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Tunisian 'shocked' by order to shun Israeli
Published: 16.10.13, 07:25
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1. I´m sorry Mr. Jaziri, but you are wrong
Ehud ,   Tampa   (10.16.13)
Boycotts are an effective way to put political pressure on an oppressive regime that violates international law. It has been proven in the past in South Africa, North Korea and Iraq. Sometimes there is no other way, and a country has to be isolated in order for it to change. With all due respect to your career, there are more important things than tennis,
2. #1 Ehud: So I suppose you boycott China!
David ,   Israel   (10.16.13)
What computer did you use for your comment? The most oppressive regimes, China, Russia, Belarus and other former Soviet satellites get away with murder but you seem to point a finger at Israel whose actions are one of survival. Remember Ehud, sitting in your armchair in Tampa, that Abu Mazen wants "Palestine" to be Jew Free. That's what he said and for the Palestinians Palestine is from Metulla to Eilat! Unless you are a bigot, I am sure you are going to encourage sportsmen in the USA to boycott the Socchi Winter Olympic Games.
3. I agree # 2 David.. Russia is shameful
Ehud ,   Tampa   (10.16.13)
The olympics in Sochi should never have been allowed in the first place. The Russian regime is one of the most sickening in the world, it applies violence against minorities, gays, journalists and opposition etc. as well as supporting the mass murderer Assad. These olympics should be boycotted like the Moscow olympics in 1980 and I don´t care if it leads to another cold war. Human rights must be respected.
4. #3 - if you are upset by Russia's actions...
William ,   Israel   (10.16.13)
then you shouldn't have a problem boycotting 75% of the world's nations because of their violations of intl law and human rights, from Chad to Venezuela, from China, to Iran. And yet, you focus on Israel, where all citizens have equality and they are the focus of delegimization campaigns and terror attacks. No other country is.
5. #1 - so, shouldn't it be Israel boycotting the Tunisian?
William ,   Israel   (10.16.13)
If you'e going to spout nonsense about oppressive regimes and violations of intl law, be sure to include the many Arab nations include Tunisia in your tirade.
6. "Ehud " the delusional fool
Tzimmes ,   Tel Aviv   (10.16.13)
So you "don't care if it leads to another cold war" You puffed up buffoon,your arrogant stupidity is only surpassed by your inane self obsessed ego.
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