Lapid: No need for Palestinian recognition of Jewish state
Published: 09.10.13, 12:35
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1. Netanyahu isn't serious about it either
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.09.13)
He originally said it when he needed an excuse to stall beginning peace talks with the Palestinians because he didn't expect Obama to get a second term. Besides such an undertaking is un-necessary as the Arab Plan states unequivocally that Israel will be recognised as a Jewish State. In fact if you really understand the circumstances of why Netanyahu said it he had one eye on the history books, particularly Israeli history. As I have repeatedly said, Netanyahu doesn't serve the people of Israel, Netanyahu serves Netanyahu
2. Need first Jewish recognition...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.09.13)
We can't expect from Arabs to think that Israel is a Jewish State if we are not ourself 100% convinced of that ,and say it loud for the whole world to hear. .
3. The PLO Charter ...
Jules   (10.09.13)
... stated clearly and explicitly that they see only "Palestinian state"; there is no place for Israel on their map.
4. Lapid
Dov ,   Bs as argentina   (10.09.13)
Mr Lapid please improve your English or speak in Hebrew directly , and don't go overseas to criticise PM, is a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll. You have to be a better statesman , and speak properly. Ah, yes they have to recognize the Jewish State of Israel , stoping terrorism and other things .... Mr llapid , I wish the best in your way,.
5. Israel needs a Finance Minister that first of all,
A ,   Belgium   (10.09.13)
knows about finances and economy which Lapid himself admitted he doesn't, who will devote his efforts and energy to maintaining the Israeli economy, and who can keep his mouth shut publicly about foreign affairs and the PM's manner of handling them, whether he agrees with them or not. Lapid is obviously the wrong choice for Finance Minister, or any kind of Knesset minister for that matter.
6. What a moron!
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (10.09.13)
If the Palestinians do not recognize Israel, what on earth will compel them to sign up to a peace deal?
7. Seems like good looks & brain power does not go together
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.09.13)
after all! Pity: we've got a "blonde" for Finance Minister. So he does not need recognition from someone, that for all practical purposes is a representative of non existing People, that never the less claim a very real piece of property AND who's said claims ARE recognized by our impotent government.Shortly : IDIOT !
8. No fool like an ignorant fool
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.09.13)
Like the crow with a mouthful of cheese, falls for slick words of flattery from the fox.. No one half intelligent and responsible can measure the whole world by acts of his father
9. If Palis don't recognize Israel as a Jewish state
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.09.13)
then they will have all the more political and ideological reason to attack and wipe out Israel, as it doesn't exist in their or the worlds minds. We will all the time be the occupiers of 'their' land. So, yes, I agree with Bibi - Palis cannot have peace until they recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
10. Israel is NO jewish country !!!
When Israel will ever understand that? Israel laws aren't jewish laws. If Israel wants to be Jewish, then its laws have to be only halachic laws, deport all non jews (even natives) and apply death penalty according to the Talmud to any one trepassing jewish laws. It will also have to build a third temple and expend its borders to the Euphrate river. Nothing above will of course never occur !!! So in conclusion, Israel is not and never will be jewish !
11. #10:Are you in any way related to Lapid? Are you sure?
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.09.13)
12. Prevent Pals from overturning Jewish majority in Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (10.09.13)
The Palestinians are looking for any excuse,any argument, any way to overturn the Jewish majority in Israel so that Palestinian Muslims will rule Israel and the West Bank. So, it must be made clear to them that there will be no right of return, no Israeli citizenship for West Bank Palestinians and no other way for them to overturn the Jewish majority in Israel, peace deal or not. That is the essential and Jews should stop worrying about being called the Jewish state or ruling over Palestinians. Either Palestinians want a genuine peace deal or tough luck for them.
13. naive populist fool. dangerous man because of his craven des
ralph   (10.09.13)
desire for power accompanied by empty thinking.
14. track record poor in west for good looking hair that moves.
ralph   (10.09.13)
just like no correlation between breasts size and brains no matter what men might think.
15. Lapid the loose canon
Brod ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Leftist Pagans who do not know the GOD of Israel and the Land of Israel spew their crap like a loose canon. The fact is Judea and Samaria-Land of Israel-Israel's Liberated Historic and Biblical Homeland belongs to Israel since ancient time. Lapid seems to be in another world. He should not be in the government. Israel should be strong, united and resolute in the face of menacing wolves hell bent on Israel's destruction engineered by Al Hussieni and Hitler. The fanatical Islamist-Jihadist Ayatollahists have announced to the world repeatedly their intention of wiping Israel off the Map of the world. And they are feverishly working on their nukes by way of deception to accomplish their evil intention. Israel should never again be caught like a sitting duck as 1973. With all these challenges, Lapid should be more responsible than spewing some simplistic ideas in dealing with complex problems.
16. Arabs Blocked Jewish escape from Genocide
Zechariah   (10.09.13)
17. what do you expect from Lapid the anti religion opportunist
zionist forever   (10.09.13)
Peres, Barak, Sharon, Olmert they have all insisted on recognition of Israel as a Jewish state its not some wild idea dreamed up by Bibi and Its important. Palestinians are divided on what they want some will be content with 2 states others see 2 states as a foot in the door because all of them see Israel as part of Palestine. Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state will close the door so no future demand Recognition also kills the right of return idea because they are effectively saying Israel belongs to the Jews not us. Also shuts up the Israeli arabs, non of them recognise Israel as a Jewish state if the palestinians recognise Israel as a Jewish state the loose once & for all. Lapid hates everything to do with religion and he would be delighted if gave up the status as a Jewish state. He is also an opportunist and his budget made him unpopular amongst the left so not he is talking about the peace process instead of finance. Propose something that will make negotiations easier they will call him visionary & peacemaker.
18. "My father didn't come from Budapest to...."
tiki ,   belgium   (10.09.13)
Tommy Lapid was a fanatic, anti religious loudmouth. His son is a moron who's mouth is bigger than his brains as well. His Yesh Atid party will have the same 'success as his father's Shinui.
19. 11
zionist forever   (10.09.13)
If poster number 10 was related to Lapid he would be writing all this on Facebook instead because Lapid loves using Facebook whilst he dislikes the Knesset chamber where his poor ego can't stand abit of heckling sometimes so I would imagine his relatives are Facebook fans as well.
20. Lapid
Harold ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Lapid is a new breed and the right person to lead Israel. He should replace those extremist, stubborns and peace hatters.
21. the problem
elke ,   usa   (10.09.13)
The Palestinians have recognized Israel's right to exist and amended portions of their charter which contradicted that recognition. You will find verbatim latters of agreement from 1993 -- twenty years ago!-- on the website of the Israeli foreign ministry. I can't quite understand why many Israelis keep repeating, erroneously, that this is not the case. "Jewish" state? Even the Knesset can't agree on the definition of "Jewish" and there are daily arguments about who is "Jewish enough," the validity of conversions and even whether wine made by one subgroup is kosher for all. It's really up to Israel to define it's character. Not one country (including the US) recognizes the "Jewish" state of Israel. They recognize the sovereign State of Israel. (That IS the name of the country, isn't it?)
22. Pretty boy like his late dad is an imbecile
Al   (10.09.13)
When you come up against Charlie Rose an avowed anti-Semite, you better do your homework. If Lapid had a scintilla of a brain, he would have never appeared on his show. The problem with Lapid is that he spend too much time on TV and takes himself way too seriously. He is that vapid and dumb.
23. Israel is the homeland for jewish people
EDDY ,   MARLTON, NJ ....USA   (10.09.13)
So then if a Jew is not observing Torah, is he's not Jewish? Like it or not, It's a Jewish State, because belongs to the Jewish People, so the strangers among the Jewish People can live in Israel but not put in danger the life of the nation or the Jews. Eventually, they'll have a Temple, and hopefully soon all of them will be observing Jewish law.
24. Lapid is an ignorant fool
CJK   (10.09.13)
israel's declaration of independence states that Israel is a jewish state. what would be the point to the state if it were not jewish. lapid is a stupid man who should not be leading anything. he should go back to private life.
25. Can he just do his job as finance minister.
Adi ,   Zurich   (10.09.13)
Can he just do his job as finance minister.
26. #20
Alice ,   Israel   (10.09.13)
You're right, Lapid is a new breed and the right person to lead a ship of fools like you. Funny, you are the only person so far, in this talkback to agree with him !
27. Lapid is far smarter than you talkbackers
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (10.09.13)
The Palestinians just need to accept and respect Israel's sovereignty, whether it's Jewish or not is up to Israel, this condition of Netanyahu is simply stupid and peace-blocking. Recognition of Israel and just solution for refugees is what's needed.
28. #24 CJK
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (10.09.13)
Israel's declaration of independence is aimed at Israelis. Has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of planet Earth what Israel defines itself as
29. #26
Harold ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Who do you want me to back - Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders who are war mongers, extremists and stubborns Lapid will GIVE THE PEACE A CHANCE.
30. Enshrining the right of immigration of jews to Israel
Shalom ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.14.13)
I believe this right to be the meaning of "jewish homeland". No future majority - in the KNESSET, or even in the country - should be able to cancel that right. I never saw the definition of the meaning "jewish state" by Netanyahu or others.
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