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Sobibor revolt's unsung hero remembered
Published: 16.10.13, 07:23
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1. Ok, AFP liberated Sobibor while Red Army only held candle...
Miron ,   USA   (10.16.13)
2. "re-captured and killed by the Nazis and the local Polish
A ,   Belgium   (10.16.13)
population." I wouldn't be surprised if the "local Polish population" included a few of Spit Kowalsky and Graysack family members, taking a break from inseminating their hogs. Another part of their heritage for the "polaks-in-residence" to be proud of.
3. #2 weird
Albrecht ,   EU   (10.16.13)
as far as I understand Poland was the only country that allowed the Jews to settle while they were expelled everywhere else in Europe. Therefore the most European Jews lived in Poland before WW2. Many Jews seem to me to hate the Poles more than any other Europeans, even much more than the Germans. It seems to me most remarkable.
4. #3 Why is it "remarkable"?
A ,   Belgium   (10.16.13)
That almost a complete population did nothing to stop the slaughter of its own people, because they were Jews? They didn't notice a ghetto being built in the center of their capital city? They didn't notice the horrible smell from the chimneys of Auschwitz? They would have sold their own mothers for an extra piece of pig fat, they ( with a few EXTREME exceptions) couldn't have cared less that the Jewish population of their country was being exterminated. Now isn't that remarkable?
5. #3 - Because one hate false friends more than known enemies
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (10.17.13)
Albrecht, Israelis and Jews have a lot of ill will towards those who were our friends and turned on us in ultimate betrayal more so than our known enemies. The poles and Brits are at the top of the list. Russian antisemitism was a known commodity, therefor they don't get the anger our supposed friends the Poles and Brits get for what they did and did not do during the holocaust. As a rule I oppose such gross generalizations, as there were plenty of righteous Poles and Brits, but alas, the ones who stood by joyfully watching their so called friends and countrymen get slaughtered are what dwell in the collective memory.
6. #4
Tomek ,   Poland   (10.17.13)
If you are for real, you need to see a doctor fast. I do not care who you think you are but you should stop spewing nonsense on public fora. Even if your gibberish is mere preaching to the choir.
7. Really do not see the point of dredging this up
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (10.17.13)
time and again. The Jewish people are more than the Holocaust, time to leave it alone already
8. #5 I see you choose
not to involve the Americans in your diatribe, despite the fact they regularly flew over Auschwitz their Flying Fortresses At a guess I would say there are 14 billion reasons why (per annum)
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