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UK: We're working toward reopening embassy in Iran
Associated Press
Published: 08.10.13, 20:00
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1. UK front running for business interest?
Alan ,   Canada   (10.08.13)
The UK is already seeking diplomatic relations when Iran has not yet made any proposition to stop its nuclear weapons program according to UN resolutions or stopped supporting terrorist groups or states.
2. anything to go againt jews
Esty ,   Bev Hills   (10.08.13)
its becoming very obvious how euro is going back to 1939
3. Cowards,
yosef phd ,   usa israel   (10.08.13)
4. cowards,
yosef phd ,   usa israel   (10.08.13)
This is the pre-world war 2 scenario all over again: If the Western democracies wish to be deceived, they certainly will be. It is happening RIGHT NOW - only the names have changed: now it is Hague - then it was Chamberlain. What pitiful, spineless cowards - and this includes the Israeli "government" as well.
5. ...a rapprochement?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (10.08.13)
Depuis quand? Since when, oh, jewels of the crown? Be careful what you wish for.
6. perfidious albion up to its tricks
CJK   (10.08.13)
the brits will always engage in sordid affairs, especially with mass murderers.
7. Next move - Iran embassy in free Palestine
Ehud ,   Tampa   (10.08.13)
Which will assist the Palestinian people with infrastructure, business and humanitarian aid. Iran has always been there for the opressed Palestinians and I respect that a lot.
8. Rohani the worlds new Gandhi
zionist forever   (10.08.13)
Rohani has been president for about 1 month and already he has the western world thinking he is Ghandi. Obama will soon lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for a few demands so lame and weak that it hardly seems worth making them. The UK is reopening its embassy. What exactly is Ghandi doing for this support? He is still arming Assad yesterday he agreed to allow Assad to base some of his fighter jets in Iran incase of military action. He supports Hezbollah and encourages them to fight for Assad and of course Israel. We have had the usual anti Israel speeches from him. Nothing has been done on the nuclear issue thats still business as usual.
9. 4
zionist forever   (10.08.13)
Hague, Cameron, Kerry and Obama they all believe we can have PEACE IN OUR TIME. When Iran gets a nuke they will be saying but why, we made concessions to Iran now they have developed a nuclear bomb such a betrayal of our trust. Some people never learn from history and instead bury their head in the sand so they can avoid taking notice of things they don't want to see or hear.
10. Neville chamberlin did the same thing
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.08.13)
The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.
11. The Brits support Israels in
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.08.13)
12. We're working toward reopening embassy in Iran
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (10.09.13)
It took me a while to calm down after reading this appalling abdication by Hague with obviously the backing of Cameron, of pride and common sense by the British government. The Rouhani ponce says a few platitudes and our politicians can not wait to get into bed with the Iranians; the self same fascists who shamed Britain, their own people with their mass executions, their sponsoring of terrorism throughout the world and many times as a consequence the killing of British soldiers and civilians. To many commentators on this site you may not know of the awful machinations of our government but suffice it to say, I can not wait until they are kicked out in 2015 and a party known as UKIP will restore some pride and independence to our nation by extracting us from the bankrupt idea of the EU and restoring our ties to those few remaining nations that have some backbone and integrity, too few I know but Israel is certainly one of them.
13. Orders from Obama.
Israeli 2   (10.09.13)
It is called "power play". 1) They know Israel can and will attack alone if needed and will gain upper hand. 2) They do not want oil price to go up. Chin and Russia suck up to Iran only because of their oi
14. Pathetic and insufferable.
Raoul ,   Herzliya. Israel   (10.09.13)
Less than nothing has changed on the ground, but just to get to Iranian oil....moral bankruptcy!
15. Low lifes
JJJ   (10.09.13)
16. Never mind the race to a Nuke, Look at the smile
17. #7 ehudy, you are either being sarcastic
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.09.13)
and trying to make a joke? Or you've kinda dit C!
18. DO PEOPLE REALISE..........................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.09.13)
That more changes have taken place outside Iran by countries towards Iran rather than the other way round? Iran will not abandon its right to enrich uranium.Iran will allow full access to inspection teams to see for themselves as to what is being done in different facilities in Iran.That is about all that is to happen. If Isreal dreams of curtailing Iranian Nuclear activities,you can rest assured that Netanyahu will have to retire very early.
19. Like Churchill!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (10.09.13)
This is a brave decision, to allow the UK to stop the servitude to the manipulators from Golders Green and to the Neocons. Next step should be cutting relations with Israel.
20. Like it or not ,...
split ,   US   (10.09.13)
I'm not the Brit's fan but if I was ask to adopt anything from them I would chose their pragmatic approach to politics ) ,...
21. The Iranians are very clever and crafty
Taqia masters   (10.09.13)
Beware naive west, you are being taken for a ride to nowhere. The west refuses to see what is in front of them because their mindset is so different from this region that they refuse to acknowledge the different mindset and approach in the non-west, and that is very dangerous.
22. #4 - This is the pre-world war 2 scenario
split ,   US   (10.09.13)
This pre WWII scenerio was predated by 109 expulsions you have triggered from every country and places you managed to settle since 250 AD ,....
23. 19. Avi
Raoul ,   Herzliya Israel   (10.09.13)
You bring the Jews of Golders Green into your pathetic "argument". You have GOT to be an antisemite.
24. #18 To the daydreaming Mahmood
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Exactly what changes have taken place? Khamenei replaced Ahmadinejad with Rohani. That's the only technical change. Khamenei, the Revolutionary Guards and hardliners control Iran and they believe negotiating with the west is a sign of weakness. This dog and pony show is all about Iran getting sanctions removed while bluffing the west. Keep the sanctions firmly in place.
25. First End the Iran-Hezbollah Occupation of South Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.09.13)
The world must not forget that South Lebanon has been stolen from the Lebanese People By Nasrallahs Criminal Organisation Hezbollah One of the worlds LARGEST narcotics dealers and money launderers One of the worlds largest gun runners One of the worlds LARGEST producers of forged documents and fake currency That operates as a State inside a State using South Lebanon as a storage dump for 50000 Rockets for Iran. Where at least TWO of these dumps have been flooded and are showing dangerous signs of collapse And on top....they claim to have PROTECTED Lebanon from Israel aggression from a war THAT HEZBOLLAH STARTED! That's Hezbollah Logic for you
26. UK already slipping on the oily Iranian raod!
Mira ,   Vienna   (10.09.13)
27. Like it or not
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.09.13)
NATO needs Iran onside if it is going to withdraw from Afghanistan next year. This is merely the next step in confidence building on the road to getting Iran's co-operation. Netanyahu can jump up and down all he likes, but as he was reminded last week he does not have a veto on Iran
28. remember desert storm
zionist forever   (10.09.13)
In 1981 Begin bombed Saddam Hussains nuclear reactor and it caused international condemnation, from the Americans included. Ten years later the lives of American & European soldiers were on the line when they went to war to get Saddam out Kuwait. Then they were saying THANK GOD FOR THE ISRAELIS. Saddam was mad if he had nukes he may well have used them. When Israel only is at risk western policy is don't rock the boat but as soon the lives of their soldiers are at risk its we need to do somethng ASAP. Let Iran off the hook & they will covertly develop nukes & it will be we should have listened to the Israelis.
29. so very naive :(
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.09.13)
30. Is there any leadership in the West?
Rhonda ,   Chicago, Usa   (10.09.13)
Iran hasn't done a damn thing to change their behavior and the British are bringing this idea into play?? What news to wake up to. I swear, the western powers are abdicating their leadership. Bibi was right- Israel will have to stand alone.
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