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Ukrainian cops accused of anti-Semitism
Published: 15.10.13, 07:23
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1. Russians
Spengler ,   US   (10.15.13)
Like a Russian can call anyone else dirty....
2. Zhids means Jews not ‚Äúdirty Jews"
split ,   US   (10.15.13)
Give me a one good reason why should the love the you, anyone remember "holodomor" a 8 to 10 million starved to death Ukrainians during one winter 1932/33 by Kaganowich-Yagoda duo, Stalin's Jewish goons ? ,... They exterminated a whole segment of society (independent farmers)enforcisng collectivisation ,...
3. Ucrania
Mario Mandelbaum ,   Raanana   (10.15.13)
My grandmother (and other family components) went from this shitty country to Buenos Aires. She told me horribles thinks she lived herself about antisemitism. Every single day. It was in the year 1930. Is not true that before the WW2 the Jews lived in harmony and cotidianity was a rosen road.
4. Not that life is paradise for Jews in eastern Ukraine
Tahl   (10.15.13)
But in the difficult choice between Russian-affiliated eastern Ukraine and the anti-Russian, "pro-West" western Ukraine, the former is a tad more tolerant for Jews. The worst antisemites traditionally come from eastern-European Peoples like the Ukrainians, the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, etc. We witnessed that well in the Holocaust.
5. My brief visit to E Europe as a tourist
Mark ,   London, UK   (10.15.13)
I very much got the impression that all the multiiple ethnicities in the area didn't respect each other at all. From a modern point of view jews living locally picked this up and didn't think much of their neighbours either. The former Soviet Union didn't do anything to change this. We know from experience that changing this view of other communities is very difficult and every one has to buy in to it. Just 20-odd years after the break up of the union into independent "nation states" things aren't likely to have changed a great deal.
6. I resently watched "Friends". Joey said that when you
Miron ,   USA   (10.15.13)
pee on someone, you do it to save people you love. In fact medician properties of urine are so profound that had these policeman had a sliver of intelligence, if they really wanted to insult the man, they would make him pee on themselves.
7. #2 Here's one good reason, Kowalsky
A ,   Belgium   (10.15.13)
Now you have somewhere else besides your toilet mirror to freely vomit your anti-semitic, hateful polak mentality garbage. What happened, they took your favorite pet hog away?
8. The really funny part is the author of this article.
Miron ,   USA   (10.15.13)
An Rabbi Levi Brackman, an American born Hasid Habbad, hailing from US, Los Angeles, state of California. It's really entertaining to watch pro and anti lock them horns, while this sage of indifference pocks his nose and counts cache given to "abused Jewish people" for his next fund - raiser. To whom the victimhood is the source of un - ending income. And is so important, he would pay to get some entertainment going on.
9. #5 "Jews living locally picked this up"
Tahl   (10.15.13)
A question for you Mark: How many incidents in Eastern Europe of Jews beating up, knifing, racially abusing and threatening non-Jews, or destroying churches and Christian cemeteries, have there been in the past century? And how many the other way around? Next time think better before making preposterous comparisons.
10. #7
Tomek ,   Poland   (10.15.13)
But #2 is correct about the mistranslation. It has been done on purpose to stir up emotions. Of course, the word "Zhid" can be either neutral or offensive depending on HOW it is said.
11. My son's story from a Moscow Police Station
Alan ,   SA   (10.15.13)
His US friend had his laptop stolen on Moscow Metro. My son born in SA who speaks Russian very well accompanied him to report matter at a Moscow Police station to get case number for insurance My son translated for the friend Policeman asked my son how a foreigner could speak such perfect Russian Policeman said you not a foreigner with such a Zhidovsky Morde (Kike Pan)-not a nice way to describe his "cosmoplitan appearance" At least the Police didnt urinate on him
12. There is no future for a Jew in the golus...end of story
Al   (10.15.13)
The only future is Israel. The only reason I am still in Canada is because I want to be buried near my late parents. I am not in the best of health. My kids are in Israel. Everything I ever earned and made will go to them in Israel. Israel is the only future for us Jews. Its time we all realized that. If you insist on living among the goyim, you can expect this type of treatment.
13. Historically Lviv was a...
Larry ,   LA   (10.15.13)
Historically, before World War II, Lviv was a very anit semetic place and still is. Let us not distort the truth. Before WWII and after WWII, through out the history of Ukraine, it has been one of the worst spots in the world for Jews. Let us set the record straight.
14. It can go both ways for the Jew first
Barney ,   USA   (10.15.13)
Use brains , influence and resources to secure a safe home in any country theybwish to reside. Failing that if they are unable to make Aliyah then have the self protective measures of arms and martial arts to take out any aggressors. Failing that go home to Israel and not necessarily in that order. Of course Israel will need to expand to its rightful boundaries and this nonsense of a state for an imaginary people will go the way of Jordan
15. 12 Al,One good reason to come here
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.15.13)
is to be with your children until your 120.When the time has come to join Olam Haba,your boys will not have to travel to Canada to visit your Kever. Believe me,at our age we need our children.And they need us,if only ,to fulfill the "mitzva"to honour their parents. I am quite sure ,you will be embraced by your boys you love so dearly. Al,take a first class ticket and come .NOW,that you are still able to do so. There is nothing on earth that could make you relive like living in Eretz Israel. What are you waiting for? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and go !
16. antisemitism
anton ,   istanbul   (10.15.13)
is the most abused word by israelis, this is not racially motivated attack, i guess its not antisemitic when only jews harms other fellow jews
17. The only reason for Anti-Semiticism in Europe
Dorthy Cambridge ,   Glouchester, U.K.   (10.15.13)
The reasons and probably the most profoundest reasons for anti-Semiticism in Eastern and all of Europe is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "FAKE JEWS",,, the world is learning these peoples who hail/hell from these Euro countries are the same DNA inhabitants of that Euro country as the non-Jew. The DNA hustle to differentiate a cluster of Euro ethnicities and spot a Jew of Hebrew ancestry will always create dissent knowing your countryman is trying to be something he/she is not. Sorry,,,,,, the Euro problem and anti-Semiticism is just one of loyalties and liying about one's identity and origin.
18. response to 2
Ron from NJ ,   Newark NJ USA   (10.15.13)
So .... it's legitimate to urinate on a Jew in 2013, because of something a Jew did 80 years ago? Cmon Split, I thought you were smarter than that.
19. #18 are you serious?
Tahl   (10.15.13)
Did you actually think this hateful bigot had an iota of intelligence in his diseased brain? Also, watch out for the disinformation he disseminates. I thought no one's taking his seriously so I didn't bother refuting him, but I'll do it now. Yes, back in the day there have been quite a few Communist Jews. But suggesting they are solely responsible for the Ukrainian famine is just absurd. First, for every Jewish communist you could find several non-Jewish (Russian) communists. And of course the biggest villain of all, Stalin, was a Georgian by origin. So if this is about settling scores from the past, the Ukrainians should beat up and bully Russians and Georgians a lot more than Jews. Interestingly enough that does not happen. Jews are always the main scapegoat. Second, a great many Jews suffered and died at the fists of Communism, including in Ukraine. Third, whatever "score" was to be settled with the Jews (and I proved there wasn't, really), the Jews have more than paid for it, when many of the local Ukrainians enthusiastically turned them in to the Nazis in WWII (or often massacring the Jews themselves). And fourth, Jew-hatred and pogroms in Ukraine date back to centuries before Communism, since the days of Bogdan Khmelnicki and probably even before. So in summary, the Jews-were-bad-commies-thats-why-we-beat-them-up-today argument falls flat on its belly in every possible way.
20. #17-Are you serious?
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.15.13)
And what the reason for attacking the Jews in the streets without any provocation? What is the reason to vandalize the Jewish cemeteries, destroy Synagogues, abuse the Jews on the work place or harassing them as the neighbors? Who is pretending to be whom? Does it matter if a Frenchman fell in love with German woman and they have a child or more together? Does it matter your DNA is pure Irish or half Polish? What are you talking about? Do you mean to say that if all the Jews in Europe where pure Jews they wouldn't be attacked? Does it mean you advocate for attacking the people who's parents created multinational families? What an absurd. It 's difficult enough to be a Jew. You must be very confused person because it is not even your business who is a Jew and who is not. Nobody has right to tell another person he is not supposed to hold his nationality or believes.
21. Will the real Jews please stand up. #17
Ben ,   USA   (10.15.13)
Dorothy, only the Nazis would define a Jew by genetics. So it makes sense that you, an anti-Semite, are saying Jews who have lived in Europe for thousands of years are "fake". Jews- are anyone whose mother was Jewish or who converted under guidelines of Jewish law-period. Any descendants of converts are in all aspects defined as Jewish. So your racist Nazi definition does nothing, but expose you as an ignorant, hate-filled fool.
22. You exaggerate
Robert ,   Poland   (10.15.13)
As Pole, I visited Ukraina several times. Almost always I have to pay to customs officers crossing the border, or to local police driving through the country. This is rather corruption, not antisemitism. Ukrainian officials are completely unpunished.
23. Only one-side being presented. There
Jim   (10.15.13)
is another side that is being ignored. Seems like another effort at playing victim.
24. #15 You make it sound so EASY
A ,   Belgium   (10.15.13)
For some of us who have "been there, done that", it's not so easy giving aliyah another try, especially in the framework of Judaism that you adhere to. I also have children in Israel, but presently, it would be impossible for me to go back (I am not a criminal at all, and my wife may have been your teacher if you studied at Yavne in Antwerpen, enough said about that). So clicking the heels of ones' ruby slippers while repeating "there's no place like home" doesn't always work, nor does counting backwards.
25. #23 read the story again
Expat ,   Adelaide   (10.16.13)
Both sides are being presented. "The chief of police in Lviv denies that Flekman was beaten, but the young man's claims are being investigated. As proof of the attack, Flekman provided photos of his hospital release form". Playing the victim? But this man WAS a victim, and if not - then the onus is on the Ukrainian police to prove otherwise. But I wouldn't put my money that the man is lying. After all, it's the same Ukrainian police who routinely accepts bribes, and who not so long ago raped a woman and then tried to keep this story quiet by trying to murder her. Now why would you automatically side with these thugs and blame the victim?
26. 24 A.Belgium, I am very aware..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.16.13)
that life here may seem impossible with a tiny budget and without the right spirit. I am very familiar with Bene Beraq's way of life.People here work hard the whole week until Shabat,which is very special here If you have the right spirit and believe [not rely] in miracles everything is possible. Doing the right thing is not always easy,but in the long run it is easier than doing wrong . Whatever you decide,may you be successful and blessed by Hashem.
27. #4 ,...
split ,   US   (10.16.13)
"The worst antisemites traditionally come from eastern-European Peoples like the Ukrainians, the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, etc." Over 90 % of those Jews were the ones you see in Mea Shearim not exactly the most loved ones in Israel, They didn't produce, didn't serve and didn't contribute like the rest of society and made their living of milking others. Over 70% couldn't communicate in native language, over 90% didn't read or write. They ignored the law and customs a vere a drag on society ,... They welcomed every enemy that showed at Polish borders including the ones that partitioned Poland and the Soviets in 1939 ,... If the Poles were so bad why there were more Jews in Poland than in the rest of Europe? By the way no one invited you to any of those nations you invaded them so don't complain if you're unable to assimilate and forcing your lifestyle and customs on natives,...
28. Resonse to #17
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.17.13)
You are incorrect. . A recent study published in the American journal of human genetics in their online publication of June 2010 shows that the Jewish nation indeed originated from the area of Israel. Furyhermore, a French study in 2000 found that there is more genetic relationship between the European Jews and Middle East populations than between European Jews and european populations
29. 27 Poles got finally rid of it's Jews...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.17.13)
And you chose to live in US among millions of Jews. They aren't that bad after all.
30. Jews in Western Ukraine
Roman ,   Lviv, Ukraine   (01.07.14)
As member of Svoboda, I think it wise that all Jews leave Ukraine.. Ukrainian belongs to us, and no one else.
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