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Praying while killing: Chilling footage of Nairobi mall attack
Nima Elbagir, CNN
Published: 17.10.13, 17:56
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1. Flee or Hide?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.18.13)
As I've watched the footage from the mall I wonder if I'd have taken a chance and fled or found a good place to hide. Neither option guaranteed safety in this situation. --- People who tried to flee were shot and people who tried to hide were found and shot. --- The choice (flee vs. hide) may be different depending on other people you have with you (kids and elderly). --- I don't have a death wish - but I'm not afraid to die. However, if I had other people around I may be afraid for them. Fear can cause a person to make bad choices. --- God grant me wisdom if I'm ever faced with such a choice.
2. Kenya Mall attack fake, no evidence.
JMK ,   NYC   (10.18.13)
3. #2 Hopefully you would never be a victim of such an attack
Jake   (10.26.13)
Some idiot on some talkback forum will also claim it was fake, and that there is no evidence.
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