Rabbi Ovadia was like 'medieval man in modern world'
Lital Gana
Published: 08.10.13, 15:22
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1. Please stop mourning this fool
Dan   (10.08.13)
Come on, folks, this was a backward, unintelligent, antidemocratic religious maniac who (a) thought there's a God, (b) thought he knew God's will and (c) thought he had the right to force God's will on others. We are far better off without him and his kind. Let's grow up, shall we?
2. If the Guardian says so, even if I agree: I don't believe it
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.08.13)
3. Medieval Not
Ezra ,   USA   (10.08.13)
Israel lost a Torah scholar today, but our legacy goes on, even in the mist of fools.
4. uk medieval country
jorge ,   argentina   (10.08.13)
UK rules over argentinian Malvinas islands like a medieval imperialist and colonialist nation.
5. a great leader
david ,   new york   (10.08.13)
he loved the jewish people and upheld the torah.
6. He was an evil leader of a cult and nothing more
Keren   (10.08.13)
7. Yossef Ovadia was a misogyne !!!
He claimed that women are worthless without sons. So yes, he was a medieval man in modern world
8. A medieval man?
tiki ,   belgium   (10.08.13)
Maybe, but I wonder how many of these 'experts' have actually met the man or is their expertise like mine....from TV & newspaper? Probably. Funny that non of these "experts ever called Sheikh Yassin (founder of Hamas), Khomeni & Khamenei from Iran, Nasrallah from Hezbollah a.o. "evil man in modern times. I wonder why?
9. Ironically, al-Jazeera Said it Best
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (10.08.13)
Not only was al-Jazeera's commentary accurate and neutral, but it was also concise which is how it should have been in all the other news outlets. Reporting has gone to the dogs, but what pains me more is that at least this time, al-Jazeera had by far the best coverage.
10. #6, and what cult to you represent?
Jake   (10.08.13)
11. Medieval?
Jake ,   Haifa   (10.08.13)
Strange. They never use that description for the Islamic Imams who live in their midst that wish to mutilate girls, kill those who criticize their religion, ban female education, believe in suicide bombings and want to kill homosexuals. Whether medieval or not, the late Rabbi never advocated for those positions. I guess those positions are OK with the Guardian - as long as they are advocated by an Imam of course. Then they are not medieval at all, they are modern and multi-cultural. What disgusting hypocrites.
12. The Guardian is a Cold War relic in the modern world
Jake   (10.08.13)
It continues to spout socialist/left-wing propaganda, despite the fact that the Soviet Empire collapsed and Communism has been discarded into the dust bin of history. The Guardian tried to find continued relevance by ramping up the Israel-bashing, which is sure to play well amongst its disillusioned leftist-elitist readership base.
13. Imagine that one's donkey would die, they'd lose their money
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.08.13)
Bye Bye Racist Rabbi.
14. Jake - Muslim medieval savagery justifies Ultra-Orthodox?
Anon ,   Israel   (10.08.13)
Get a brain! And stop calling others cultists just because you're in one. Learn the definition of a cult: BITE a leader controlling Behavior Information (education) Thought Emotions to consolidate his or her own "worshipfulness" Happy frustration shooting "Anon" as the messenger
15. "land for peace" No bigger lie ever created.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.09.13)
16. He was an evil corrupt cult leader
Haim ,   TA   (10.09.13)
He was not a great man in any sense of the word. He headed a cult with criminal tendanceis. 8 of his so called MKs have served jail sentences for crimes including theft, fraud and misuse of public funds. The very core principle of the Shas party was to get as much money out of the goverment to fund the cult, whild encourging Shas supporters not to work or serve in the arm. The man was a crook and a fraud and a good one at that.
17. get the meaning right
paul malykont ,   los osos, usa   (10.09.13)
Medieval refers to the Middle Ages, not evil. Just look at the spelling itself.
18. CNN says "Hundreds of Israelis"
Avraham M.D ,   Bet Shemesh   (10.09.13)
See the photo of the CNN article- it describes how "hundreds of Israelis" participated in the funeral. Quite a different count than the 850,000 or more that the Israeli Police estimated or the media images indicated. Yet another glaring distortion and misrepresentation of Israel by CNN.
19. #4 jealous
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