2 Israeli-Americans awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry
Ynet, AP
Published: 09.10.13, 16:36
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1. Congrats Israel!
American Hindu ,   USA   (10.09.13)
Congratulations to Israel and its people. We are happy for your success.
2. All Jewish!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.09.13)
So proud!
3. Nobel Prize Winner
Ralph ,   Rishon   (10.09.13)
With all due respects, I don't see what such a fuss is to be made of a person no matter how brilliant he is, who quit the country 40 years ago.
4. Out of 8 Nobel Prize winners so far this year 5 are Jewish..
Tevye ,   Chelm   (10.09.13)
5. To # 3
ChanahS ,   Israel   (10.09.13)
It's not a crime to leave Israel. Perhaps one of the problems here is the lack of "firgun" for those who excel, which may be why they leave in the first place. Congratulations to the winners of the Noble Prize for chemistry - you do the Jewish people and Israel proud.
6. General El Sisi must get the Nobel Peace Prize this year
7. The 2013 Nobel Prize for medicine...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.09.13)
...was also given to 2 American Jews and their German colleague.
8. 6 out of 8 - Englert teaches for 30 years at Tel Aviv Unic
Ehud   (10.09.13)
Too bad ynet didn't pick this up!
9. That leaves the Peace Prize to us "Peaceful People"
Abdul ,   Jebel Musa,Sinai   (10.09.13)
10. #4: Wrong!
Igor ,   Germany   (10.09.13)
Six are Jewish: 1. Rothman 2. Schekman 3. Englert 4. Karplus 5. Levitt 6. Warshel The antisemites are fuming...
11. Congrats Arieh!
USA   (10.09.13)
Congrats on another Jewish contribution to mankind. I attended USC and so a very special congrats. The Southern California climate is identical to that of Israel. On my first trip to Israel while exiting the airport, I throught I was in S. California looking at the palm trees and other recognizable trees, plants...
12. My husband got a Master's Degree at USC, an expensive
Rivkah   (10.09.13)
private university with a lot of drug addicts. We stopped associating with other USC students in the program socially because of their illegal drug use and that was in the early 1970's. Glad to see someone at USC besides my husband who was there for a year, is not a drug addict but is productive enough to get a Nobel Prize. Most of the California universities are illegal drug havens since most people I have met who went to USC or Berkeley (Bizerkeley) or UCLA are drug addicts I quickly disassociated with. Or they are murderers or thieves. One former student from the USC-LA County hospital confessed to mass murder of elderly patients to lighten her workload when she was young, typical of California college graduates in nursing from USC. She infected them with pneumonia, saying, "Pneumonia is the old person's friend." The FBI did nothing! A former USC nurse neighbor was a thief and a vandal and the thought of having a USC nurse attend me at a hospital is a living nightmare since they are vile. The USC pharmacists were as bad as the nurses I have met, vicious beyond imagination. So, here is a worthy fellow from Israel who won the Nobel Prize and probably does not know all this or he would affiliate with some other university.
13. A NOBEL Jewish/Israeli party
tiki ,   belgium   (10.09.13)
The brotherhood of world boycotters & anti Semites must have a black day today.
14. Wonderful day this day
Zaina Shehab ,   Kuwait comlete proud   (10.09.13)
Yes Yes Yes its a wonderful day this day Congratulation from bottom deep my hurt i feel happy very so much about this main award and a wonderful prize Realy the jewish mind is top minds Zion
15. Israel and the Nobel Prize
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (10.09.13)
We are so proud of the achievements of our fellow citizens and jews that we almost forget to ask why there is no Palestinian among the laureates. It's the 'occupation', dummy! The universal answer to their success in innovations such as suicide bombers is the 'occupation', of course.
16. Igor 10 , RIGHT !!!!
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.09.13)
All six you name are Jewish , i checked it
17. #4 #10 #13 -I agree -for every jewish winner there
eddie ,   sa   (10.09.13)
there are at least 10 non J colleagues who were also working on the same research but just missed the Nobel Prize by a very small detail in their research - --and of course resent losing on such a small detail. They will then find some derogatory epithet to justify their new found antisemitism
18. Anybody seen split, Edithann, graczek, jarda, World Citizen?
Tahl   (10.09.13)
Non Jewish Immigrant (aka Gregg)? Benassi? Persian CAT? elke? Tomek? Harold? Doug from Rochester? And all the rest of the Jew-lovers out there... Where have they all gone?
19. 17 eddie.Missed by a very small detail,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.09.13)
Vive la difference.
20. 12 , your "husband" who abused you ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.09.13)
And then divorced [ with reason !!! ] you ! Tell your bla bla to babies , they will maybe believe your "drug stories" . Poor crippled so called "woman" .....
21. looks like the Moslem world will sit it out this time around
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.09.13)
22. so un-European! Palestinians must also be awarded Nobels.
Jacob ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.09.13)
23. Excellent
Adam ,   Herndon Virginia USA   (10.09.13)
For those who were sad about the lack of Israeli medals in the 2012 Olympics, take heart...THESE medals are so much better! Kol tuv! :)
24. As a supporter, pleased another Technion alum has won but ..
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.09.13)
... at some point, after they've spent so much of their professional life outside Israel and have no intention of ever returning, maybe we should stop referring to them as "Israeli". Still, as a Technion supporter, one can't help but be proud of its alumni, even if they're finding their glory elsewhere. Israel is taking steps (finally!) to help stem the brain drain of Israel's best, but there's much more to do.
25. #18, you will never see them nor wissam
benjy   (10.09.13)
when we see Jews and Israeli doing something good for mankind. Thay are haters , all those u mention and more and not worth anything, even our replies to their talkbacks. Congrats to all the winners.
26. nobel winners
eg ,   ny us   (10.09.13)
Congratulations to all people of all nations
27. Congratulations
Sagi   (10.09.13)
Why is everybody so concerned about the brain drain, 850,000 sheep who sent the Rabbi off a few days ago are our future, they are all intellectual academic wonders who will no doubt achieve greatness for our country and people.
28. Brain Drain
joel ,   ossining, ny   (10.09.13)
This is a wonderful achievement and Kol Ha Kavod. But it also highlights the need for Israel to better support its scientific institute so that it can retain the wonderful people that it educates. This is a serious problem that must be addressed. Salaries and facilities must be competitive to other western countries.
29. congratulations to these wonderful scientists
C   (10.09.13)
many wonder why so many jews win nobel prizes and excel in music and other fields. people should keep in mind that one of the commandments in the torah is study the torah. hence, jews have been sharpening their minds for thousands of years. jewish parents always encouraged their children to study.
30. 20 Churles, Pitach Tikva: You have me confused with someone
Rivkah   (10.09.13)
else. I have been married over 44 years and my husband does not hit me. Sounds like you might have Altsheimer's and need to chelate out the aluminum from your brain along with the amyloid plaque there.
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