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Yemen: Girls bleed to death on their wedding night
Published: 09.10.13, 18:34
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1. Savages, Savages, Savages!!!!
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (10.09.13)
2. The solution? Keep patronizing Muslims!
Naes ,   Phoenix   (10.09.13)
Nothing to see here folks. Just dead, bleeding little girls. OMG!!! A Jew just built a house in his people's ancestral homeland! Call the Security Council!!!!
3. celebrate diversity? sick!
martin ,   uk   (10.09.13)
4. Does this worry the EU council?
tiki ,   belgium   (10.09.13)
No, it doesn't. Jewish circumcision does. Why? Notice the word 'Jewish.
5. They can make a law...aughters
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (10.09.13)
that doesnt mean the people will obey it. National Geographic did a big article about this awhile back. There are countries that have minimum ages, but its often disobeyed, such as in India.. Sometimes the parents are so poor they just want to get rid of who cost them too much money. These are cultures that dont value girls very much.
6. its the way of the Prohpet
i ,   jerusalem   (10.09.13)
it will be hard to change.
7. Our own religion not much better
Never again ,   Brooklyn ny   (10.09.13)
Unfortunately Judaism sanctions the exact same thing,just look in our bible and shulchan arch our code of law,a father has the right to marry off his daughter starting from the age of three. And according to biblical law he can sell her a slave too
8. Number 6. efforts to change
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.09.13)
Here in the UK some Asian families send their daughters 'home' to Pakistan for an arranged marriage. Under present British Law any forced marriage is invalid and the British courts can dissolve such marriages. Similarly in Jewish Law a rabbi can only perform a marriage [or divorce] if both parties clearly agree. I understand that in Islamic Law a husband can marry or divorce his wife without her agreement.
9. # 8 you are wrong
never again ,   BROOKLYN NY   (10.10.13)
according to jewish halachik law,a father could marry off his daughter who is less than 12 years old to anyone without the girls consent,and she has absolutely no say in the matter and she is legally married to the man. and by the way,you don't need a rabbi to officiate a marriage,a father can go over to anyone and tell him ,if you want to marry my daughter,give me $100 ,and he gives it to him in front of two witnesses,she becomes legally his wife,
10. oy way
gene ,   usa   (10.10.13)
Those first two words summise the rest of the article. Backwards society says it all. Sad
11. who can belive such dribble?
larry ,   LA   (10.10.13)
such an outlandish article. shame on Ynet for printing such rubbish. I don't believe the numbers: 10, 20 cases of wounded girls a day
12. Judaism is the same?
Israel ,   USA   (10.10.13)
Nice to know you read books. Now welcome to reality and please show us which Jews are doing this? You might care about ideas and thoughts, normal and healthy people care about reality. Who's doing unacceptable things in reality? That's what matters and that's the question.
13. # 7 are you serious right now?
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (10.10.13)
in your country,Old laws forces blacks to sit at the back of the bus only. does that mean people still force that law on people? what's wrong with you comparing what an old book says and what is being done in a modern day country today! Not in america, not in Israel, no rabanoot allows a child to get married. what, are you trying to show everyone here how much better and modern your "reform" Judaism is???? get out of here, you knock-off Jew!
14. To #7 evidence please
Aril   (10.10.13)
15. to #7 never again
Harold G. ,   CA, USA   (10.10.13)
The law regarding selling one’s pre-pubescent daughter to a man for the purpose of matrimony, mistakenly translated as “slavery,” is not operable nowadays for a number of reasons. When this law was applicable, the person purchasing the girl was actually paying her father kiddushin money for their marriage; if he ultimately chose not to marry her, he was required to free her. The Jewish servant (male or female) had to be freed at the advent of the Shmitta year, which could be no more than six years from when they were sold. If the girl attains physical maturity (and the master chose not to marry her), he had to free her as well. The Torah concept of servitude, particularly regarding a female servant, is more clearly understood when we note the similarity between the words “shifcha” and “mishpacha” – that by selling a girl she joined his “mishpacha.” By the way, the Talmud provides guidelines for a fair price (for this kiddushin). In any case, for several reasons, Jews have not been following this practice for many centuries. What has this to do with these unfortunate Yemenite children who are being fatally injured on their supposed wedding night? A bit more common sense is called for.
16. To #15 Harold
Never again ,   Brooklyn ny   (10.10.13)
You are mixing up two completely different things,according to the Torah a father can either marry off his daughter or sell her into slavery for no more than six years or till she reaches 12, as far as slavery is concerned,yes you are right the rabbis abolished it, But as far as marrying her off,according to the SHulchan Aruch (Jewish code of law) it is absolutely permitted ,and she is legally married forever and she has absolutely no say in the matter, nOw of course we all realize that it's not done in modern western society,because the father will find himself behind bars or in a mental asylum,but as far as Jewish law is concerned it is absolutely permitted and it is a 100% valid marriage,and as a matter of fact in Yemen where there is no secular law against it,it still practiced by some Jews.
17. Reply to number 9. Current Halacha
Akiva ,   NYC   (10.13.13)
To never again, Brooklyn, regarding current Halacha you are 100% incorrect. You are confusing several odd bits of Talmudic Law, and even those you have got incorrect. Speak to a Posek to discuss current Halacha.
18. Number 16 and Yemen
Joseph ,   London England   (10.13.13)
If such things are done by Jews in Yemen it is because they have adopoted Islamic customs. Shulchan Aruch does NOT permit the marriage of a three year old. I spoke to a distinguished Dayan who confirmed that both Jewish marriage and Jewish divorce require the consent of both parties. This is clear from the marriage of Rebeka to Isaac, where she is asked and replies I will marry him [with or without Laban's agreement] I assuyme you have done the Rashi on Genesis.
19. Number 9 Genesis 24.57 ff
Yossi ,   Baltimore, USA   (10.13.13)
'And they said, we will call the young woman [Rebekah] and ask her. And they called Rebekah and said unto her, 'Will you go with this man?' [to marry Isaac] And she said, 'I will go'. Rashi, 'I will go by myself, even if you do not consent.' As far back as Abraham it was the woman's right to accept or not accept a marriage proposal. Any ten year old in any Jewish school knows this Rashi.
20. Never again, Get it right!
Danny ,   London England   (10.13.13)
Commentary of British Chief Rabbi Dr Joseph Hertz [Hertz Chumash] Genesis XXIV.57-59. 'inquire at her mouth' i.e. consult her as to the time of her going. The Rabbis take it to mean , as to whether she wishes to follow Eliezer, and deduce from this text the rule that a woman cannot legally be given away in marriage without her consent.' Hertz page 87.
21. Number 16 Shulchan Aruch
Danny ,   London England   (10.13.13)
You must have a different Shulchan Aruch than the rest of us. You have failed to provide any chapter and verse. Rashi lived about a thousand years ago and he points out that a woman can only marry with her consent. He is quoting from the Chochomim of the Talmudic Era. You are saying that the 15th Cenury Shulchan Aruch rejects the views of the Sages.
22. 9 Never again be so arrogant
Akiva ,   NYC   (10.13.13)
Maimonides Code. Laws of Women, Hilchos Ishus, Chapter 3. A marriage contract written without the woman's consent is invalid. The same applies to a 'Get' written without her consent. Maimonides lived in the Islamic world almost a thousand years ago.
23. Reply to number 12. The reality
Ari ,   Brooklyn NYC   (10.13.13)
The Mishnaic Tractate Pirkei Avos, chapter 5 Mishna 21 says clearly that 18 is the correct age for marriage. Curren t practice among Haredim of late is that boys marry about age 23 to 25 and girls about age 20 to 23. Pirkei Avos is from the third century CE, about 1,200 years before Shulchan Aruch. As far back as Rebeka and Isaac it is clear that Jewish Law requires the bride to freely enter into marriage.
24. I suggest that you go to that primitive
Vardina   (11.05.13)
country and see for yourself. How can you decide that it is rubbish? Unfortunately it is true. Tou better believe it.
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