2 Palestinians confess to Jordan Valley murder
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.10.13, 14:42
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1. Well: as long as we allow the cuckoo to nest in our ancient
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.13.13)
cities of Hebron and Jericho we can expect this to happen. How the hell did we agree to let the barbarians within our walls I don't know until this day!
2. Well done IDF - again!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.13)
Terrible circumstances but at least we nabbed them in the end.
3. Getting axed to death isn't terrorism?????
OMG ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.13)
Are you NUTS?!!!!
4. Keep on releasing murderers,give away our land and all will
Al   (10.13.13)
be well. You are dumb as shit, if you think they will ever be peace with these animals. Todays Israeli would never have been capable of founding a state in 1948. The modern Israeli is the ghetto Jew of old.
5. Death Penalty for such Offences ASAP!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (10.13.13)
6. Good news
Taleb and Kharoub will get a free education, be released as a confidence building measure and their families will get a personal apology from Netanyahu for the inconvenience their arrest caused. By the way, does anyone know what Yuval Rabin has to say to Colonel Ofer widow?
7. Capture release capture release
Chanel ,   Eretz Yisroel   (10.13.13)
Let me understand.....will these poor oppressed human beings be released this round of releases or the next???
8. The murderers will get a monthly salary
EU pays for it   (10.13.13)
The murderers families must be happy. The Palestinians use money they get from the EU to pay nice monthly salaries for life to all murderers of Israelis.
9. Mr.Kerry will set them free again...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.13.13)
10. They'll be released in 6 months as a good gesture to Abbas..
The perpetual ,   hamster wheel.......   (10.13.13)
our government is SO smart.
11. Getting Away With Murder
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.13.13)
They will undoubtedly be convicted, sentenced, serve time and then released as part of some future deal with the Arabs as a "goodwill gesture". Makes me wonder whatever happened to "Jewish" morality in the State of "Israel". The thought of how the State cares so little for the sanctity of the lives of its own Jewish citizens upsets me to no end. We are doomed to never having peace with these criminals as long as we have no moral backbone.
12. Murder rates
RJE ,   Adelaide, Australia   (10.13.13)
Murder is always a disgusting, inhuman thing no matter the culprit no matter the victim. It is no worse if the culprit is Palestinian and it might surprise some readers to know that the murder rate in Israel is HIGHER than the murder rate in Jordan. (See international murder rates on Wikipedia)
13. Criminals wanted to steal property.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.13.13)
Only idiots would generalize that those two represent all Palestinian people and interpret this criminal act to mean that all the Palestinians don't want to live in peace. We have plenty of criminals here in California and their acts are almost never interpreted in nationalistic terms.
14. Pals want quick prisoner release before they kill other Jews
Sam ,   Canada   (10.13.13)
Peace talks for Palestinians are just about getting free concessions like a prisoner release.They can't contain themselves from killing Jews so they ask for an accelerated prisoner release so as not to put a break on releasing prisoners. The US and EU ask that Israel give Palestinians free gifts (like prisoner release) to butter them up for peace talks. It's useless because Palestinians want the free gifts AND no Jewish Israel. The US and EU prefer ignoring that. When the Palestinians want real peace they will be clear about it. It's counter productive to give them free concessions.
15. I feel a Kerrygesture coming on!
Alan ,   SA   (10.13.13)
16. Murderers
Michael ,   Toronto,Canada   (10.13.13)
When Israel stop the idiotic policy to jail murderers in stead of killing them?Death penalty must!!!
17. Give thanks to the government, Mrs Ofer !
writing on the wall   (10.13.13)
Your government which releases hundreds of arab Jew-Killers ! The killers of your husband will have a good time in israeli prison before being released soon ! Its called ''Insanity''! What should be done is to give them a short Trial, then shoot them !
18. Deterrence
Tom ,   New York   (10.13.13)
When will Israel realize that it's present are not a deterent to murdrers , incidentally any murder against an Israeli is terror not criminal .
19. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.13)
"We have plenty of criminals here in California and their acts are almost never interpreted in nationalistic terms." Congratulations! That is the absolutely most idiotic thing you have EVER written, and you have written a great many idiotic things.
20. #15 I have a gesture for Kerry and Oblabla
A ,   Belgium   (10.13.13)
It involves the middle finger of both hands.
21. Shocking violence
Ezra ,   San Diego   (10.13.13)
Put them both to death.
22. Israel needs capital punishment
USA   (10.13.13)
Israel needs a new law - capital punishment for terrorist and other types of killings. There is a reason these people have it in their countries....that's the only thing they understand.
23. to be released under future pressure by US
milson   (10.13.13)
waht is the point? Israel should introduce deaht penalty for the murder of children and innocent civilians. Thse 2 arabs should have been shot dead during the capture along with anyone who sent them or who had knowledge of their plot or who gave them axes and rods. Israel has a long lasting problem of pacificism and bleeding for any drop of blood and seems paralysed to act in its own behalf. instead it has courts who bend backwards for arab terrorists who graduate from prisons emboldened like kuntar who should be hunted down like a carcass. instead the courts protect olmert when anyone wiht a half a brain knows what is going on. israelis have their heros like yaalon, shamir, bennett, and their pitiful weaklings who turn their cheek while children bleed to death like yechimovitch, lapid( an ignormaus whose father was a flake), gal on, peres, beilin, gilad sher, verter and levy and lately bibi. Future terror elements shot be hunted down and shot during caputre and hopefulyy judeans and samarians willl keep this in mind.
24. #8, yes indeed.
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.13.13)
..but the money is paid by Norway, a none member of EU. The leftist Norway has strong ties with PA and hamass.
25. #19, Grossly uneducated, sloppy bigot, a rattling racist.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.13.13)
Thanks for the compliment. It has been my privilege and honor to oppose your views from day one.
26. #12 RJE
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (10.13.13)
Almost 70% of murders perpetrated by Arabs in Israel while in Jordan some crimes like Honor killings might not be counted as murders. Just a thought.
27. Free board
Farren ,   Israel   (10.13.13)
Prison = Free degree in Israel jail Free Food and board
28. Death penalty...deserved
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.13.13)
29. Capital punishment is not the answer
A ,   Belgium   (10.13.13)
Annexation is the answer. At the moment, these 2 MURDERERS are identified as "palestinians". Nothing new here.."palestinians" and murderers go together as well as maple syrup on pancakes. But if Israel would once and for all take away their identities as "palestinians", and end the whole non-existant "palestine" charade,meaning ANNEXATION OF JUDEAH AND SAMARIA, than these 2 nobodies could be thrown to the sharks in the sea as who they really are...nobodies.
30. When is their release date?
A Simple Jew ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.13)
Bibi releases murderers on a monthly basis. So when do these SOB's get out?
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