Hamas PM calls for intifada, praises terror attacks
Elior Levy
Published: 19.10.13, 15:20
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1. Signs of desparation!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.19.13)
The end of Hamas is fast approaching.
2. Absolute proof of "peace talks" lunacy.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.13)
This is beyond pathetic. As "Palestinians" plan yet another war against Israel, Bibi is allowing Livni to negotiate Israel's surrender!! These "peace talks" are not simply stupid. They are lunatic. "Palestinians" are mortal foes who want us all dead. Nothing is more obvious. Israel's policies must be build around this central fact. Israel should take advantage of the upcoming war to drive our foes from our land forever.
3. He should be worried about an uprising in Gaza
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (10.19.13)
The people of Gaza have been fed-up with Hamas for a long time. Although there was some increase in their popularity after the large prisoner release for Shalit, the people of Gaza have been suffering for 7 years because Hamas prefers to build rockets & tunnels instead of schools, homes & hospitals. Now that Hamas has lost is supporter Morsi & financial backer Iran, it's more isolated than ever - and broke.
4. Shema Yisroel, here they come to destroy you-the IDF
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (10.19.13)
This is another facet of wag the persian dog story, while those who serve you order those who are sworn to protect you, to remove the threat do the opposite. Those that serve you have destroyed more of your lives with their traitorous orders than those that come to kill you, who by the way are armed, trained and fed by those that serve you and order those sworn to protect you to instead destroy you to a multitude greater than the mad asses of men, genocidal, mass-murdering extortionists who should have their right of return enforced back to the homicidal Hamite peninsula of their own name. The acts of those that serve you and order those sworn to protect you have also determined, or at least enabled the finality of >450 US citizen's lives too. When will the Likud court at least expel those who act at variance to their charter and pikuach nefesh, not to mention their stated agendas that they act at variance with and thus disenfranchised you while destroying the lives of same! If the Likud court enforced its charter Yamit and what it entailed, Katif and what it entailed would not be a part of your history. Only Likud expels those they serve and not those that come to kill you.
5. Haniyeh: Calls for Intifada
Joe S. ,   Toronto Canada   (10.19.13)
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Haniyeh isn't getting the media attention he craves. He probably misses the good old days, when Mubarak was Eygptian President. Commercial goods moved above and below ground. (including weapons) Aza is being squeezed from all sides. Haniyeh can only rant against Israel and hope someone listens. He knows that it only takes relatively few provocateurs in Sinai , et al to make his voice heard. Every terrorist act only makes Eygpt and Israel more determined to defend themselves. Ten more years of the status quo and the residents of Aza will tunnel to escape the misery that is Hamas and Haniyeh it's voice.
6. Bring it on baby
Conroy ,   Toronto   (10.19.13)
And what good did the first two "intafadas" do for your people. Absolutely nothing. Israel will bury you Hamas - like they should have done years ago.
7. If this low life calls for a new intifada
his end is nearer than we may think.
8. chiam#2
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.19.13)
I would not worry about the so-called "peace talks"--Israel will know what to do and how to do it. Relax--nobody's giving away the store
9. LOL what a fool, it already started.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.19.13)
10. this is...
freddie ,   USA   (10.19.13)
an attempt to gain ground, now being lost to Abbas of West Bank...Hamas going down the tubes of late, and this an attempt to speak to a relevance that no longer exists for Hamas
11. Re#6 Conroy,
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.19.13)
What good did those 2 uprisings do you asked, for starters they got billions in international aid money to fill their greedy, lazy evil pockets with and misplaced world sympathy on top of that. That's what it got them. They are masters at this game. If it wasn't to their advantage, they wouldn't do it. Peace isn't profitable for them at all. Pallywood's got another generation of aspiring actors and jihadist waiting for their 15 minutes of fame.
12. Haniyeh! The Egyptian Apaches are coming to get you+friends
Alan ,   SA   (10.19.13)
13. #8. Like "peace talks" with Hitler.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.13)
#8. The only reason these evil talks are occurring is because Bibi lacks the guts to tell Obama "NO". These talks are equivalent to the WW II Allies holding "peace talks" with Hitler.
14. Merkels' "Golden Boy"
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.19.13)
so, this is where Germany's money is going to a well known anti semitic killer and kidnapper of Jews. He and the EU Germany, obama et al can go to hell. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
15. # 11 The good news is
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.19.13)
all the billions given to the pals literally went down another rat hole recently discovered by Israel. That tunnel will have to be replaced and, the EU, Germany, allies of terror can keep paying through the nose. Meanwhile KEEP BUILDING !!!!
16. Worry not, true to form Israel will save his ass just like
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.19.13)
we did with that diseased Arafat!
17. # 13 Chaim for President!!
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.19.13)
obama doesn't take No for an answer, he bows to the Saudi King... Nothing changes obama supports terrorists while he scolds Israel. obama is a gutless coward. And see what damage he does to America. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
18. And to think King Hussain saved Mashaal
19. 13. #8. Bibi lacks Guts : Chaim you lack brains.
20. all the time the rat is looking for a pretext to
GUILLERMO ,   ISRAEL   (10.19.13)
call for the renewal of violence against the free jewish democratic state while in we allowed to deliver goods TO BUILD UNDERGROUND TUNNELS AND WEAPONS INSTEAD OF CUTTING AT ONCE AND FOR GOOD WITH THESE INSECTS!!!!!!!!
21. Why are the Jews feeding PM Haniyeh ?
Steve   (10.19.13)
I know this sounds politically incorrect ('cruel' even), why are the Jews feeding Haniyeh and his "savage" supporters? Didn't the Palestinians elect Hamas jihadists to represent them in the 2006 Palestinian elections? Aren't these savages the legitimately elected government of the Palestinian peoples? Why are we feeding them? Why are we providing them electricity?
22. Haniyeh begs for money from Iran
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.19.13)
Ready to send Palestinians to their death so Iran will up the Hamas budget and Haniyeh can increase his salary. Meanwhile, unemployment in Gaza averages 50-60% and Haniyeh is content to let the Palestinians suffer. He's learned from prior intifada's the price Palestinians pay for his irresponsible leadership.
23. take haniyeh vermin out now
marcel   (10.19.13)
he called for and lauds terror attacks against civilians. Wipe him out fast. israelis should look in the mirror. half the country has transformed into fighting jews who will fight any foe if necessary. the other half is a carry over from the dzimmi jew bowing down to their non jewish overlord, begging for peace=, paying concessions, and trying to cut deals with the devil. Yechamovitch, german,gal on, olmert, peres, livni and all their lackeys and supporters are in this camp. They don't realize what damage they do to israel. Instead of taking slaps from hamas for the last 7 years, it should have wiped out the leadership of hamas, kept the press out, shipped out the tunis gang and retaken philadelphi with the idea of digging a canal. Instead livni and olmert decided to take 10,000 rockets. Wake up. target haniyeh noiw.
24. After every Intifada Arabs were losing
leo ,   usa   (10.19.13)
more and more and there is no reason to think that another Intifada will be any different. Oh, well, fools never learn.
26. #19. Only Bibi fears Obama.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.13)
#19. I am guessing, from your puerile comment, that you think Bibi would be a fool to say "NO" to Obama. Bibi is actually the only national leader who has trouble telling Obama "NO". Other national leaders tell Obama "NO" all the time. Even the leader of the terrorist P.A. tells Obama "NO". A courageous Israeli leader would have no trouble doing so.
27. When a man bites a dog...
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (10.19.13)
But when Hamas PM is calling for for a 3rd Intifada - that's not newsworthy, at least not according to any major news organization outside of Israel. Yet another example of double standards in the mainstream media.
28. Hamas calls for Intifada
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.20.13)
Enough of this nonsense! Israel cannot just sit by while Muslim clergy and political leaders foment attacks upon Israel. Israel should implant explosives around the al Aqsa Mosqe and declare that any further Muslim attacks on Israel will result in destruction of the Mosque. That will put the survival of the Mosque in the hands of the Muslim clergy and leaders. They can either issue Fatwas and decrees against any further attacks on Israel, or see their Mosque destroyed. It that strategy is successful, Israel will enjoy a respite from attacks. If it is not successful, then Israel will be no worse off than it is now, surrounded by Muslim enemies who want to destroy it. And, if the Mosque is destroyed, Israel can clear the site and commence reconstruction of the Jewish Temple.
29. False bravado
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.20.13)
Hamas is running scared. They've lost their major source of funding, and the overwhelming majority of their smuggling tunnels have been destroyed. That means -- little food, minimal quantities of fresh water, skyrocketing inflation and widespread unemployment. The people of Gaza are finally coming to understand that their so-called "leadership" is the enemy; not Israel. Gazans remember quite well when so many of them had good, well-paying jobs in Israel. They'd love to return to that, just the way the Arabs in Judea and Samaria miss working in Israel. It is really quite remarkable to see that Arabs in Judea and Samaria blame Abbas for their circumstances, and that Arabs in Gaza blame Hamas for their plight. All the tough talk about launching an intifada is pure blather, issuing forth from a man who is very, very worried about his future. He's trying to rally the masses, and the masses wish nothing to do with him. They know what Israel's response to an intifada would be, and they are sensibly afraid. The ordinary people are also really not interested. They've gone up against Israel enough times to be able to predict the outcome. Except for a handful of dedicated terrorist groups that simply like to kill, I suspect the average Gazan is heartily sick and tired of Hamas.
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