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Video: Hezbollah men documented executing Syrian POWs
Published: 10.10.13, 12:31
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1. They kill their own what will they do to you?
Al   (10.10.13)
This video should be shown to every single putz who believes that only God will protect him against these killers. I have a very simple message to these voodoo moron zombies. Go to the IDF Army, learn to protect yourselves and your families and stop being a bunch of cultish idol worshipping petz. Furthermore, throw off those 17th century polish schmattas and grow the hell up. The days of us simple Jews sponsoring you to simply sit on your ass is coming to an end.
2. #1 Al
Mark Schroeder ,   Germany   (10.10.13)
You are so naive...Did you ask for an I.D before jumping on the band wagon to accuse Hezbollah? Are you aware that Jeffry Filtman testified in front of a Senate Hearing Committee that 500 million dollars were spent by the U.S in Lebanon in order to tarnish the image of Hezbollah? A failed attempt to tarnish Hezbollah's image I might add... Hezbollah is the most honorable resistance fighting force ever...
3. Murdering POWs is a war-crime!
Jouko ,   Finlandr   (10.10.13)
4. fanatics offing fanatics
Cameron ,   USA   (10.10.13)
Keep at it, medieval mosque freaks.
5. #2 German mollah
Raphael ,   Netanya   (10.10.13)
Would you kindly tell us how many billion dollars the iranian, syrian and Qatar regimes are wasting to antisemitic parasites to smear the Jews and their state? Just have a look at NGO watch.
6. #2 Hezbollah lover
JS ,   France   (10.10.13)
Who did brainwash you or is this pure Hezbollah propaganda? Hezbollah has a years long history of brutal crimes. Are you just ignorant or an agitator?
7. 2 try telling that to the billion Sunnis
8. Animals don't even kill their own: sick
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (10.10.13)
JOSE ,   ARGENTINA   (10.10.13)
10. Reply to # 2 - Mark Schroeder, Germany
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (10.10.13)
Hezbollah "Honorable"? - Come on! Your post proves either that you are an "Agent Provocateur" payed by the Islamo Terrorists of Hezbollah, or that you are an idiot. I can write the above, because I, unfortunatly, was an eye-witness of the bombing of the AMIA (A jewish NGO) here in Buenos Aires . It was like hell. - Smoke, fire, blood, human limbs and maimed and death people everywhere . The blast killed 85, and maimed hundreds of innocent Argentinian people, among them Muslims, Jews and Christians . That is the result of the HATRED that your beloved Hezbollah is teaching to the Arabic people. What kind of "Honor" have you found in the merciless and bloody assassins of Hezbollah? We, Argentinian Citizens of every faith, DO NEITHER FORGET NOR FORGIVE the murder and maiming of hundreds of our citizens due to the two bloody, merciless attacks performed by the Islamic Terrorists of Hezbollah and their master, Iran, against the Israeli Embassy (March 17, 1992) and the Jewish NGO AMIA (July 18, 1994) We will NEVER abandon the search for JUSTICE and the punishment of the responsible of these CRIMES AGAINST THE HUMANITY performed by your "Honorable" Hezbollah !
11. live by the sword die by the sword
zionist forever   (10.10.13)
The FSA, Hezbollah, Assads soldiers they are all equally as brutal so if one kills another fighter who cares. They CHOSE to fight this war. The rebels didn't have to rise up against Assad start a civil war. Assad could have chosen to stand down rather than allow civil war. Hezbollah chose to get involved. Also as Hezbollah & the FSA are guerrillas the Geneva Convention and other international treaties don't apply to them so no obligation to give POWS any rights. On the plus side they will all get 72 virgins so that should keep them all happy in death.
12. #2 - Funniest post ever!!!
Carl ,   USA   (10.10.13)
"Hezbollah is the most honorable resistance fighting force ever." Did you actually write this with a straight face, or are you hunched over your computer rolling in fits of laughter? Because if you actually believe that, your moral compass is entirely absent, which is just sad.
13. Hizbulla joins the syr people to fight extremist elements...
brett L ,   JHB South Africa   (10.11.13)
If that isnt the most absurd statement ever made by any politician i dont know if there ever will be!! It just shows people will believe anything they want themselves to believe. They are as ruthless and extreme as anyone else fighting in syr!! Murderers is all they are!!
14. Mark Shroeder, all i can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Brett Lthe naive ,   JHB South Africa   (10.11.13)
The most honourable fighting force ever? I am sure as honourable in your eyes as hitlers men hey!! heil hizbulla is your mantra no doubt. Always amuses me how lefties, or dummies in your case, condone the brutality dished out by these animals sitting cozy in europe where you freedoms are protected and enshrined. These animals murder on a whim, woman and children and freedom of thinking and movement is forbidden. This just points to the fact that you are the one who s naive to the point of stupidity. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying the things you say!!
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