Netanyahu to NYT: Herzl, Churchill were more alone
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.10.13, 12:06
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31. Israel
henry ,   manila   (10.12.13)
Israel can never be alone and will never be alone. In these last days the world will hate Israel but the world also hates the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The land and people of Jesus will not again be forsaken.
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.12.13)
And Bibi, we think you're GRRRReat!!! KEEP BUILDING JEWISH HOMES!!!
33. This dangerous fool is right
Dan   (10.12.13)
Netanyahu has done more to endanger Israel than Iran or Arafat, by pushing his settlement/greater Israel agenda and legitimizing Arab 'resistance'. He is a self-centred dangerous fool. But about Iran he is right: the world has rushed to appease their smiling assassin President without caring about his real agenda. This too is Netanyahu's fault. His policies have reduced US and world concern for Israel. Who declared new settlements when Biden came to talk peace, deliberately embarrassing our only ally? Now they are washing their hands of us. Bibi is right that Iran is a threat, but it's his fault that no one cares.
34. #18 Scott
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.12.13)
You may have to pay to access the New York Times in Israel But rest assured it is still free in the United Kingdom
35. #20Ever thought of doing a short
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.12.13)
comment ?
36. support for Israel
bruce ,   edmonton canada   (10.12.13)
You have a friend in canada,Israel
37. #35 DT
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.12.13)
Yes However I feel that the settlements and the settlers are the overwhelming existential threat to Israel, I wished to make clear my opinion that Netanyahu jumping up and down pointing at Iran screaming they are being mean, is showmanship to avoid tackling the socio economic problems within Israel. Something he cannot tackle as he relies on the support of the settlers to remain in office. You can't do that in one line.
38. No suprise! It is just not natanyahu it
American Taxpayer   (10.12.13)
is Israel that is also isolated. No only isolated but reject by the rest of humanity. Israelis made their bed let them lie in it.
39. Churchill was alone
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.13)
Netanyahu made me laugh when compared himself to Churchill.
40. Learn a litle more about Persons
HENRY   (10.12.13)
Who you men of history Harold to Judge who was and is better ? Matter of fact .. Curchill wasn't reelected after the WW2,but Natanyahu do.Aha?/ Now you can laughing
41. Overwhelming American Support
Also American Taxpay ,   USA   (10.12.13)
The U.S. citizens agree with Netanyahu.
42. #38 taxpayer
DavidR ,   USA   (10.12.13)
How do you know an uneducated moron is writing a talkback? He uses generalizations such as "the rest of humanity!" I am part of "the rest of humanity you speak of and also an American Taxpayer, and I DO NOT REJECT ISRAEL or Netanyahu! You are too cowardly to include your name, while criticizing a man of great stature and a country superior in freedom to the USA. Especially since your idol obummer took office.
43. # 39 harold
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.12.13)
quickly, I'll remind you that bibi fought for his country, I mean as a soldier in a special combat unit--not behind a desk--don't put him down--an awful lot of people consider him a great man--me included--wake up harold
44. We pray for a right decision
HENRY   (10.12.13)
OK I agree.. PM of G-Britain Churchill were alone after the WW2. In 1945 he was absolutely isolated from the western coalition and when the Russians got to Berlin through all East Europe Poland,Rumania,Czechoslovakia,Bulgaria etc.. Churchill by his self demanded from West coalition to force Russia draw back to her borders and not let them remain in all these Countries,because he anticipated,that the Russians will establish there own regime in the Countries and that unfortunaly what we had till 1990 - Soviet monster regime!! and we know very well what mean's ""soviet monster regime"". This same picture we can see up to now ,when Natanyahu remain alone on this battlefield and the UN doesn't want to listen.. they are deaf or they already know very well that the World lost this game and in a few decades Europe will be under Islam. The 10 Commandments which World recieved from the JEWISH PEOPLE, the civilisation on the Planet are saved and please do not do any mistakes!!,
45. #25 Harold
DavidR ,   USA   (10.12.13)
As I read your talkback, it seemed to describe many of todays most disgusting persons. The one who came to mind first was, guess who! Harold! Was this supposed to be a self portrait or just your innermost desire?
46. #43
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.13)
I stand by my comment what ever you state about Netanyahu. HE IS NO CHURCHILL. Period
47. @#38
Anshel ,   Canada   (10.12.13)
I am have news for you, the only time Israel will not be isolated only when it decides to disband itself in order to self-destruct itself. The bad news for you and other Israel bashers is that it is not going to happen. The Jews and Israel is not here to please some, sorry to say, but irrational thinkers from New York Times, nor some misguided advisers to President Obama. Israel was isolated during the War of Independence, USA even declared embargo on shipping arms (how fast the American Jewry). Israel was isolated in 1967 and after the 6 Day War, Israel was isolated in 1973 and during the OPEC oil embargo, so what is big deal? It is time to look for the Americans how their own foreign policy bringing one disaster after another disaster. As far Iran is concerned, I haven't heard thr Iranians to retract their ex-president statement that Israel must by wiped out from the map of the world. If that happens, perhaps there is hope, so far only empty words to coax the naive West into easing the sanctions fro empty promises. If you buy that, may as well buy snake oil from a snake oils salesman... I rather put my money on Bibi... he knows what he is talking, makes sense, history taught us dear lessons...
48. #45
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.13)
I stand by my comment. Israel needs a new well raised leader like Lapid.
49. #20 Clueless in Londonistan
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.12.13)
Rohani is not a reformist. The reformist candidates Mousavi and Karroubi are locked up under house arrest. Rouhani is Khamenei's right hand man and very much a part of the same regime that supports terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah and has one of the worst human rights records. The definition of a moderate which Rohani claims to be is unclear. Iran is the same existential threat. Nothing has changed since Rohani took office. Further, he cannot make decisions on his own. Pay attention to the shake-up that occurred simply because Obama spoke with Rohani by phone. Netanyahu is the voice of reason.
50. Israel most glorious in "isolation".
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.13.13)
Who helped Israel vanquish our foes in 1948? Who helped Israel vanquish our foes in 1967? Who helped Israel carry out Entebbe? Who helped Israel destroy Iraqi nukes? Who helped Israel destroy Syrian nukes? The answer is "nobody". Israel is most glorious in isolation. Like Churchill and Herzl, as Bibi notes. Moreover, even if we allowed loony leftists to do all the lunatic suicidal things they want to do, Israel would still fight alone.
51. going it alone
Larry ,   Israel   (10.13.13)
Some times you got to go busting in like old John Wayne . sometimes you got to go against the grain !!!( Garth Brooks)
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