Nobel laureate: We left because Warshel didn't get tenure in Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.10.13, 21:07
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1. Excellent personal values in place!
mea   (10.09.13)
2. Israel Must treat it's Olim with more respect!
Riva ,   Israel   (10.09.13)
I can appreciate what this noble prize winner went through.... When we came on alliyah 22 years ago, my husband a fully US trained anesthesiologist from the top programs had a hard time getting any job for the first 18 years of our alliyah! he went into the US to work once in a while. Finally, a Maayne Ha yishua hospital appreciated him for his great value as a US trained physician, and he is thriving even with some private work there. However, he has observed that the quality of doctors here is poor, and there is a big shortage of well trained doctors. Israel makes it so tough for an Israeli to get into medical school. totally unreasonable! So, instead of giving young people a chance, Israel would rather take in foreign doctors who are extremely poorly trained. It is believed that once an Israeli medical student is trained, he will run out of the country to work This would not happen with Hareidi medical students if such a thing were allowed to be because these type of people are accustomed to a modest lifestyle and here for religious reasons. But again, instead of filling the gap with our own people, Israel prefers to take in other inferior doctors. And good people run away!
4. This is why Israeli Universities need more donations
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (10.09.13)
5. Too often tenure is politically controlled
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.10.13)
both here and abroad.
6. We are proud of all of you.Mazal tov
Asher ,   NY USA   (10.10.13)
7. @2 its all very good what you are suggesting however the
Al   (10.10.13)
problem is that the Haredi have extreme tunnel vision when it comes to secular education. Its nuts..The Haredi have become a gang of brainwashed pagan fool zombies with nay a brain amongst them. They are rejecting secular education and are resigned to a very fatalistic view of life. They strive for nothing. In fact they have resigned themselves to nothing. They don't practice yiddishkeit...They practice some form of quackery. Having said that, you cannot expect them to be anything more than 'takers'. They will never achieve 'givers' status.
8. 7 And you,Al,practice stereotypes !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.10.13)
Hospitals,senior residents ,orphan homes and so on are full of Haredi volunteers, Zakai,Yad Sara,Ezer Lezion were established by Haredim. and you say they are not givers ! I don't wish you, to see first hand, if "has vechalila ,you are sick, that those who care for you are mostly Haredim. Al,I wish you health and happiness until at least 120.This is not impossible, if you become a charming,loving elderly, that looks for good in people and help the needy. May G-D bless your brave and exemplary boys.
9. Ora I may not agree with ya but I love ya just the same
Al   (10.10.13)
You are a bat Yisrael. You made me laugh out loud...Have a gut Shabbos.
10. 9 Al, Great, go on ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.10.13)
a good laugh every day. And Al,if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit.
11. Ora , this al don't want to know
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.10.13)
what you , with reason , said about charedi volunteers . Not important why they do it [ mitzwa ] but they do it . Don't forget that those NGO's are also funded by seculars .
12. 11 Charles,As long as Seculars and ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.10.13)
Haredim are Menschen,that is what is important to me.
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