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Jordan law allows female rapists to marry victims, avoid sentence
Roi Kais
Published: 17.10.13, 23:43
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1. The Holy Scriptures allows rape victims to marry the rapist
Rivkah   (10.18.13)
but the rapist can NEVER divorce the victim because the victim was humbled by the rapist. That allows the rapist to escape punishment which could be death by the victim's father or a compensation to the victim's father. My opinion is that the fastest way to stop rape is to have a compulsory death penalty for anyone convicted of rape. The rape of a child is so loathsome to the Lord that it is described in Scriptures as a person (rapist or moral corruptor of a child) being cast into the sea with a millstone tied around his/her neck. That means there is no hope of such a person entering HaShem's eternal kingdom. A 17 year old boy is not a child nor is a 19 year old girl. So marrying is appropriate and that is what is solving the problem in this situation but according to HaShem there can never be a divorce if they want to follow His laws.
2. Are Jordanian women MALES?
Israeli 2   (10.18.13)
If not, and they are females, how can they rape? Rape is forced penetration by a male upon the female. I simply do not understand anything else. A 13 year old male is a man.
3. #2 It is because of his age
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (10.18.13)
She didn't rape him in the usual sense of the word. They had sex; but because he is under 18, it is considered rape.
4. #2 The legal definition here needs to change.
Avi   (10.18.13)
Were you being cynical in an attempt to highlight the plight and discrimination of men in society and the legal system, or were you serious in your question?
5. Ridiculous that it's even considered "rape"
Vlad   (10.18.13)
A 19-year old girl sleeps with a hormonal teenager, who probably loved it, and this is somehow equivalent to someone being forcibly sexually violated? Nations that dont have an age of consent of 16 need to lower it now.
6. @ # 2, #5
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.18.13)
Look up the term "statutory rape". Enlighten yourselves.
7. #4: I was definitely being cynical, Avi.
Israeli 2   (10.18.13)
And yes, it is the legal system imposing the most anti natural and most illogical rules and laws - flipping everything around. Even in the theory of relativity, positive is positive and negative is negative.
8. Exactly #6:
Israeli 2   (10.19.13)
It is them statutory rape laws that gets me wind up. Today you will see alot of MAMA boys at age 25 in England running around protected by stupid and foolish laws (statutory or other). This will soon be worldwide. Then do not induct 17 year old boys to the army!! They are merely BOYS!
9. great law if your a lonely single woman
zionist forever   (10.20.13)
Single woman has affair with underage boy. They get discovered but rather than serious punnishment she married her young lover so now she can have him all the time and its legal. Just think at the money these women could save on dating services because they are are desperate to get married. If her husbands family are rich and they are against this marriage then she can say I am willing to divorce my husband who I love so much if the price is right. If your a single woman who wants a man in her life but can't find anybody this is the way to do it especially because its easier to seduce a young teenager.
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