Elisha Hospital officials arrested following documented abuse
Ahiya Raved
Published: 15.10.13, 15:43
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1. Good that they were arrested, but
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.15.13)
the staff problems resulting from the arrests must also be addressed - and fast!
2. These wild animals should never see the light again
hadad ,   israel   (10.15.13)
3. Netanyahu should take care about it
JGad   (10.15.13)
How can be possible in a country like Israel! abusing people that are in an hospital? jewish have ever be so proud about Israel doctors & scientists, always idoing roshem about Israel science & technology. Where is Livni the Justice Minister? Netanyahu stop talking about Iran! Israel needs your attention.
4. long prison time
Larry ,   LA   (10.15.13)
people who paid to render care and instead give abuse should get long prison time.
5. This happens routinely in UK
Claude ,   Cape Town & London   (10.15.13)
The collapse of " care and compassion" in modern health services seems endemic. Maybe it's because so much of modern medicine is now about technology and the basic skills of nursing, caring and compassion are being lost in favour of academic training for nursing and ward staff. Work in a high dependency health setting can be exhausting and frustrating, we now reward technocrats and money makers with more respect than those who do this often very difficult job. If guilty they need to be severely punished, but the systems and processes of recruiting, training and rewarding staff who do these jobs must also be examined
6. Families need to take care of their own by keeping
Rivkah   (10.16.13)
comatose relatives at their homes and hire caregivers the family can watch or the family should spend time at the hospital to help care for the comatose or seriously ill relatives. Mercedes Packenham of California is from Guatemala who married a lawyer in the USA. Her son in law has been in a coma for over three years and she has gone to the hospital daily to massage his muscles and attend to him since her daughter has to work to provide for her family. Look at Omri Sharon for a role model is caring for a hospitalized relative since he goes to sit with his father every evening from before 5PM to 9PM except for the Sabbath. If there is a problem he knows from being there. Gilad Sharon moved his office to be near his father so he can be available during the day to look in on him.
7. Elisha Hospital
Frank ,   Glendale & America   (10.20.13)
Wonderful medical care in Israel!
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