Lieberman: Turkey's accusations – attempt to humiliate Israel
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.10.13, 20:01
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1. Turkey woke up
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.20.13)
For decades, Turkey was hoodwinked by the Zionist cabal. Thankfully, under the leadership of PM Erdogan, the Turks woke up, got the wool pulled from their eyes, and discovered the extent to which they have been bamboozled. Bamboozled no more!
2. #1 move to Turkey then, genius!
Ed ,   Canada   (10.20.13)
Turkey is going down the drain, and everyone knows it.
3. #1 Grazcek
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
You don't seem to know anything about Turkey and Jews. Being an American Jew Born and raised in Turkey Turkey was never bamboozeld by Jews or Zionists. In fact Jews in Turkey had been harrased in many ocasions for example in1936 Thrace pogroms in Kirklareli, Babaeski and Edirne, 1941 unjust Tax law and so called second military service send Jews into labor camps, in 1955 the September 6-7 pogroms in Istanbul and Izmir, in 1972 the kidnapping and Murder of Israeli ambassador Efraim Elrom and more recently the murder of Jewish dentist Yasef Yahya and Jewish businessman Uzeyir Garih, the anti semitic actions of once PM Erbakan. As Ed from Canada wrote in his post you don't fit in Maryland USA, you would fit much better in Turkey. Get an apartment at the Fatih district of Istanbul. You would be very happy there with all the Jew haters. You being an American Anti Semite they would would welcome you with teh best Turkish Hospitality.
4. Some Turkey...
RJE ,   Adelaide, Australia   (10.21.13)
some drain.
5. #1 racist anti-semite gracesick
your stupid comments are a joke. do you have nothing else to do, bigot?
6. Turkey has an Islamist government
CJK   (10.21.13)
there is absolutely no point having a relationship with an islamist government, especially one that has hegemonistic ambitions. it has been obvious for a very long time that erdogan and his people hate israel. their hatred is so profound that they are willing to harm western interests, and therefore nato interests. of course, erdogan might not care at all about western/nato interests. indeed, that must be the case.
7. Who humiliated the Turkish Ambassador on the kiddie bench?
miki ,   potcallingkettleblac   (10.21.13)
8. #1 America and christianity have been hoodwinked by
A ,   Belgium   (10.21.13)
allowing ignorant polak racists as yourself to desecrate everything they stand for.
9. #7 half right
Ayalon sitting the Turkish diplomat on a low chair was childish, but wasn't as stupid as joking with the Israeli press about it, thinking they were on Israel's side. But remember, the chair incident was a response to Erdogan insulting and humiliating Peres. Although I personally agree that Peres deserves it, Ayalon mistakenly considered Peres as a symbol of Israel and wanted to react in kind.
10. #7 - Actually, should've been a baby seat
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (10.21.13)
like those that clip to the edge of a table. He actually got better than he deserved.
11. Turkey
shlomo ,   usa   (10.21.13)
the sick man of Europe is now the sick man of the middle east erdogan's dream of reviving the ottoman empire has hit a snag the billions spend on arms and having the largest army in the area is not helping either, time foe Israel recognize the Armenian genocide and expose the real savage history.
12. 10
anton ,   istanbul   (10.21.13)
calculate your moves more carefully next time the blood of 9 turks are still on the floor i would say your messing with wrong country but its like talking to a wall with you guys :) i guess we will see how things goes maybe erdoğan wants netanyahu to fly turkey kneel down in front of him and give him alittle butt smooch
13. Anton - if you want accountability for 9 dead
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
Don't look at Israel, look at 1) Bulent Yildirim and the IHH who knowingly participated the flotilla. They were planning to create a few martyrs out of this incident from the beginning as one video in youtube shows their prayer hours before the incident happened. They prayed to resist and become martyrs on the deck of the ship. 2) AKP and Erdogan who obviously know what was going to happen therefore at the last moment ordered the party members not to go on the trip. If you are serious about accountability for the 9 dead in Mavi Marmara you must stick to the collars (Yakalarina yapis) of AKP and IHH.
14. # 13 / David Israel , NY , USA
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
I completely agree with your comment.
15. # 3 / David Israel , NY , USA
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
We don't wellcome any anti-semitist / racist.
16. # 6 / CJK
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
There is no islamist government in Turkey and Turkish people don't hate Jews.
17. Machine from Ankara
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
I am under the impression that even you don't believe yourself what you wrote about 'There is no islamist government in Turkey'. AKP is an Islamist party. As per Erdogan's own words they have been riding on a democracy bus since 2002. They are getting close to their destination of Seriat devleti. Soon they will get off the democracy bus. as Erdogan recently said 'Son Tasi gedigine koyacagiz' = 'we will put the stone into its groove'. As far as Turks not hating Jews: Many don't but many others do. Having lived in Turkey between 1950-1980 educated and served in military I know it very well.
18. 16
anton ,   istanbul   (10.21.13)
yes there is an islamist goverment in turkey why didint erdoğan cry for any deaths in gezi protests why didint he cry for turkish citizen that died in kenya mall attack? but he cried for muslim brotherhoods daughter didint he he often express his support for muslim brotherhood in egypt its not cause he is staunch supporter of democracy as its selective favouring only muslims which tells you islamic tendincies let me ask you a question is the sky blue or not?
19. 18
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
He didn't cry for gezi protestors and people in kenya so he is islamist ? Are you talking about a child or PM ?!?! Erdogan cried for Asma because her death was symbol of dawnfall of MB in Egypt.
20. 19
anton ,   istanbul   (10.21.13)
exactly, ready your last paragraph and u have ur answer ;)
21. 20
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
My last paragraph doesn't mean that Erdogan / AKP is islamist.
22. 21
anton ,   istanbul   (10.21.13)
why am i not surprised, ofc it doesnt
23. Machine from Ankara
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
Anton pointed out to the correct spot in your post. Erdogan mourned the death of Asma but did not even mention a word for Ethem Sarisuluk, Ali, Ismail, the othe r3 Turks who were killed and thousands who have lost their eye sight by the Turkish police. He never shed a tear for the thousands killed in Darfur but instead he has welcomed the Islamist murderer of them Omar Al Bashir several times in Turkey. He only worries for other Islamist, and the brotherhood while calling all others capulcu. Just to let you know I am a proud capulcu.
24. # 23 / David Israel , New York, USA
machine ,   Ankara & Turkey   (10.21.13)
The foreign policy bases on interests. Yes, he defeated all kemalist bigots, coup supporters , spoiled-children , looters (capulcu) and made a fool out of them through two months and for that reason I will vote for him this time. Footnote : I am proudly an atheist !
25. machine #24
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
Today another one of the Balyoz suspect Albay Halil Yıldız was found dead in his home in Bodrum. These people were tried based on false evidences such as doctored Word files and the secret witnesses that would not pass the litmus test of the European Human rights standards. Looking at the lives that has been destroyed by AKP with lies, fake evidences and secret witnesses can you live with your conscience (Vicdan) when see these innocent people being dead?
26. And finally machine
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.21.13)
I am proud to be an American, ethnically Jewish but a non believer and Kemalist democrat. You have noit understood what Kemalism is and have been buying all the negative and false propaganda against it. (Or maybe you are a PKK supporter)
27. Silly accusation
Liberty Rising ,   Chicago USA   (10.22.13)
Why would Turkey bother when Israel is doing such a thorough job on its own?
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