IDF concerned: 'Increased motivation to carry out terror attacks'
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 18.10.13, 00:35
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1. The motivation will stop very quickly
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.18.13)
if the IDF fights with colossal force back.
2. How is he a terrorist?
Max ,   Indianapolis   (10.18.13)
The attack took place in internationally recognized occupied territory and occupation soldiers were the targets, this was not a terror attack. Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories can't seem to accept the reality that THEY are the bad-guys.
3. The Stupid Path
A very heavy stone ,   Florida   (10.18.13)
"Since Israeli PM Netanyahu released so many terrorists with innocent blood on their hands the Palestinian mindset has been reinforced that terrorism works and pays off well. There is an atmosphere (thanks to the Prime Ministers stupidity in releasing killers to please Obama) that creates motivation to carry out terror attacks." The IDF is continuing to investigate Thursday evening's attempted terror attack, during which a Palestinian rammed a tractor into an IDF base and tried to run over soldiers until he was shot dead. The Israeli government will continue down the 'stupid path' because that is all they know.
4. Why should the IDF fear?
Israeli 2   (10.18.13)
Let them do their job as soldiers and defenders of Israel. Eliminate any infiltrator who tries.
5. sent by group, or "lone terrorist" still is JIHAD
all the muslim preachers calling for Jihad are responsible, CLOSE DOWN THE MOSQUES!
6. So stop releasing Palestinian terrorists from prison!!!!
7. How does he drive 150m before being stopped?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.18.13)
That's the length of a city block! Are entrances to military bases so thinly secured?
8. lifted motivation?
joe ,   northern Israel   (10.18.13)
the answer is very simple while coward leg spreading greenhorn Obama defreezes Iranian assets ,Israel should pick up- on each day of such an attempt- 250 palestinians instead of releasing them .
9. It is imperative to show the West Bank
Tough life   (10.18.13)
and Gaza Arabs that there will be no result whatsoever in their singular or organized outbursts of terror. IDF will resolutely and systematically repel any such act again and again. This will go on as many times as necessary. We will patiently and obstinately prove to them that violence is not the right path to achieving any normalcy, let alone the very much coveted peace. Therefore, it is high time for their leaders to show some minimal leadership. Life has proven to be extremely tough in this part of the world and Israel has been prepared for it.
10. Max #2 Whatever he is......
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.18.13)
he is a good one now.
11. Max #2
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (10.18.13)
According to the Oslo accords Israel has administrative and security control of that area. The Pals agreed to it
12. Max#2
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (10.18.13)
READ # 11
13. #2
Alain ,   Sao Paulo Brazil   (10.18.13)
Sorry. Those territories were conquered in a defensive war from a country, Jordan, who had declared war on Israel and lost. Although I am all for a separation and the creation of a new Arab State populated by the Palestinians (who BTW wish it cleansed of any Jewish civilian presence), these territories are NOT occupied.
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