Contrary to announcement, Netanyahu not meeting pope
Published: 20.10.13, 20:53
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1. Two excuses ,...
split ,   US   (10.20.13)
He couldn't force himself to shake the hand that shook Abbas' hand prior to his, or his rebbe told him to stay away from the pope or any germs, pick one ;) ,... It looks like another slap to me ,...
2. As far as I am concerned ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.20.13)
.... the pope is just a guy in a dress. I'm not Catholic (baruch Ha'Shem) and I don't think he is infallible on anything. Neither is it lost upon me that while the Vatican is the single wealthiest entity in the world (the art alone is worth quadrillions of dollars), there are more devastatingly poverty-stricken Roman Catholics in the world than any other identifiable group.
3. Sarah, thank God I'm not Jewish!
Is that antisemitic for you? Because frankly, Baruch HaShem I'm a Roman Catholic!
4. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.21.13)
No. If anything, I am quite relieved that you are not Jewish. The fact that you are Roman Catholic is just the cherry on the sundae.
5. Bibi is a pathological liar-if he says Good Morning!...
miki ,   tampa   (10.21.13)
Run quick to see if the sun is shining!!
6. baruch hashem and sarale
Patrick A Hammel ,   Zermatt, Switzerland   (10.21.13)
sarale just three questions : are you beiing paid by anyone in particular to make sure that people become antisemetic ? and were you born stupid or did you specially took evening courses in order to be able to display such stupidity ? thanks g-d you represent only a tiny minority of people suffering from symptons proving that "murphys law" does in fact exist !
7. No point in meeting a Pope who thinks atheists go to heaven.
Rivkah   (10.21.13)
Where did he go to seminary, anyway, Disneyland?
8. Rivkah, no one is going to heaven
The place only exists in your head. So chill out !
9. 8. Proverbs: A fool says in his heart there is no Elohim.
Rivkah   (10.22.13)
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