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Israel documented for millions of followers
Published: 18.10.13, 07:37
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1. Spot On - Ministry of Tourism
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.18.13)
More of the same And if you want the High Rolling Tourists from Russia, China and HK, India, the Gulf as well as Europe and US and Canada spending in Israel what better than an Israel Diamond Week - show off the best in Polished Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery that Israel has to offer both Retail as well as on Auction But on the other hand we also need to cater more for the Family Holiday Market - with Negev Based Inland Holiday Parks....If Centre Parks can do it in the UK despite the weather - why cant Israel We should be designing and creating our own Home Grown Centres but also knocking on people like Warner Bros doors.. That said we must enhance the infrastructure of the North Negev - North South Rail, start building Beersheba International Airport and Ensure Assured Desal Water Supplies Remember the job career and business opps and potential in Tourism is huge Visitor Numbers to Israel at 4.4million are a drop in the ocean when compared to lil ole Hong Kong at 22 million! So much to do yet so much potential
2. LOL Holon Fashion week!!!
I work in the fashion industry and we never heard of such place! Being a PR for a big fashion company, we travel all over the world for fashion weeks all year long but never heard of Holon!!! Are you sure this exists at all?
3. Israeli fashion????
Ze'ev ,   USA   (10.19.13)
Listen, I love Israel dearly. I plan to make aliyah, but seriously, Israel mentioned along with fashion just makes me giggle like a Japanese anime teenage girl.
4. To #2
Andi ,   Israel   (10.19.13)
So now you've heard of it! See Israel's PR is already working.
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