IDF uncovers terror tunnel in Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.10.13, 08:52
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1. Islamist terrorists want to murder children
CJK   (10.13.13)
these savages only want to murder civilians, and especially children. they know neither peace, nor mercy, nor compromise. yet the libero-fascists support them, visit them and white wash their abominable crimes.
2. Israel might borrow a page from Hamas
Ron ,   oc us   (10.13.13)
Israel can dig tunnels and build cheap rockets. They should.
3. Tzahal, excellent job
CJK   (10.13.13)
try to find all the tunnels. use bomb sniffing dogs.
4. Never since WWII..
Ehud ,   Tampa   (10.13.13)
was a territory of 1.4 million people laid siege to for so long.. We truly have become beasts of prey, Once we began tasting power, we lost the human consciousness and regard to human life that characterized us for thousands of years. I cannot even imagine how life is for the 99% innocent inhabitants of the Gaza strip and I truly cannot blaim the other 1% for wanting to butcher us.
5. Pump tunnel full of gas and set alight..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (10.13.13)
6. Attack on an Israeli kindergarten
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.13)
What despicable scum. Too terrified of Israel to pick a target that can actually fight back. And much too cowardly. Disgusting. Israel should hermetically seal all crossing points with Gaza. If the Gazans get hungry, let them eat sand. Knowing them, however, it is far more likely that they will start killing their children for food. Children, after all, cannot fight back.
7. 2# Hamas is not bound by international
Nora Tel Aviv   (10.13.13)
laws, Israel is.
8. Authorities need to bring UN witnesses to see tunnel with
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.13.13)
evidence of weapons. IDF should have taken pictures with printed date + time for evidence. Otherwise they will accuse us of planting evidence or tampering with evidence. And I agree with TB 1 - Hamas only thinking of killing - not any kind of living normal people would think of doing. TB 2 - Israelis do not have the same mind frame as Hamas - to murder children is a sin - perhaps in war it is collateral damage, But that's all.
9. Ehud
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (10.13.13)
So let me get this straight... they build a tunnel to kidnap or kill kids in a Kindergarden, and somehow it's OUR fault? Is it our fault that we have returned to the land of our forefathers which were were illegally exiled from? Newsflash... it's not our fault that the monsters want to hurt children. It's your fault for enabling them.
10. Ehud , most of the 99 % VOTED hamas
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.13.13)
When we left Gaza , there was not such a closure as now . They used to send murderers to Israel . So we HAD to close the borders . Would you leave your door open when burglars walk around ?
Robert ,   Israel   (10.13.13)
It es a pity that IDF did not push the explosives back those 2.5 km, and made them explode at the point of departure.
12. # Hamdan abu Trampa
If your lot were not carnivorous monkies you would have no problems. Mentally challenged, corrupt leadership, ignorant you are getting what you deserve. You are imprisoned within a book of folly hate and bloodshed. Tear it up and liberate your people. That though may not suit slaves mentality
13. 7 Nora, you are mistaken
CJK   (10.13.13)
hamas is bound by the laws of war, even though they are not a sovereign. it is recognized that all combatants, whether international or not, are bound by the laws of war. of course, hamas does not respect the laws of war.
14. to #4 six years is not long, the jews of jerusalem
lili   (10.13.13)
were under siege for 19 years. between 1948-1967.
15. #4
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (10.13.13)
Ehud, you are too far from Israel and from reality. It's rather the opposite relation. 99% want to kill us and 1% maybe not. 1st we withdraw from Gaza in order to give peace a chance, then Hamas took over the strip using violence against their brothers and then they increased the attacks against Israel and only then we closed the strip. Don't mix up the facts.
16. 8.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.13.13)
Be rest assured, IDF did take extensive photos & document Gaza tunnel, before & after they dismantled the explosives.
17. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.13)
Tibet Kurdistan Basque country Spanish-speaking Sahara et cetera. We do not blame the residents of Gaza for wanting to butcher the Jewish people; they don't know any better and have been victimized by their leadership and the fantasies that have been ingrained in them as fact since infancy. On the other hand, we do have an affirmative duty to make certain that they do not achieve their goals. One gets the government one votes for. Don't forget that.
18. #4
Naftali ,   Modiin   (10.13.13)
They are under seige as you write because they spend there time, effort and skills all in order to Kidnap, torture and kill Jews. We keep them on lock down for survival. Who in Israel wants to see all their money go to taxes. We would much rather let them lead productive lives and stop needing to get our kids killed. It is as simple as what has been said numerous times. If the Arabs put there weapons down there will be peace in the middle east if Israel puts down their guns there will be no Israel. Also Living in Tampa you can not say "we".
19. Again Rav. Meir Kahane was right, Knesset was wrong.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.13.13)
20. Twenty years ago the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.13.13)
committed, in writing, to ensure that all illicit weapons in the areas that it claims to be the future Palestinian Arab state be gone, and that no acts of violence and terror against Jews will be initiated from these territories. The PLO, at the time, also committed to amend its Charter that continues to call for Israel's demise; for the "cleansing" of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, including Jerusalem, of its Jews; and, for the use of ALL means to advance these goals. The commitments, 20 years later, have not been fulfilled, of course, and the reality has been that the Arabs have, continuously, been arming themselves and attacking Jews through ALL means possible - weapons, boycotts, rockets, lies. It is time to take account of past commitments before making new ones!!
21. Ehud you do not have to imagine whats its like!
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.13)
Your welcome to go and live there we will not miss you.
22. PR, has this been on the BBC or Sky.
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.13)
Does the rest of the world understand what is going on here.
23. a sorry yored this Ehud from Tampa #4
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.13.13)
Pay no attention to this sorry "yored". In an earlier article he described Israel and its people in a way only anti-Semites do. The blatant stupidity that he exposes here should tell you not to waste your time with a response. He is doomed to live his rootless life in his own skin..
24. To Ehud in far away Tampa
Israeli grandma   (10.13.13)
Your recent comments to Ynet show how far away in fantasy land you live. The reality on the ground is that Israel and the Jews are here to stay, and its many enemies in Hamas and Fatah, will keep trying to get rid of us, and we will continue to defend ourselves with all our powers. Am Yisrael Hai!
25. Can't really blame them for trying, since there're almost no
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.13.13)
consequences when caught/exposed. Not until "appropriate" number of Israelis die, is our government willing to lift a finger. Our government: that's us! "You is what you eat" said Frank Zappa (I think)...
26. Israel, you Jews,,, and terror,, terrorism
Clem Davis ,   Cinncinnati, Ohio   (10.13.13)
You could not exist without your self induced terror. When will this fraud and game end and,,,,,, Peace becomes your reality.
27. "The majority of terror tunnels ..
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (10.13.13)
"The majority of terror tunnels connecting Gaza and Israel have yet to be exposed". How do they know? It's similar to saying, "Where did you lose your pen?", or whatever. Or, "Why do I always find things in the last place I look?".
28. Where are the tunnel detection devices?
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.13.13)
For such an advanced country we cannot develop or purchase the seismelogical equipment to detect these tunnels? I would wait to confirm that the bastards are in them before collapsing the tunnels in on them suffocating them to death. The peacniks along the Gaza border are all turning into frontier combatants again. Good luck, and good hunting. Kill those damn dogs each time they come for you and your children. Kill them with no mercy and no compassion, like the dogs they are.
29. #7 wrong
Israel has made absolutely no violation of International Law. Go ahead, name one instance. That said, International Law is a farce, no more than a weapon used by the strong against the weak, usually the Jews. Look at the money, time and effort spent on the fool Goldstone to delegitimize the Jew, while real crimes are perpetrated daily by the UK, France, Egypt, Turkey, Saudis, Bahrain and Syria. When Obama decided it was good for him, he violated International law to supply arm drug gangs in Mexico, drone children in Afghanistan, murder his opponents, destroy Libya and even arm terrorists fighting the Assad regime.
30. I remember
I remember those nights. Sharon's black-clad troops dragging Jewish women and children from their homes and loading them onto buses. The Jew's property carelessly thrown into containers, although valuables were often stolen. The Jew's houses and synagogues were razed and the graves of their dead were uprooted. The Jew's were forced into refugee camps with the Orwellian name "caravillas". Anyone who dared protest was beaten or arrested by the dreaded YSM. The courts were silence, self-styled human rights group were silent. The only thing heard above the laughter of the YSM was the cheers of the kibbutz members as the Jews were evicted from their home. The Kibbutz members should stop whining: this is what they wanted.
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