Bus passenger pulls out knife, threatens driver
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 20.10.13, 21:48
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1. Don't drivers have guns? No soldiers on the bus???????
Nurit   (10.20.13)
He should have been shot.
2. Why aren't bus drivers ARMED?!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (10.20.13)
When the perp pulled a knife, the Driver should have pulled a pistol and watched the perp pee in his pants. Israel you do yourself a disservice by not allowing law-abiding citizen the Right - To - Carry.
3. Some buslines should only stop in settelements
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (10.20.13)
I know some people are going to say it's racist , but we're not dealing normal ,mentally stable people here. Years of indoctrinated hatred & anti-Israel incitement have taken its toll. Also not usually being reported in the left-leaning media is that many Jewish women are being groped by Arab men on such buses & often times the driver is Arab & does nothing about it.
4. In the USA he would be dead!
Buffalo Bill ,   USA   (10.21.13)
In the USA he would be dead! In Russia, he and his brothers would be dead. In any Muslim country, he, his family and all his extended family would be dead. Got the idea?
5. Hanye playing w/ fire
Uzbidan Funtar ,   Uzbekistan   (10.21.13)
Hanye has a death wish. Our boys can use him as a practice target.
6. He should have been shot in the face.
Andy ,   Washington, DC   (10.21.13)
7. Suspected non-nationalistic motives?
Aviela ,   Migron RC, Israel   (10.21.13)
So convenient that nearly every recent attack is suspected of not being politically motivated. Like, they ran out of Prozac in the PA? I guess reality is just too inconvenient when it's just settlers, after all.
8. motivation is pointless, the...
ghostq   (10.21.13)
outcome is all the same, it won't make it less serious offens if it was criminal, the bus driver safty should come to mind, attempted murder is atmpted murder.
9. The bright side is that no one got hurt while in the USA
Rivkah   (10.21.13)
children are beaten up and women raped on buses with the driver doing nothing to stop it.
10. 4 Buffalo Bill, USA: In the USA, the drivers do nothing
Rivkah   (10.21.13)
when children are beaten up on the bus or women raped. Where do you live that someone on a bus would help someone else, particularly the drivers who usually don't care about passengers a whit. It is just a job to them. American bus drivers are a disgrace when it comes to passenger safety. They even let whole busloads of children get abducted rather than to risk losing their job by doing anything noble to prevent it.
11. The Arab with the knife only followed his leader's call:
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.21.13)
Go out and "resist" in a "non-violent popular form of resistance". Translation: Go out and attack Jews - with stones, knives, fire bombs, axes, tractors since all are "non-violent means... - so as to ensure that we continue to terrorize the Jewish population of the country. This call fits perfectly with the main thrust of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)'s Charter: Seek Israel's demise; "cleanse" the country of its Jews; use all means possible in order to advance these goals. The PLO Charter was to be amended 20 years ago, based on a commitment by the PLO's leadership, but to date it is still in tact...!!
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