Jerusalem: Youth vandalism of holy sites on rise
The Media Line
Published: 11.10.13, 00:23
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1. 'Youth vandalism' or Haredi terrorism?
Dan   (10.11.13)
Stop calling this 'youth vandalism' – that dismisses it as something kids do, and grow out of. This is deliberate racist and political terrorism on the part of the Haredim, in defense of illegal settlements and in opposition to Israeli law, and must not be tolerated.
2. No protection for Christians or Muslims
American Gentile   (10.11.13)
It is the jewish way. Jews don't arrest other Jews, espically when non-jews are the victims.
3. vandals
JACK ,   NETANYA   (10.11.13)
4. Sick minds
Israeli grandma   (10.11.13)
Vandalism of cemeteries is also product of poor education and lack of healthy ethical values . Blaming these nasty acts on any ethnic or religious group is not helpful. A mind-set which allows people to attack the helpless dead is just sick and evil.
5. Not so young vandals from Arab Neigborhods
CauseLackOfPolice ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.11.13)
Jerusalem has been plagued for years by Arab young men in their late teens and early 20's who come from the nearby Silwan and Abu Tur neighborhoods threatening tourists and Israelis alike beating robbing and vandalizing particularly vulnerable areas nearby Mount Zion Cinematique King David Liberty Bell Parks and Yemin Moshe neighborhoods wherever security is minimal Cameras are needed in those areas. Don't always be so quick to blame Jewish youth and when the Arab youth are caught occasionally no apologies are ever forth coming from local Christian leaders or the media the media damage done.
6. to #1 and to #2
chava ,   yerushalaim   (10.11.13)
To #1 -- It's very doubtful that these are hareidim. Hareidim are more likely to be demonstrating against not funding their yeshivot or drafting yeshivah students. To #2 -- Jews certainly do arrest other Jews. Try reading more news articles, maybe even news from different websites. Lots of Jews are complaining that only Jews are arrested and not arabs.
7. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.11.13)
How much protection against Christians or Moslems have the Jewish people ever been able to count upon? In the United States, attacks upon synagogues are on the increase. What are you planning to do about that? In Europe, desecration of Jewish cemeteries is a daily occurrence. I guess the European gentiles don't much care. So why should I care about Christian or Moslem cemeteries? At least these Jewish vandals -- however thuggish their behavior -- restrict their activities to inanimate objects. Is it necessary for me to recount for you how Jews have suffered at the hands of gentiles? Pick up any book on world history, and educate yourself. And you are the last person on the face of the earth to make sweeping statements about "the Jewish way." You are far too ignorant.
8. Number 2. No arrests?
Akiva ,   NYC   (10.11.13)
There have recently been fourteen arrests of Israeli Jewish youth suspected of being involved in 'price tag' vandalism.
9. Options
Danny ,   London England   (10.11.13)
Parents, of course, should be the solution, but too often they are part of the problem. Awkward youth often have awkward parents who sadly defend or deny wrongdoing by their children. Placing boys in jail with hardened criminals is a recipe for gross indecency, a crime far worse than damaging a tombstone.
10. Reply to 1 'Haredi terrorism'
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.11.13)
The settlement movement has been mainly the Religious Zionists and NOT the Haredim. Terrorism usually means potentially fatal attacks, like bricks striking drivers. Vandalism tends to mean property damage, such as breaking tombstones.
11. To No. 7
Bertram ,   London, UK   (10.11.13)
"So why should I care about Christian or Moslem cemeteries?" No reason at all. Care requires a spark of humanity.
12. call it like it is. "zionazi's at work"
son of yaffa ,   Palestine   (10.11.13)
13. "alibis checked out?!
elke ,   USA   (10.12.13)
The Jewish youths caught in the act of vandalizing a Christian cemetary said they were "checking out a ritual bath." There is the ruins of a bath there but it hasn't had water in it for decades. Doesn't sound like a great "alibi."
14. To 7 , the hateful sarah
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.12.13)
It's not because others don't respect our places that we may desecrate non Jewish tombs . You again showed your HATE .
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